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Duma, the little/big cat


February 18th 2010 7:55 am
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Boy, my mom is so surprised at me!! I got BIG! She says I must way (oops thats weigh) 15 pounds! I love her. At nght when we go to bed I shove my head under her chin and do the "push-push" on her shoulder, and purrrrrr! See I still think Im a little rescue kitten!!


the game

February 15th 2008 10:13 am
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Lets see: I'm supposed to tell 7 things about me:
1. I started life as a deserted, lost little kitten, I don't remember
my momma kitty, me and my sister got lost from her!
2. Someone brought me and little sister to our new Mom one
day. She had to feed us with little bottles and bathe our rears
till we learned to--you know!
3. We received lots of love every day and it made us feel so good!
We had all we could eat and drink and if we made little peep
sounds Mom came running and usually hugged and hugged us!
4. I learned to purrr while I was quite small!
5. Then me and little sister got this disease, made us sneeze
and we had fevers and felt miserable. Mom took us to the
Vet doctor, he gave us medicine and special food. I got
better, but my little sister didn't wake up one morning! Mom
cried and cried, but I hugged her and purred extra loud to help
6. After little sister died the big cats in the house ignored me,
I was lonely without Angel, except for Mom of course.
7. Then I got a surprise. Mom brought home another little
girl, she even looked kinda like my little sister. I was the only
one she would let come near her, and now we are good
friends! I love my forever home and will never leave!


Duma says Hello

February 15th 2008 9:36 am
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My diary starts kind of late. You have been tagged! Whee,
lets play. You must tag 7 other friends. If you don't want
to play is OK. Purrrrr Duma

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