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~ Sunflower's notes ~

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More sad news today about a sweet furiend.

May 6th 2009 1:08 pm
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3:20 PM EST ~

We have just learned that our furiend Tiskers has been diagnosed today with HCM (Cardiomyopathy). We are in such shock. Tiskers' meowmy noticed he was breathing faster than normal and took him to the doc doc this morning about 11 to be checked out. The doc doc did blood work and x-rayed Tiskers. The x-rays revealed that there was fluid surrounding his lungs and sent Tiskers to a cardiologist where it was determined that Tiskers has Cardiomyopathy. Tiskers is the littermate (full blood brother) of Mittens and Biscotti and the half brother of Snowmitts. Please keep Tiskers and his furmily, especially his meowmy and daddy in your purrs and purr that Tiskers will feel better with his medicines and have many more years with us. Our hearts are hurting with our furiends and we are praying for the furmily.


I got a belated sunflower concats from my handsome Jarvis.

May 6th 2009 5:31 am
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My handsome Jarvis sent me a beautifur sunflower last night after my meowmy turned the catputer off. I just found it this morning. What a lovely surprise. He said, "I'm such a goof! I'm so sorry I missed your Cat of the Day honor. We had out of town guests and meowmy hasn't been able to play on the catputer much until today. Please furgive me, my sweet! Love furever, Jarvis" Aw, Jarvis, you aren't a goof... our pawrents have lives that sometimes get in the way of OUR catputer time. I do hope that your pawrents had a fun visit with their guests.


Very sad purrs.

May 5th 2009 2:08 pm
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We received some very sad news about a family member of one of our closest and longest family of furiends on Catster. Harvey went to the Rainbow Bridge today. We are all in shock. Our hearts go out to Harvey's sweet family and especially to his grieving meowmy. Please stop by and give your love and support to this very special family.


My sisfur Kujo and Moozer eloped last night.

May 4th 2009 8:45 am
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Last night, my sisfur Kujo and her fiance Moozer eloped to a special and private island. They will be honeymooning on the island and will be enjoying each other and their new life and the love that they share. Their wedding was private... just the two of them, no furiends or furmily were there. Their wedding was posted *here*. I want to wish my sisfur and Moozer a lifetime of love, joy and good health.

After I went to bed last night, Princess Sugar Pie sent a purrty heart . She said, "Thank you Sunflower for sending me a rose. I just love roses. Because that was so sweet of you, I'm sending a heart showing my appreciation and love for you. Got to go take my nightly Cat Nap. Bye. Love and Purrs, Princess Sugar Pie" My furmily and I had sent her a concats for her diary honor.


I am COTD. What an honor for me!

May 3rd 2009 6:35 am
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OMC! I just can't believe my little kitty eyes and ears. I am COTD! Thank you to Catster HQ! Wow. This is so pawsome. I am so proud! *puffs out her chest*

A little birdy named Lolly told my sisfur Karisma BEFORE I found out! Karisma told me and I ran to check it out. I found that I had a lovely pmail from Hazel Lucy, who also knew and sent me her concatulations. What? Am I the LAST cat to find out about this?

I received a beautifur sunflower from Mercy, Pebbles, Milo, (a beautiful angel), Sofie, Riley, Reebok, Nike, Joy, Enzo, Melody, Pixie and doggies Quincy, Cosmo and Angel Butch. They said, "Congratulations on being Cat of the Day, Sunflower! Your resume is getting really long! Love, Mercy and family" Oh, somefur tell me where to find my resume so I can trim it before I trip over it!

Mathis der Meowler, Belle, Antoine, Entrechat, Figaro, Kragen, Dusty and Clara sent me a really beautifur furever emerald. They said, "Meow Sunflower, Hooray! Cat of the Day! Here's an elegant emerald for a sweet and beautiful kitty! Purrs, Mathis, Belle, Antoine, Entrechat, Figaro, Kragen, Dusty & Clara"

My pawsome furiends Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert, Mitchell, Beckie, Fay, Princess, Harvey, Bess, Lewis, Einstein, Angel Mama Kitty, Lilly, Blackie, Patti, Nikki, Frankie, Freddie, Marie, Sunni, Angel Roxanne, Rosie, Bob, Jesse and McKinsey sent me a dozen roses. They said, "We are so happy, our friend is Cat of the Day!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day, you so deserve this! We love you, Congrats!!!! Love Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert, Mama Kitty, Marie, Jesse, Babes from Texas and all of the rest of the herd"

Jasmine Delilah, Isabelle Love and Pumkin Pooh sent me a purrty pink ribbon! They said, "Concatulations on COTD!!! We are all so purroud of you!!! You are a furry special kitty from a furry special furmily!!! We love you!!! ♥"

