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Happy Easter to ALL my furiends.

April 4th 2010 6:31 pm
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I want to wish ALL of my precious furiends a very Happy Easter! My earth furmily had a lot of people over today and all my siblings were locked away for their own safety. They weren't happy about it but Meowmy said it must be that way. I was furry busy flying by to check on them today and for the past few weeks.

I want to let effuryone know that our Meowmy and Dad said my earth furmily must tell all of you what good kitties they have been. You see.. on March 20th both of my pawrents got really sick. My meowmy did not get out of bed for two days except to go to see someone called John. My dad was the same. At first, they thought they had gotten food poisoning but they talked to Grandma and Aunt Barbara who had eaten the very same thing as my pawrents when they went out to eat on Saturday evening and neither one of them was sick. My pawrents both were hit with the problem about 3 AM. After finding out that they were the only ones affected, they decided that it was probably a virus. During the time that my pawrents were seriously affected, my earth siblings were PURRfect angels. Normally, they do squabble daily and they are most demanding at food time. Not one of them did anything during the time our pawrents were so sick. My dad said that you never knew cats were in the house. My meowmy says she is so thankful that they were such good and caring furbabies. And she was thankful I was watching over her, too.

Meowmy only ate crackers, toast, applesauce, jello and bananas and drank Pepsi or Coke when she finally ate on the third day. Those items were her only source of food until Friday (April 2nd). She just could not be around food. Meowmy says it is a lousy way to diet for sure. My dad started eating much sooner than that. My meowmy has a sluggish gallbladder that in past years has bothered her but it has been 4 or 5 years since her last spell... the sickness seemed to have triggered a really bad attack with her gallbladder on Monday the 29th. She was ready to go to the hospital one night this past week. Then, on Friday, things began to ease a little for her. We had planned this Easter gathering for a while now and Meowmy was determined not to let this spoil things. Dad was ready to call it off. Today turned out to be very special and the food was delicious and Meowmy ate. The only down side is that our air conditioner unit downstairs is NOT working and it is to be in or near the 90's. Not good timing weatherwise for a nonworking air conditioner.

Meowmy says she is happy to have things getting back to normal. She said she feels like she let our 90 year old furiend down as he has had to do most of the feeding of his cats since Meowmy got sick. She needs to help him with the litterbox duty and take Tiger in for bloodwork to see what his BUN and creatinine are doing. Tiger is 14 years old. If any of you who have had renal issues have any advice for Meowmy in helping with Tiger, please pmail her. Crawford loves Tiger and Tiger loves Crawford. Crawford is going blind and has a bad back. Even his surgery to cement his spine has not relieved all of his pain.

Prince was in the hospital for 3 days and 2 nights this week with a big hairball. Dr. Booker was able to break it up and move it out of his tummy. Cassidy had to go see Ene Ma again. Cassie says she does not like Ene Ma. So, now the plan for almost all of my earth furmily is to get Laxatone twice weekly and 2 tablespoons of pumpkin when Meowmy can sneak it in on them. And, to make matters worse, their doc doc broke her ankle. So, it was a sickly week for my earth furmily and for my sweet doc doc. We know there is a new dawning now... Easter has come! We are so thankful for the love we have been shown that was "written in red".


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