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Catster is still going to be around. Yay.

February 15th 2014 5:26 pm
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We learned AFTER I posted my last diary that Catster and Dogster will NOT be closing. We are so excited and happy. I would like to thank whomever is saving our wonderful site. We want to see some of the fun and joy come back that we once had on this one-of-a-kind site. Thank you for giving us another chance on Catster. Whoopee!!!!


OMC - I am one of the Daily Diary Picks for today

February 12th 2014 11:34 am
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Oh wow. I am so thrilled to be one of today's Daily Diary Picks. Thank you Catster and special thanks to that Diary Gal. *winks and flutters his wings*

Over the years since we joined Catster I have been picked for this honor several times and and always thrilled each time. For some reason my main page has had some fleas and my listing of my honors disappeared, along with my diary pictures (thank goodness my meowmy had saved them in a folder before they disappeared), my main page background and a few other things I had listed on the right hand side. Sadly all gone now. But my Diary honors are below.

8-18-2008 ~ Diary of the Day
5-9-2008 ~ Daily Diary Pick
8-3-2008 ~ Daily Diary Pick
8-4-2008 ~ Daily Diary Pick
11-9-2008 ~ Daily Diary Pick
3-14-2009 ~ Daily Diary Pick
4-26-2009 ~ Daily Diary Pick
7-1-2009 ~ Daily Diary Pick
5-2-2010 ~ Daily Diary Pick
5-11-2010 ~ Daily Diary Pick
5-10-2012 ~ Daily Diary Pick
6-2-2012 ~ Daily Diary Pick
6-30-2012 ~ Daily Diary Pick
2-12-2014 ~ Daily Diary Pick

A special thank you to my Auntie Dana for my beautiful picture today of my diary honor. I love it.

I will back up a second to thank Mr. Sam and his mom for a beautiful gold heart I received on February 2. Thank you for the wonderful years of furiendship. I love you.

Today I got a crown from my sweet orange furiend Platelicker. He was concatulating me for my new Dreamboat honor and for my diary honor. Thank you, Platey, love you man.

Always thrilled to receive messages from my pal Angel Buddie They said in their message today,


Thanks for the constant and loving support through the years. Love each of you.

I am a happy Angel Prince...

Should this be my last diary entry, I want to thank all my furiends for the love and support throughout the years. My furmily and I will truly miss this very special site and the interactions with each of you. Should any human wish to stay in touch, please message me and give your email to my meowmy or your Facebook info. It will be a furry sad day when this wonderful site ceases to be. It has been a blessing and helped so many to get through hurts and losses and a fun place to let down your hair. I will miss Catster so much. *wipes tears*


Zoom, zoom, zoom... had to fly in quickly to say I am Angel- Dreamboat #47b!! Hooray!!

February 7th 2014 3:33 pm
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I just found out that I am Angel Dreamboat #47b. I am doing the happy angel dance with my special brofur Hooch. Thank you Angel Samoa for letting me know about my new honor. I am furry honored and proud to be among the Dreamboats. Yay. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am a fun angel kitty with lots of energy.


My Bridge day was May 22.

May 25th 2013 3:53 pm
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My meowmy was furry sad on my 1st anniversary of my Bridge day. It was May 22. She could not write in my diary for several reasons. Part of that was her sad memory of that day. Meowmy was NOT prepared to say her earthly goodbyes to me. I had just turned 10 a short time before my departure. Another reason my meowmy did not let me write was that she kept Cameron all day long and then she and my dad went to a Bluegrass concert out of town that evening.

I know my meowmy did not forget that it was my Bridge day. She just has problems facing losing me and then all the other losses of her beloved furbabies.

I thank all my furiends for their notes and gifties in remembrance of me. I love you all. Thank you for being my furiend.


Today is my first birthday at the Bridge

May 9th 2013 8:14 am
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I am celebrating my first birthday at the Bridge today. I have been trying to make my meowmy happy and maybe even laugh but I have seen her tears today. She misses me and my wonderful, nightly biscuits. She says that of all the kitties, I kept her laughing. I was the clown of the family. Meowmy had always leaned on me and told me that I would have to be the man of the house after Hooch was called to his home at the Bridge... she never knew I would be the first to go. I was always such a healthy boy. Meowmy says to all her furiends, "Love your furbabies like it is the last time you can do so". She says you never know when that last moment will come. We have been praying for so many of our furiends and their humans.

Thanks to Platelicker and his furmily and to Sonny Bono and his sisfurs for remembering my birthday with lovely prezzies and to Hazel Lucy for my birthday message.

I miss all of you but fly by to check on everyfur.

Angel Prince


I got my moving wings pictures thanks to Auntie Patricia.

March 18th 2013 12:12 pm
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Meowmy has not been around much lately on Catster because of many things, including the sad memories of so many losses. We are hoping she will get back to the business of helping us on Catster again.

I would like to thank Auntie Patricia for my new and beautiful new moving wings pictures. We just love them.

Most of you know that my big brofur Hooch made his Bridge journey just one week ago after a four year battle with many health issues. He fought a very brave battle and I know my meowmy will miss him more than she can express. Just like when I abruptly made my journey... so unexpected. She still tells me that she misses my nightly LONG biscuit making efforts and my love of playing with my toys until the wee hours. She tells me that I always made her laugh and will be her little clown.