Sammie, KiKi and Ember sent me a beautifur bluebird! They said, "Congratulations Sunflower on being the COTD! Hope you enjoy your day.. Lots of love; Sam, KiKi & Ember"

Kittanna, Taillee, Zilla, Lilly, Angel Tigger and doggie Angel Henry sent me a beautifur rose. They said, "Concatulations on being Cat of the Day! What a wonderful honour! We hope you have a wonderful day and get treated like the princess you are!! Purrs, Kittanna and family"

10:37 AM EST ~

Andre sent me some kewl lips. He said, "Mwah! COngrats on being today's COTD!! "

Very special furiends Alfie, Teddy Bearz, Peter J, Angel Wally, Angel Nikki and Angel Sydney Rose sent me a furever Plant Earth is Furever with a pawsome picture of my honor. They said, "We are thrilled for you~ Love always Alfie; Teddy B; Peter J; Wally and the angel crew"

Kibbles, Francis, Yoda and their Grammy sent me a shrimp. They said, "Sunflower, Concatulation on COTD. What an honor. Enjoy your day. Love, Kibbles, Francis, Yoda and their Grammy"

I received kewl lips from Aldo: by Laurel, Tess: by Laurel, O'Malley, Squeaky, angel Thomas, James Tailer, Miss Jazzie, Zane Gray (adopted), angel Bebe, Sweetie, Theodore, Aldo: Chapter 2! and Toulouse. They said, "Concats on Cat of the Day!! Enjoy your reign as top cat! Smooches from all of us."

11:49 AM EST ~

Aria, Bitta, Mikey, Bubby and Simon sent me a beautifur sunflower. They said, " Whoo-Hoo ConCATulations on your pawsome CAT OF THE DAY honors, Sunflower! May your day in the spotlight be pawsitively purrfect! Love, Aria, Bitta, Mikey, Bubby and Simon"

Furry sweet and special furiends ~ Cocoa, Angel Picasso, Angel Kashmere, Jaspurr, Aspen, Snowmitts, Biscotti, Cannoli and Monte sent me a beautifur sunflower. They said,
"Dear Sunflower~ picture "Catgrats on being honored COTD and may you have a pawsome day, celebrating! Love~ Cocoa & Co. xoxo"

Dusty Miller, Ernest Hemmingway, i.e., Erni, jennifer, sasha, curly, gabby, noah, yugi, ode to the outside kitty, old man kitty, Jinx, Louis, silver tiger kitty and Rusty aka The Lion King sent me a beautifur furever diamond. They said, "Oh My! you are COTD! concats Miss Sunflower!"

Kaci Sunshine and Mittens sent me a fun kite! They said, "Congratulations on COTD! Have fun & enjoy your day! Hugs, Kaci & Mittens"

3:17 PM EST ~

Gimli, Nigel, Isis, Angel Kiki, Kahlan (MIA), Aphrodite, Tabitha, Charlie and K C (Kitty) and doggie Trinity sent me some beautifur tulips. They said, "Hi Sunflower, concatulations on being chosen COTD! Enjoy your special day! Purrs, Gimli & Family"

10:00 PM EST ~

Sunshine, Sammie, Ruby, Reece, Reba, Oreo and Cinnamon sent me a purrty sunflower. They said, "Sunflower CONCATS on your honors! A special cat like you deserves a special day!!! Hugs and purrs, Sunshine, Sammie, Ruby, Reece, Reba, Oreo and Cinnamon"

Lily, Odie, Oreo, Tigger, Poo (husband of Patchez), George, Chandon (missing), Angel Oingo, Angel Boingo, Angel Perky AND the NEW family member Chance sent me a beautifur furever rainbow star. They said, "BIGGEST concats on your COTD win!!! VERY well deserved sweet Sunflower!! We LOVE you and are so proud of you!! *happy dancing* LOVES!!! The Crew" Go by and give Chance a big welcome to Catster and to this pawsome furmily.

♥TT♥ sent me a sweet ladybug. He said, "Congrats on COTD!! Here is a ladybug for you!!"

Isis sent me a purrty sunflower. She said, "Concatulations on being COTD Sunflower!! You are a beautiful Girl!! *Purrs & Kisses* ~Isis"

Nelly Bell May, Emily, Eddy, Cleopatra Grace, Nekko and Itsumo and the NEW member Jerry sent me a dozen roses. They said, "Congrat's Sunflower in being Cat of the Day ! We hope you have agreat day ! Love & Many Purr's, Edwina (Eddy), Emily, Nelly Bell May, Morris, Cleopatra Grace, Nekko, Itsumo and Jerry"

Angel Sammy, Angel Smokey, Angel Hazel, Tuffy and Pickles and doggie Java sent me some beautiful tulips. They said, "Concatulations on being chosen Cat of the day. What a very special honor for a very special kitty. We hope that you have a fabulous day with lots of love. Wishing you a fun day. Love & hugs, Sammy, Smokey, Hazel, Tuffy, Pickles & Java"

Angel Rufus, Bobcat, Briana, Jack Matthew Cash and Hamlet sent me a blue ribbon. They said, "Congratulations, Cat of the Day! Have fun celebrating! Purrs, Rufus & family"

Beloved Angel Amelia sent me a beautifur furever yellow star. She said, "Cat of the Day May 3!! CONCATULATIONS beautiful Sunflower!! We love you and your wonderful family!"

