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Age: 10 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 9 lbs.

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Leo The lion

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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Quick Bio:
-purebred-cat rescue

December 23rd 2006


His pink Mouse

My meowmy not awake to play

Favorite Toy:
Orange ping Pong Ball

Favorite Nap Spot:
On my meowmy or in my cat bed.

Favorite Food:
Anything Sheba or Fancy feast

I fetch, I heel and I am learning to walk on leash


Arrival Story:
I saw him on petfinder when I was looking to adopt a new cat. It was love at first sight. I held him and petted him and talked to him for two hours with the first visit. I talked to him he looked at me as if he understood. Maybe that's just the Aby eyes. Something in me made me cry when I met him and his friends. I have a lot of fond memories with my other Aby. I look forward to building more memories with him.

I met him for the first time Jan 26 he was a bit shy at first. I stayed with him and petted him and talked to him for 2 hours. When I left he cried. It broke my heart. I came back to visit him Feb 3. He knew who I was. He purred and purred and played with my hair. We rubbed faces. He licked my cheek. I think he's found his mom I found a new furry child. He laid in my arms fighting sleeping like a baby. I look forward to visiting him again. He currently is staying at the foster home till he gets released into my care. The day he is released and given a green light I look forward to giving him some loving. (more to be added later.

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
I love therefore I am

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I need a Furever Home!!

I've Been On Catster Since:
January 30th 2008 More than 9 years!

Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

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Meet my family
"Lardo" Quin
Kenneth James
T 1985- 2005
Misty "Bunny"
2002 -2007

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Leo the Lion's Roar

My brother is going to the Bridge

August 14th 2012 5:14 pm
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My mom, amongst her heartbreak, has noticed that my brother isn’t doing very well with all the special treatment and food. She sat with us and held him very close and told him that she was going to send him to the bridge today. She has a special day planned out for us. Some of our friends are coming over to visit. We are going to have petting festivities and good friends. It’s hard for me to sit and watch her hold him and cry. I want to be held. I want to be there and help. I help with the cleaning of him. I lick the spot between his ears. And I try and help him to the food bowl. I honestly do not know what bridge she is talking about. I hear her talk of Kenny and Misty and October and how they will meet him at the bridge. She whispers to him that this is the last gift she can give him and hopes that he understands that it’s not that she cares about cleaning up after him or the expensive feedings or even the vet bills. He doesn’t move from a spot on the sofa. He lies in the cat box and doesn’t move. He just lies down and can’t seem to get mobile to eat. She already carries him around the house so he can get from room to room. I am jealous. I want to be held and talked to and carted around like a king. There are lots of tears and words of love and devotion. I can’t stand that she is crying like this. That she won’t eat that she just comes home and feeds us watches us eat and as soon as we are finished she picks up Lardo and goes and lies down with him. Last night we all slept together snuggled close and cuddling and I heard her crying in her sleep and I went to lick up the salty tears. It woke her up and she only petted me and cuddled more with us. To all my Catster friends and Human friends please purr for my mom and to all the kitties at the bridge please welcome Lardo when he gets there. My mom fears he’s going to be scared and sad because he won’t know where she is and he can’t watch over her.
Leo The Lion Hearted


My broken home

July 24th 2012 4:30 pm
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I know I haven’t been around much mainly because there are things changing at my house and with my pawrents. I had not seen my dad in 6 months. I was so happy to see him. But I can tell that my meowmy isn’t. They used to sleep in the same room and now they sleep in different rooms. It’s odd to see my mom go into the bedroom and take us with her and shut the door. She never shuts a door. I have seen her happier and in better spirits than now. I know that change is scary I was in and out of foster care for a long time and no one wanted me because of my goopy eyes. But my mom saw me and picked me out of all the cats she could take home she chose me. I know that she will continue to care for me and my brother Lardo. But I worry about her. I cuddle with her and I know that she is sad. All I have known is him and her. So just having her all to myself is sweet. I know that I have to share her attention with Lardo but in that I still manage to sneak in extra cuddles at night and lots of head butts and licking. I see her often smiling at her cell phone and texting feverishly back and forth and laughing. I know that my old happy meowmy is in there somewhere. I am going to have a broken home. I still have my human and she has me. I know I am not human even though I like watching TV with her. She has been there for me and I will not fail her to be the cat clown to make her laugh. She has a lot of cleaning up to do since the house is in a horrible state since my dad is taking all of his things. She keeps smiling like this is not going to get the best of her but I know differently. She loves my dad. How do I tell her that sometimes it’s better to have loved and lost then to have never to have loved at all? How do I help to understand that him leaving isn’t a bad thing that she is better off without him? Clutching on to the old memories only holds onto the pain that she endured? My affection is easy. Most people think I love who feeds me but that is not true. Often my mom wasn’t the feeder when she was ill it was my dad. I would still lay in bed with my mom even when he would feed me. My mom asked him if he was going to take me as I was laying in her lap. I was a joint venture in their relationship. At first he said yes and then I jumped up on her desk and magically my file and paper came down on her laptop. And in cleaning it up she noticed that she is the only one on all my fancy paperwork of pedigree and ownership. He cannot take me from her. The breakup of my family is something I realistically understand. People change over the years together. When two people just drift apart and all the love that two people share dissipates and all you have left are empty notions of a life once shared. You should never clutch onto something that is no longer there for everyone sake it is best to let it go. Is it more Painful to be alone or more painful to be in a relationship that has turned toxic? My meowmy is a beauty. I am biased so I can say that. She won’t stay single for long. I will keep her chin up and whoever is texting her and making her don that Cheshire smile will help I am sure. I will keep you posted on my observations.

