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~ Baby G's notes ~

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I am 14 years old today.

May 16th 2014 5:47 am
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Today I am 14 years old. I miss my brofur Hooch. We were always best buds. We spent lots of time together. Meowmy told me we were so cute. She sometimes called us Frick and Frack. Hmmmm. I will always miss Hooch but blessed by his life.

My furiend Tundra made a beautifur birthday picture for me to remember this special day. My Auntie Dana made a beautifur birthday picture for me and sent it to my meowmy's Facebook page. I have such sweet, caring and creative furiends.

I received a purrty blue bird from Angel Rebby and his furmily, a butterfly from Anna, a lady bug from Platelicker and furmily, a bouquet of tulips from Ashlynne and furmily, a cupcake from a fellow birthday celebrator named Paris, a pinwheel from Angel Norman and his furmily, a big birthday cake from Angel K Malachi, a rose from Mallee and furmily, and big balloon bouquets from Big Harry and his furmily, Mac and furmily, Newman and furmily, and Presley.

Thank you to my sweet furiends for remembering my birthday. I love all of you.


Yesterday was a sad day because our furiend Chelsea Louise- went to the Rainbow Bridge.

March 29th 2014 12:32 pm
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Yesterday was a very sad day, indeed, for my furmily and me and for so many of our Catster furiends. We were shocked and saddened to learn that our beloved furiend Chelsea Louise took a turn for the worst and made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Catster lost one of it's best when Chelsea was called away. We will forever love you, Chelsea. You made us smile always.


I was 13 years old yesterday.

May 17th 2013 12:11 pm
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Yesterday was my 13th birthday. My meowmy was so busy that she did not do anything for me. *makes a sad face* I received lovely gifties, messages and a purrty birthday picture from Tundra. Thank you to those who celebrated my birthday so beautifully.


I am a DDP honoree today. Yay.

May 17th 2012 8:10 am
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OMC! I am one of today's DDP honorees. It has been over a year since I was chosen. Thank you to Catster HQ and to the Diary Gal. I think they felt sorry for me because my meowmy almost forgot my birthday. *shakes head*

I am most honored to once again be among the diary honorees. Whoopee!


I am 12 today!

May 16th 2012 9:17 am
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Holy Kitty Kats! Meowmy did it again. She ALMOST forgot my birthday today and she forgot that today is my sisfur Princess' birthday, too. She claims she has had too much on her mind of late.. but can't she read the calendar? Pffffffttttt....

Meowmy has been anxiously awaiting a call about Prince from the oncologist that our doc doc contacted after the lymphoma diagnosis we received on him on Monday. I think she is getting "ditzy" in her aging process. Then, on top of that, my dad called to tell Meowmy that his mother had a visit with the human doc doc and that she needed to be there. You see, my dad is on a trip to Arizona to see my human sisfur and my human nephew and then to join up with his work furiends to tour the Grand Canyon and Red Rocks and other Arizona sites. Meowmy was still in her pajamas when my dad called and had less than a half hour to get dressed and meet Grandma's transport bus at the doc's. Meowmy was NOT a happy camper with the short notice. Dad is furgetful... but he has always been furgetful... Meowmy says her brain it overloaded. Hmmmmppptttttt.....

I want to thank Teddy and the Kit Kat Club for my birthday greetings, Mr. Sam for my beautifur rose and birthday message and Samoa for my lucky lady bug and birthday greetings. You are all so nice to remember me on my birthday.


Sad news ~ Our dear furiend Cocoa crossed the Rainbow Bridge- during the early moring hours

August 1st 2011 6:13 am
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Shortly before 8:30am EST, we got some very sad news. Auntie Barbi called Meowmy to tell her that our dear furiend Cocoa had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He will always be a special part of our furmily and always in our hearts. He left some big pawprints in each of our hearts. We are all still in shock. Please remember Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob and all the sad siblings that Cocoa has left behind to mourn and miss him. Cocoa was and is very special to my meowmy... she always loved to hear his cute little meows (sometimes very loud) as he chatted when Auntie Barbi and Meowmy were on the phone chatting. Rest in Peace, dear and special furiend. You will never be far from our hearts. We LOVE you, Cocoa.


My 11th birthday was yesterday but Meowmy just got my- birthday page up this morning.

May 17th 2011 5:52 am
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My 11th birthday was yesterday. Meowmy was in the process of making a birthday page for my sisfur Princess and me. Well, she just finished with Princess' page when the doorbell rang. It was my human brofur who had arrived to help move our big mountain of mulch that has been in the front yard for several years. My dad has not been able to move it so Meowmy said that you accept help whenever it comes. So, she stopped the catputer work and went outside to help. Pfffffftttttt.

About 11, the phone rang and it was the home where my human grandma is and they wanted to know if she was moving away. Well DUH. As soon as possible. Then we found out that the doctor had signed the papers to move her on Friday (May 13th). No one at that facility knew until the nurse came in on Monday. It will be so nice to get her into a new facility. So, my pawrents and brofur had to stop the work on the yard to go take care of things at both nursing facilities for my grandma.

All is well and done and transportation was set for 11:30 this morning so Meowmy told me she would help me recognize my sweet furiends who helped me celebrate my birthday later today. Thank you in advance for helping me celebrate.


Yesterday Catster lost the BEST of the best.

March 17th 2011 6:04 am
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Yesterday was a very sad day, indeed, for my furmily and me and for so many Catster furiends. We were shocked and saddened to learn that our beloved furiend Hazel Lucy was to go to Heaven at 12:30 PM EST. Our meowmy had come home from getting her hair cut about 11:30 and turned on the catputer to see what was happening. She went to FB first and saw the posting about Hazel Lucy. The next hour we all spent our time crying and praying for Hazel Lucy and her wonderful meowmy Julie.

