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~ Sunflower's notes ~

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Rusty tagged me ~

February 7th 2008 7:45 am
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Rusty tagged me....
February 5th 2008

So I guess I gotta do it!

Here are 7 things about "Fafer".....

1. I do not like to go to the vet.

2. I love to share crispy snacks with Daddy.

3. I love trying to catch insects that make it indoors.

4. I don't like Hooch very much.

5. I love to annoy Clawdette.

6. I love to sit at the computer room window and watch what is happening outside.

7. I love to hide and then jump on an unsuspecting cat friend who normally does not appreciate my efforts!

I'm tagging:

Callie Jean

I' d love to read about you guys....



A new brush - phooey!

February 13th 2008 1:33 pm
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Well, meowmy bought a new brush to try out on us. Guess who was the first one who had the pleasure? Yes, that would be me. This new brush has a self-cleaning slicker. Just between you and me, I hope it did not work as well as meowmy had hoped. I prefer to groom myself without any help from meowmy. Should I tell my brofurs and sisfurs OR just let them find out for themselves?


~ I got tagged again ~

March 4th 2008 2:05 pm
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It's hard to come up with 7 new things about me in such a short time. Some are repeats.

I was tagged by Jonas!

The rules of the game are when you get tagged you have to tell 7 things
about yourself, it can be anything really. It can be secrets or special
qualities you have, whatever! List them in your diary along with the rules
for the game and your TAG list of the 7 buddies you tag. Make sure and
paw-mail everyone to tell them they have been tagged and direct them to
your diary-something to keep in mind when writing your 7 secrets,
others will be reading it! Now, just so you all know this is a game,
and no gets mad if you don't have time to play-no big deal! We'll
invite you another time or you are welcome to start a game yourself.

My seven things about me;
1- I love to sit in laps and be petted but be sure to have a towel available because I drool a river.
2- I give love bites. They don't break the skin but they do leave indentions. Meowmy says sometimes they hurt.
3- I sometimes fight with Clawdette when she gets too bossy.
4- I run up and down the hall daily when I am playing with my toys.
5- People say that I carry my poofy tail up high and display it beautifully.
6- I love to share crispy treats with my Paw. I will beg for them.
7- I am very patient when feeding time rolls around.

Now I tag you!
1. Butterscotch
2. Nico
3. Damaen
4. Gorbie
5. Monday
6. Missy
7. Punky


~ Something is up ~

April 3rd 2008 9:22 pm
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I was playing in the family room with one of my mousies and having a great time. Suddenly, Meowmy came in and was rudely picking up a sleeping Kujo. No, no, Meowmy don't wake up the grouch! Meowmy then took her into another room. Well, big deal. I went about my playing and was surprised to see Meowmy come back in the family room without Kujo. Then she bent over and picked me up. Hey, what is going on here? All too soon, I found out. I was taken into the front hallway where Meowmy had already imprisoned Kujo in the carrier. Next, I found myself being shoved into one of the carriers. I tried my best to resist but Meowmy turned it up on end and carefully dropped me in. Drats! Before I could even protest, she locked the door and was taking me out to the car. Wait, you forgot Kujo! She shut the door and left me alone! She walked away. Hey, you forgot me! Next thing I knew, she was bringing Kujo in the carrier out to the car and put her in the back seat. Then Meowmy started the car and off we headed to the doc doc's. I was wondering why because I was just there for my physical in February when they poked my body and shoved that liquid down my nose. The one for bordetella that made me sneeze a lot. I was put on the scales and weighed. I weighed 9 pounds and 3 ounces! What can I say? I am fluffy, not chubby like Kujo! Then they took me in the room and Meowmy got me out of my carrier! I thought Meowmy loved me. I snuggled as close to her as I could. Unfortunately, the doc doc and a tech came in and guess what they did next? They gave me a shot and then they shoved more fluid down my nose. Didn't they just do that to me in February. Are they trying to drown me AGAIN? The doc doc told my meowmy that I was up to date for three years on my rabies and distemper now. Gosh, does this mean I don't have to go back to them for three years? I hope so! They put me back in my carrier. Then it was Kujo's turn! Gosh, they did the same thing to her! That's no fun. They gave me a pretty new heart shaped red rabies tag and I noticed that they gave the same thing to Kujo. Pffft. We came home after all the excitement and when Meowmy opened my carrier door, I ran furry fast into the family room. It is good to be back home.


~ I've been tagged by Norman, the Blingee Monster ~

April 4th 2008 5:33 am
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Norman tagged me! I've got to answer 4 questions about me, this is fun! Then I have to pick 4 furiends to tag. Now the questions -

Name four jobs that you've had.
1. Trying to show Clawdette how to act dignified. So far it is not working.
2. Drooling all over whomever I chose to love. The more petting the more drooling I can provide. They love my drool.
3. Keeping meowmy on her toes by giving her surprise love bites. I never hurt her... just give love nips.
4. Tossing my mousies all over the house!

Four places you have lived.
1. I was found in Charlotte, NC at the pound so meowmy assumes I was born there.
2. My furever home in Matthews, NC with my big furmily.

