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My weekend!

December 7th 2010 8:20 am
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Oh my kitty cats! I can't believe that it has been eight months since my meowmy has allowed me to paw in my diary. None of us have been pawing much but eight months is way too long. We have had lots going on in our furmily with different sickly kitties and issues and my human grandmother has had lots of problems with her health and my pawrents have had furry full plates. Another reason we have not written in our diaries is the changes in Catster. For us, it is so slow that Meowmy has not found the time to work with us on our diaries. Many of our furiends were put in the kennel for their comments and we did not care for the punishment that our furiends received. We love our furiends and it made us furry sad that they were being punished.

Now, let me tell you about my weekend. It started Friday night when Meowmy fed us. I was not interested in food. Unless I am sick, this never happens. Meowmy tried to coerce me into food but I had nothing to do with food. I was meowing a good deal, however, and Meowmy could not figure out why.

Saturday morning, I could not be found. I did not come out nor did I make a sound. Meowmy got the flashlight and went on a Cassidy hunt. She found me hiding under the catputer cabinet. When she shined the light on me, I did begin to meow loudly. Meowmy went straight to the telephone and called my doc doc. They said bring me in. Saturday is their half day so we hurried.

My regular doc doc was not in so I saw Dr. Elliott. He examined me and they stuck the thermometer you-know-where. I did not like that at all. They found my temperature to be 103.7. Dr. Elliott looked in my mouth and said that my teeth were bad but should not be causing my issues but he did tell Meowmy that we need to address my teeth in the near future. He decided to just try giving me a Sub Q, shot of Convenia and Orbax to take at home. He told Meowmy to put me in a room by myself so she could keep check on my intake and output and to be sure that I was not throwing up. He told Meowmy to take me to the emergency hospital if I had any problems on the weekend... otherwise, I was to return on Monday morning for recheck.

I did not eat much during the rest of the weekend but did eat some Hills A/D that Meowmy keeps on hand for Hooch. I seemed to like it better than the other things Meowmy was offering. Monday morning, I was taken in the prison carrier - against my will - back to the doc doc. I saw a substitute vet because my doc doc has taken her birthday week off. They stuck that thermometer you-know-where again. I did meow when they did it. They found, to their surprise, my temperature had risen to 104.2. Dr. Tabony was a little surprise by the temperature rise since I was on antibiotics. She felt my abdomen to see if I was possibly constipated. She felt a little firmness but nothing to say constipation. Dr. Tabony decided that maybe an enema could help... definitely would not hurt. So, she laid me down on my right side and lifted my tail to look around and that was when she saw it. I had an abscess at the left base of my tail... a big one... from bite wounds. (Meowmy suspects that my sisfur Kujo could be the offender but is not sure.)

Dr. Tabony said that it had to be drained. So, my meowmy left me there to let the doc doc torture me. They opened and drained my abscess, gave me a Sub Q, a Rimadyl injection for pain, a Buprenorphine injection and 6 Buprenorphine oral syringes to take at home. I had to stay at that hospital until 2:30ish.

To Meowmy's surprise, when she picked me up, I was wearing the Elizabethan collar. I have to wear it for a minumum of 5 days and the doc doc prefers that I wear it until my recheck in 10 days. I am confined to the upstairs bathroom for several reasons, one of which is the drainage. Meowmy is having to wash the floor alot with clorox wipes. She says it is unreal what is still draining and it could continue for 3 or so days. I have to use pelleted or shredded paper litter but I like my regular litter. My doc doc says there is too much of a chance of infection, if we use it. So, I am stuck with the "new" litter for the time being. I think I am being tortured by my meowmy.

So my new world for the next week or 10 days is going to be a scary one for me.


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Purred by: Riley

December 7th 2010 at 8:42 am

I'm so sorry to hear you are not feeling well, Cassie.
I'm glad the Vet Dr. found out what was wrong so you can get the right treatment.
We are purring for you to get well soon!

Get lot's of rest!

Hugs & Purrs,
Purred by: Wendy C

December 7th 2010 at 9:21 am

I am so sorry you had to go through that! I am glad the vet found out what was wrong though so you can get well! I will be purring and purraying for you to get better quick! Get some rest and relax!

Hugz and purrs, Sassy
Purred by: Callie (Catster Member)

December 7th 2010 at 10:31 am

We're so sorry to hear you had an abscess and are now confined to the bathroom. Sending you lots of healing purrs.

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