Meriadoc, Emma, Ginny McBean, Charlie, Molly, Angel Belle, Doofus, Remus, Shadow, Quinn and Peregrin sent me a beautifur sunflower. They said, "Hi pretty lady! Orangie girls are rare and precious! Concats on being Catster COD today! You are pawsome! My whole family hopes you had a wonderful day!"sunflower from Meriadoc 980699 (quinn furm) Hi pretty lady! Orangie girls are rare and precious! Concats on being Catster COD today! You are pawsome! My whole family hopes you had a wonderful day!"

Karma, Bobbi, Charlie and Punkin sent me a Furever Planet Earth is Furever. They said,"Hello Sunflower, We sure hope you have had a wonderful day in the spotlight. We are so proud for you. We love you and you family very much. Love, Karma, Bobbi, Charlie and Punkin"


Thank you tulips from the sweet Kaci.

May 2nd 2009 4:15 pm
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Kaci Sunshine sent my furmily and me some beautifur thank-you tulips. She said, "Thank you for making my birthday such a special day! Love, Kaci"


Today is my sweet Jarvis' 8th birthday. Lots of furiends are- also having a birthday today.

May 1st 2009 1:20 pm
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Today, we have celebrated the birthdays of many furiends. My handsome fiance Jarvis, Hazel Lucy, Sofie, Quinn, Little Bit, Fela Kiti, Nina, Kaci Sunshine, Cleopatra Grace, Camille Rose, Foucault aka FC, Kahless, PJ, Fozzy Bear and Angels who will be celebrating their birth anniversaries at the Bridge Kashmere, Baby, Kinsey and Tigger and for the 20th anniversary of the day Angel Alaidh adopted her meowmy Sharon. Some are sadly at the Bridge now. We remember them all and say a Happy Birthday to all our furiends who are celebrating today. I hope I did not miss any furiends who celebrated their birthday today. If I did, please let me know.

I must wish my wonderpur Jarvis a most special birthday from his little Sunflower. Lots and lots of love go with the wish to my sweet Jarvis.


We got bad mews today about a sweet furiend.

April 28th 2009 11:25 am
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I just learned that a sweet new furiend named Tigger went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. She had been sick for a while and it was thought that she might have FIP. It turns out that she did. She lived life to the fullest until today. Sweet Tigger, we were just getting to know you and now you are at the Bridge. Our tears have fallen down our cheeks and we have a big lump in our throats. We are so sorry you had to leave us too soon. We will look to the heavens tonight to see your new star shining brightly, sweet new angel. Know that in our short time of knowing you that we grew to love you so... and love never dies.

8:02 PM EST ~

Jarvis sent me a beautifur sunflower! He said, "Thank you soooo much for my Morgan's bed, toys, and kerchief! You are such a sweet, wonderpurr lady and I love you very much! I'll be dreaming of you as I snooze in my new bed. Love & kisses, Jarvis" My handsome Jarvis turns 9 on May 1st!!!!!!!!!

Jarvis, Tux and my beautifur Cleo sent me some cool lips! They said, "Thank you for our very sweet thank you card. We hope you are enjoying the gifts! Lots of kisses and kitty love! Jarvis, Tux, & Cleo"


Planet Earth is Furever from the ARG!

April 23rd 2009 9:38 am
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Yesterday, I received a Planet Earth is Furever from the ARG! The ARG said, "Happy Earth Day! Pawlease "recycle" this rosette by sending one along to a special furiend!" It was so nice of the sweet ARG to send this. I did not really get online yesterday as I was in such shock from the untimely and sad trip that my furiend Kashmere made to the Bridge. My heart is still deeply sad for my furiend and her furmily.


We got a birthday pawresent from Jarvis, Tux and Cleo this- evening.

April 22nd 2009 6:18 pm
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A special birthday pawresent from PetSmart arrived in the mail today for Clawdette, Prince and me. It was from Tux, Cleo and my handsome Jarvis. We could not wait to open the box to see what was inside. Oh, when we opened the box, we found a really cool chute/tunnel that both crinkles and lights, a cool blue knitted fishy toy, two neat knitted yellow chickies, three sisal mice and a package of Pet Greens Treats (Made with Roasted Chicken)! Oh, this is just pawsome and we are so excited! I can't wait to have some yummy treats and play with the toys.

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