Leo the Lionhearted


A day in my life..

April 2nd 2012 12:03 pm
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If I could express my gratitude to my human any more than our morning and Bedtime ritual I would. There is no secret that I love my meowmy. I love her food. I love her hair. I love her kisses. I love her petting me. I love to just come over and plop down next to her. I love to watch her text and try and send her friends text messages. I cannot explain the bond between her and me. From when she lays down till she gets up I stand vigilant over her watching maybe I am protecting her while she sleeps. Sometimes though I cannot help myself and I too slip down next to her and stretch out and sleep soundly with her. I try and be gentle and tap her awake but sometimes that’s not enough so for good measure I throw in a head-butt and licking of her eyes. My mom and I have almost the same colored eyes. I wake her and she grumbles but she is never mean or tosses me off the bed. She usually pulls me in and pets me and tries to cuddle me like I’m a stuffed toy. I’m squirrely and slip out and then I nudge her asking her to get up. She gets up and goes into her bathroom. Turns the water on and I am watching her brush her teeth. I sit on the sink and I carefully tip-toe around the various things her cell phone the splashing water. And she breaks out my red tooth brush and I get a turn. I recently lost 5 teeth no real reason as to how or why but my vet noted it when I got my teeth cleaned. While she stands I will want a quick comb through and I will then stand on my hind legs and look up at her and she will pick me up and I will hug her. Now I know no one believes her when she tells them that I hug her. But as soon as everyone sees it they are made believers. She will put me down on the bed and go into the closet and get dressed. Usually something flashy or if she’s slept in I know its jeans and T-shirt which means she’s home for a while. I help her make the bed. I love to help make the bed. I love the sheets. I will flop around on them and help her smooth out the wrinkles. My mom puts down our snuggle blankets (but I know it is really to keep the fur off her fancy black comforter). I know next she will go to the kitchen. I know so long to eat but there is always kibble and water down. I am not starved nor am I ever ignored. She stops and picks up my sick brother Lardo and brings him to the kitchen with us. We are not really allowed on the counters but because Lardo is ill. She always puts him up there with her while she picks up the bowls and cleans them. All water and kibble is then picked up. She will pick up our place-mat and clean it if it’s messy sometimes we are cleaner than other days. I start to sing to her about how hungry I am and how I need to eat. She tells me, "Soon just wait." Washing of everything and then a quick sweep and everything is put down. First it’s a wet food feeding. I’m on a diet and Lardo gets anything he wants. Usually it’s Chicken or Turkey. While we are chowing down she gets us fresh water from the filter and kibble from the bag. My mom doesn’t throw out the old kibble she puts it in a zip lock bag and takes it out to my friend Blackie and gives him the leftovers. She then tends the litter box. I sometimes feel sad for her. My mom has had two spinal surgeries. I know that she will not always be able to bend down to tend to that box but somehow she always tends to us first. She will make coffee or tea or a glass of water and then she will leave or sit down for a bit before she has to take off. I watch her carefully. I want her to know that she is loved and I will make a crazy 8 around her legs or sidewinder into her calf and look up at her and then with my soft bell of a voice I will meow my appreciation to her before she darts out the door. I spend my days in leisure. Sleeping near the big window or sleeping in her spot on the bed. I know that place is mine. I sometimes will lay with Lardo in his bed or we will lay in her bed together snuggled close. The day for is where I get to do what I want. And often I don't see her for 9 or 10 hours. I can hear her car and I know it's hers I will meow. I let it be known that I am here waiting inside for her to come home waiting at the door. She walks in back again at tending to us. She always drops her purse on the sofa and she goes into the kitchen. She is back again with the feeding ritual. Picking up the wet food bowls and washing. I often hop up on the counter and rub up against her shoulder while she is at the sink. She washes the bowls again feeds us wet food and then again tends to the cat box. She will wash her hands and then she will make tea and sit down. She turns on the stereo breaks out the cat toys. I usually sit and watch for a bit. She’ll text make phone calls and that’s about it. She gets up turns everything off in the living room and then heads into the bedroom. She always picks up Lardo and brings him with her. I follow her around like a dog. I love my human. I will sit and stare at her for hours. Longingly wanting her to grab me and cuddle up next to me. I want to drool all over the place while she pets me. She goes into the big closet and comes out. She goes into the bathroom I hear her turn on water and I jump up on the counter. I watch her often I meow. She talks to me. She tells me secrets. She tells me who she loves. She always tells me that she loves me. The water turns off and suddenly and I am there meowing and telling her that she was in too long or that she missed a spot so I will lick her ankle. She’s off back into that closet again. I am sitting at the door outside waiting sometimes I will poke my head in the door to get a peek at what she is doing. She will storm out and back at the bathroom sink brushing her teeth putting on face cream and towel drying her hair. If I get too close she will wrap me the damp towel and rub me so I get a quick refresher bath. Goes and combs her hair and I stand on my back legs arms up stretched letting her know that it's my time and for her to stop with the excessive grooming and to get into bed so we can cuddle. The lights all go out and she turns on the TV it’s all cartoons. We lay down together. I am snuggled up against her side. And I purr and I start to get sleepy but soon I hear her whispering to me that she loves me that I'm her little boy. She pulls Lardo into the pile of bodies so we all share warmth and soon we are all fast asleep. I wish my meowmy knew how happy I am to be with her and that she is an excellent caregiver. All I can do is snuggle closer. I lay my front legs across her stomach and I relax with a sigh. I do not know what else I can do to express my love for my human to show my utter devotion to her.

Leo the Lion Hearted.

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