Hazel Lucy and her meowmy were and are such beautiful and caring souls who started the wonderful Purr Threads on Catster. Hazel Lucy touched all of our hearts in such a special way and she will always hold a very special place in our hearts and in the hearts of so many others. True love never dies and we do truly love Hazel Lucy and thank her for being a most special part of our lives.

Please keep Hazel Lucy and her meowmy Julie in your purrs and prayers during this sad and difficult time. We know that it is never easy to say our earthly goodbyes. We know that our lives will be reunited again one day and that, while absent from the earth, they are always present in our hearts.

We wanted to write yesterday but our meowmy just could not gather herself to help us. Hazel Lucy and Julie hold a very special place in our hearts and we found ourselves too devastated to write.

We still find ourselves shocked and deeply saddened but we know that Hazel Lucy is free of her earthly pain and is healthy again and is now happily reunited with her beloved furhusband Buddie. What a special reunion that was.

Hazel Lucy, we will forever love you and are so blessed to call you our furiend. Our meowmy is blessed, also, to call your meowmy a special friend. You are both dearly loved.


Finally, Meowmy allowed me to check my page this morning.

March 10th 2011 6:02 am
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Well, Meowmy did not allow me to check my page again yesterday. She got busy with things around the house and HER Facebook. Hey, what about ME? Hmmm, I need to discuss my meowmy's priorities at length with her. More on that later, IF she doesn't shape up!

Yesterday I received some sweet rosies and gifties and some nice pmails.

A sweet fellow diary honoree Presley sent me a four leaf clover. She said, "Congrats Baby G on being a DDP, this is so pawsome we get this special honor together, you have a pawsome day and enjoy every minute in the Spotlight, Hugs Presley ~"

The handsome Clyde sent me a beautifur heart. He said, "OMC! You're a DDP, concatulations Baby G!! Too bad mum hasn't painted you yet, but don't worry, it's coming, mol. I hope you get lots of treats and kisses today sweet girl! Love, Clydey xxx" I can't wait to see my portrait whenever Auntie Jill gets the time to do mine. I know it will be purrfect.

Eddy and her sweet furmily sent me a beautifur heart. They said, "Comgrat's BabyG on being a DDP! have a great and fun day! Love, Eddy & Family"

Sweet Teebo and his pawsome furmily sent me champagne glasses just filled with catnip champagne. They said, "Concats on being a DDP today sweet friend! Hopefully you get the rain you need. If you would like we can send you some of our snow!! Purrs, Teebo, Callie and Rose"

Patches Bush and the Bush Furs sent me a lepruchan hat. They said, "CONGRATULATIONS BABY G on being a DDP! Have a super day Sweetie. Hugs, The Bush Furs

The adorable Tate McCuppycakes *giggles at his cute Irish name* sent me a beautifur Mardi Gras mask. He said, "Congrats Callista on being chosen for DDp of the day! YOu get to share it with my girlfriends sister Presley too! Hope you have a great day. Love, Tate"

My most handsome brofur-in-law Moozer and his sweet furmily sent me a beautiful trophy cup. They said, "Baby G~~~ Our Mom was talking to your meowmy today and she said nothing about your honor! ConCATS to you, Baby G. Love you and your whole furmily. Moozer + The Archangel Crew" Now, Moozer, you know that my meowmy is that way. She is so silly sometimes. I purrsonally think she should have plastered it all over Catster and Facebook but.... *shakes head*

A special Angel named Shelby sent me a furever diamond. He said, "Just stopped by to wish you well my Dear."

Sweet Angel Navin R. Johnson-Davis sent me a beautifur rainbow rosette. He said, "Congratulations on your DDP Baby G! I am so glad to read that your test results were positive...this is wonderful. I am very sorry to hear about your friend Caesar. Purrs to you Baby G & to Caesar's family. All my love, Navin R. Johnson-Davis"

I got nice pmails from Chef Rooster and Clowder and Squirrel and Kitcat.

Patches made a purrty DDP memento picture for me and sent a nice pmail saying,
"Concats on your DDP! I made a pic for you and put it up on the Calico and Tortie Darling page: ings-12097
DDP honor
Just scroll to the bottom and you will see it- right-click on it to save it. Have a pawsome day, my furiend! Love and purrs to you!"

Angel Buddie and his precious furmily sent me a lovely note which said,

Thanks to all my furiends for the sweet comments on my page for my diary honor, too.

Many thanks to my precious furiends who helped me celebrate my diary honor. I love all of you.


A DDP today, yessiree.

March 9th 2011 5:34 am
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Some cat please pinch me. Ouch and thanks. Yep, I am awake. I can't believe my kitty eyes. I am a DDP today again. I am so happy. Thank you to Catster HQ and to the Diary Gal. Today I celebrate this honor with some sweet and precious furiends. Other DDP honorees and furiends are Francis, who just happens to also be the COTD (and yesterday he turned 5 years old), the adorable Hazel Lucy, who could use our purrs and prayers and love, and the cutest Presley. The DOTD was Alfie. Alfie is an angel now. He would have been 4 years old on March 6th. My concats to each one of my fellow honorees and furiends.

Meowmy says that today will be a good day for us because I am a DDP and we are supposed to get some furry needed rain. Humans are funny creatures. They fuss about rain, they want rain, they just can't be pleased. Meowmy says we are in a drought already. What's a drought? All I know is that Meowmy is happy about the anticipated rain.

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