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An Easter Basket from Jarvis

March 30th 2009 7:11 pm
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My handsome Jarvis sent me a wonderpurr Easter Basket. He said, "Happy Easter! I Love You, Jarvis" Isn't Jarvis wonderpurr and handsome?


Roses from my Jarvis.

March 29th 2009 11:08 pm
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My handsome Jarvis sent me a dozen roses. He said, "I've missed you & I'm so sorry that I haven't been in touch recently, I have a bad meowmy! Please know that I love you furever and ever! I can't wait to start planning our special day! Love, Jarvis" Jarvis, know that I love you furever and ever, too. I am here and when we are ready to plan, we will work our little paws off.


St. Patrick's Day greetings from furiends.

March 17th 2009 1:19 pm
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Hambone and doggies, Angel Miss Madhi and Lucy sent me a cute Lick Me, Sniff Me, Love Me I'm Irish! They said, "Celebrating Wearin' O' the Green with you! Much meow, luck and licks, Green Eggs and Hambone, Lots O' Lucy, and Miss Madhi (bless her)" They are such a lovely and thoughtfur furmily!


We had special company.

March 8th 2009 9:48 am
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We had company yesterday. As you know, my brofur Hooch has been sick since February 18, when he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, with suspected other ailments. His best day since being diagnosed was Friday, March 6th. So, my meowmy decided that it would be fine for Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob (Angel Picasso's pawrents) to spend Saturday night with us. Before Hooch got sick, they had plans to either meet at I-95 and I-26 and have dinner - then Hooch got sick and they decided to meet in Columbia, SC IF Hooch was well enough for my meowmy to feel comfortable leaving him for about 5 hours - then, when Hooch did better on Friday, they decided on Friday evening that it would be okay for Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob to come stay the night with us on Saturday night and have a nice visit!

My meowmy got up Saturday morning and washed the clean sheets... you heard me right... she washed clean sheets because she wanted them to be really fresh. Then she made the bed up. She is also kitty sitting and she had to go get the instructions on how to manage the alarm system in the home where she is kitty sitting. Then she came home and had to clean all our 12 litter boxes... a daily ritual because we expect to use only clean litter boxes! Then she scrubbed out the bathroom upstairs and went to the grocery store to pick up a few items and when she got home Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob were here. They sat around a chatted for a while and then decided they were hungry... so they went to a local Italian restaurant and had a nice dinner. After that, they all went to feed the kitties that my meowmy is watching for a week.

When they came back from dinner, Auntie Barbi brought a package and we opened it. Guess what? Inside was a cool Kitty Tumbler and crinkle pad that will attach to a Cat Cube. Karisma hogged it immediately. And Auntie Barbi gave my meowmy a cool Disney character coffee mug and a lovely soy candle that has the Sheer White Cotton fragrance. It smells so nice.

Now, Hooch was aware there was a strange man in our home. When it was time for bed, you won't believe what Hooch decided to do! He hissed at Unkie Rob. My meowmy was surprised at his behavior and so was my dad. Normally, he just stays out of sight if he is uncomfortable, just like I do. I was in hiding as usual and I don't think Auntie Barbi effur got a picture of me. My meowmy did manage to capture me so Auntie Barbi could see me, at least.

Then, this morning, they got up and had some coffee and went out to breakfast. When they got back, Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob had to get on the road heading back to New Jersey. Hooch was well-behaved with Unkie Rob today BUT when my dad came in after saying good-bye to them, silly ol' Hooch hissed at him. He must have lost his kitty head for a moment. I just hid until they left. It takes me a while to warm up too... I haven't always been like that. I used to be furry furiendly and social. My meowmy wonders what has happened to me to cause my odd behavior.


A sweet Four Leaf Clover from special furiends!

March 6th 2009 11:46 pm
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Mouse McMouser, Fuzz McFuzzer, Sushi McSusher and Sophie McSophie sent me a Four Leaf Clover. They said, "To Wish You a Happy St. Patty's Day and to thank YOU for your furiendship. Meow.... Love, Mouse, Fuzz, Sushi and Sophie" Aren't they sweet?


Hooch is a DDP! Please say purrs for him and Sammy.

February 21st 2009 1:49 pm
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Today, my special brofur Hooch is a DDP. I want to let him know how proud I am of him. And I would like to ask you to say a few purrs for him. He has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism but is having a bad time. They are looking for some secondary issues and we are purring that those issues will be easily resolved and nothing too serious. So, Hooch could use surely use some purrs.

Please remember to continue purring for our sweet furiend Sammy.


Sammy needs our major prayers!

February 18th 2009 6:17 am
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Sammy was re-hospitalized last night. He collapsed on his side gasping for air with his neck extended, stopped breathing after choking on fluid and throwing up twice in a row. His meowmy was talking to Picasso's meowmy at the time. Sammy's meowmy dropped the phone and rushed him to the Emergency Pet Hospital, trying to get him there before his heart failed. When she arrived at the hospital, he was breathing very heavily and his mouth was open with his little tongue out. His chest congestion made it difficult for him to breathe. He was re-admitted to the hospital immediately and they put him back in the oxygen chamber and did another X-ray and gave him an injection to help clear the congestion from his chest and lungs. He will have more blood work done. His meowmy will find out this morning what to do next with her baby boy. PLEASE pray for Sammy to respond positively to the medicine and return to a more normal life again. Our purrs are with Sammy and his meowmy.

Picasso's meowmy called me as soon as Sammy's meowmy told her he had collapsed and we worried and purred for Sammy and his meowmy. When Sammy's meowmy called back to tell Picasso's meowmy that Sammy was in oxygen and would be staying at the hospital, we felt a little relief. We were both so scared when Sammy collapsed. Our hearts are heavy right now but we are hopeful and praying Sammy will respond in a positive manner to his treatment.


Please pray for our furiend Sammy.

February 17th 2009 7:05 am
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We learned this morning that our furiend Sammy was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Please send Sammy your love and, most of all, your prayers. We are praying for Sammy as hard as we can. He is a sweet boy.


Kewl lips from Jarvis.

February 16th 2009 8:06 pm
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My purrfect Jarvis sent me some kewl lips. He said, "I just love my pretty Mardi Gras kitty! Meowmy wishes she could get us to dress up, but we won't cooperate. I saw your bathroom pic, I love to accompany meowmy to the bathroom and supervise her bubble baths! All my love, Jarvis" Jarvis and I have so much in common. We are big helpers in the bathroom! I hope that his pawrents will pawty hearty in N'awlins!


Sad purrs for Simon and Valentine greetings.

February 14th 2009 6:48 pm
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The saddest of purrs goes out today for Simon. Simon's meowmy had to help him cross to the Rainbow Bridge about midnight. He was one of our first heroes on Catster. Simon came through several times and beat the odds but his body was tired and his precious meowmy Ali loved him enough to release him from his earthly battle and pain. Fly high Simon! We will look to the stars and sky to see you fly by as you do Bridge duties now. Godspeed, brave Simon. We will miss you.

Hambone and doggie Lucy and angel doggie Miss Madhi sent me a Big Valentine's Hugz from Hambone, Lucy and Miss Madhi" How sweet!

Sammy and Taylee sent a lovely heart. They said, "Sending our love to your family" It had a really cute picture of a kitten saying Happy Valentines Day!

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