Four places where you have been.
1. The pound. I did not like it there!
2. A furry awful place where they made me go night-night and when I woke up, someone had stolen part of my body and I hurt.
3. To my furever home, right after someone stole part of my body.
4. My only offur place is to visit the doc doc. Don't like that one effur.

Four places you'd rather be.
1. Nowhere as I love my home.
2. If I did not have to ride in the car, to Williamsburg, VA when my pawrents go visit.
3. I would love to get a one time pass for a day to visit my sisfurs Clawdia and Fire at the Rainbow Bridge.
4. To dinner anywhere with my pawrents as they always come home smelling so delicious.

I would love to tag the following 4 friends.

1. Kaabus
2. Kachina
3. Katrina
4. Kagome


~ I am *holds up 4 toes* this many today ~

April 12th 2008 6:33 am
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Guess what? Today is my birthday. Meowmy told me I am 4 years old today. She said my page still reads I am 3 but she said her math said that if I was born on April 12, 2004 that I should be 4. Hello, Catster, get out the catculator! Anyway, I am so happy. I am anticipating a fun filled day. Well, except for the part Clawdette told me about where my pawrents will dress me up in hats and collars and such. Yippee! Fun???? But I will like all the attention from my furmily! It will be a grrrrreat day in spite of the collars and hats. It is good to be 4!


~ Well, that is better ~

April 12th 2008 7:36 am
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Meowmy just checked again and now Catster is showing my accurate age of 4 years. You know, when a girl gets to be the mature age of 4, she wants effurybody to know. Yippee! It is going to be a wonderpurr day indeed!


~ I got some wonderpurr birthday remembrances ~

April 12th 2008 7:49 am
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Oh how sweet. I received a cupcake from wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert, Mitchell, Beckie, Fay, Princess, Harvey, Bess, Lewis, Einstein, Mama Kitty, Lilly, Blackie, Patti, Nikki, Frankie, Freddie, Marie, Sunni and Roxanne (they certainly do have a big furmily but they are so wonderpurr).

I received a cupcake and nice birthday message from Romeo, Calamity, Calia, and Henry.

I got a purrty bluebird and birthday wishes from Vincent, Ming and R.I.P Moppet.

I got a yummy cupcake from Hazel, Smokey, Sammy and Tuffy.

I received a purrty bluebird from ♥Morgan The PirateGato with lovely birthday wishes.

I got this lovely sun from Tutti, Junior Fluffkins, Tethys Fluffkins, Jake, Samantha, and Black Jack (who has been adopted) aka the Torrington Team and sweet birthday wishes.

Aw, I got ladybug from Kittanna, Tigger, Taillee, Zilla, and Lilly *PAWS* along with sweet birthday wishes.

Oh, I got a cool birthday hat from Jarvis, Miss Cleo,and Tux.

I received a purrty flower from my sweet furiends Picasso, Cocoa, Kashmere, Jaspurr, Aspen, Snowmitts and Biscotti that they said they picked especially for me. I have had some lovely pawmail birthday wishes, too. Thanks to ALL of you for helping me celebrate my big day.

(I need to tell you that Miss Cleo has most certainly caught the eye of my brofur Prince and her brofur Tux has caught the eye of my sisfur Clawdette who recently celebrated her own 4th birthday).

(And I must tell you that my Bridge sisfurs, Clawdia and Fire are engaged to the wonderpurr Sammy and Smokey AND my sisfur Mojo is going with Tuffy. Hazel has instigated all this matchmaking so we will be related furry soon!)

My meowmy only gave me bags of treats and I was thinking, 'What the ???" Then she pulled a really good one on me. She told me that she is ordering my furry own Hazel Lucy hat, scarf and blanket. Is that too cool or what! I will be the first in my furmily to get Hazel Lucy's beautiful knit work. I am so happy.

Meowmy also told me that I will be getting a Morgan's bed! I will be the first in my furmily to get a Morgan's bed too. Can you believe this wonderpurr day? Oh boy, what a great day!


~ What a wonderpurr day it is ~

April 13th 2008 10:54 am
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To start my day, I received a lovely sun from my furiends Teebo and Callie with a purrty mixed bouquet of flower and a birthday note inside it. Thank you for my birthday wishes, sun and flower bouquet with some sunflowers in it.

I got a birthday hat from KC Sunshine, ♥ Mittens ♥, Abby, Pete and Jennifer with a purrty message inside. I want to thank all of you for helping make my birthday celebration go on. It makes me feel so furry special.

Hey, guess what? I got a rose from the handsome and dashing Jarvis. He is such a handsome fellow and my eyes seem to see no other guys now. He is furry sweet and did I mention handsome? Well, he is.


~ I am doing the happy dance ~

April 14th 2008 5:50 am
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Oh, I just can't believe it. Look at the beautiful flowers my wonderpurr Jarvis sent to me. I am so happy and excited. Have I mentioned how handsome Jarvis is? Oh, this "love" thing is just the greatest! Jarvis makes my fur stand on end and my tail twitches when I think of him. I am purring happy purrs for sweet Jarvis!

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