I was a DDP yesterday and I missed it AGAIN!

July 1st 2012 8:01 am
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Mercy me. I was one of yesterday's DDP honorees and I MISSED it. Thank you Catster HQ and Diary Gal for the honor. Thank you to my sweet furiends who sent me messages and gifties to help celebrate this honor.

I missed it because my human grandma (my dad's) mom had to go to the hospital. She is getting on in years and had to go to "home" about a year and a half ago. She has something called dementia but I don't understand that word. This time they are not really sure what is happening to her and are running lots of tests to see if there is a cause for her unresponsive actions this week or just this thing called dementia. We know she has fluid in one of her lungs but the doctor does not want to aspire it because it could cause an infection or they could actually puncture something they should not in trying to get the fluid out. The doctor said it is not causing a problem for her at the moment.

Anyway, I am so sorry I missed seeing my honor but I do thank my sweet furiends who did see it and sent me concats.


I left this world just 5 weeks ago today.

June 26th 2012 7:40 am
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Just 5 weeks ago today, I was called to the Rainbow Bridge. My meowmy wants me to thank all of our very dear furiends who have sent me beautiful wings, stars and all the other precious gifties and to thank each of them for the special messages. Meowmy is still having a very hard time in facing the facts that our earthly life together has come to an end. She tells me she loves me daily and how much she misses me.

Yesterday a very special package came for my meowmy in honor and memory of me. Inside was a beautiful bracelet with my name on it. It is really sparkly and so special to my meowmy. She immediately started to cry. I wondered why she was crying because it was a wonderful gift from her furiends. I will never understand humans. After she had a long cry, she opened the beautiful card with the beautiful poems from Moozer's mom and all the wonderful messages from caring furiends... and there was a check enclosed to help with all the vet bills my pawrents have had these past three years. Meowmy said she will probably get a portrait and a memory box for all my special toys and collar and sincerely hopes her furiends understand her choice. She says that each time she looks at the portrait and box that she will remember all the wonderful furiends who so generously and lovingly supported her during this extremely sad time in her life. She does love her furiends so much.

Meowmy also told me that one day in the future, she will adopt another orange boy from the pound... like she did for me. I had that awful euthanasia date over my head and I meowed so pleadingly and sounded like my big brofur Hooch. Meowmy said I chose her and she just had to get me. She has NEVER for one minute regretted that decision and tells me how much I blessed her life daily. I do wish I had not had to leave my meowmy because I know how much she needed and still needs me. Meowmy was my best furiend effur... and I do know how much I was and am loved.


I am a DDP honoree today!

June 2nd 2012 2:47 pm
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Oh,thank you to Catster HQ and to the Diary Gal for making me one of today's DDP honorees. I want to thank Angel Buddie and his furmily for the concats and Big Harry for my pawsome picture memento.

Tuesday, the 5th will be two weeks since I made my journey to the Bridge. I am still bugging my meowmy to help me write my thank yous to my furiends who sent such love, sympathy and gifties. I still see my meowmy's eyes leak so much for me.

Thank you to special furiends who sent my meowmy some wonderful sympathy cards. To my doc doc and her staff and to the furmilys of MouseMouse, Mocha and Kay, thank you for thinking of my meowmy and me in such a sweet way. Meowmy has the beautiful cards displayed with my urn and toys on the table in our living room.

I must work on getting Meowmy to get with "it".

Much love,
Angel Prince


I've been at the Bridge 1 week today.

May 29th 2012 9:42 am
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My meowmy will try to help me with my diary very soon. She has a very hard time visiting my page right now but I do want to thank all of you for the beautiful gifts you have sent and my meowmy wants to thank Auntie Laura for my beautiful wings that she made and sent my meowmy on Facebook. Meowmy came to my page and I am using my beautifur wings as my main picture now. I saw my meowmy in major tears when she saw what a purrfect angel I make.

I received a very sweet message from Cesar and his sweet furmily, especially his dad Greg. I am going to put the message in after this so others can read these precious poems. Thank you Mr. Greg for this special pawmail.

From Cesar and his furmily ~

We are so, so very sorry to have read about the loss of your little boy, Prince. He was such a cute little boy. We are sending you our purrs, sympathy, and condolences for your loss. We are leaving you these poems, may they help you with your pain and grief. May these poems find there way into your heart.

Purrs & Prayers

Greg & Kitties

I know God has taken you home. I'm just someone that's taken care of you," "It's hard to believe that you're gone. But you're in a more peaceful place than here. I'll see you when I can. Wait for me at the gates of heaven."

How can I bear to lose you, my precious gentle one,
To know that you will not be here when my day is done?
So much of my heart, my love, have I given up to you,
How then can I stand the pain now that your life is through?
My sorrow overwhelms me, the tears so freely flow,
How can I carry on my life, with a heart that's laden so?
Then the answer comes to me from the stillness in my soul.
Remembering the love we shared will help to make me whole.
I'll hold you in a special place, so deep within my heart
And in these loving memories we'll never be apart.
You will not be so far away, your presence I will feel.
I'll wrap myself in your memory and so very slowly I will heal.
The years we shared, the little joys, the laugher and the tears
My love for you will never die, but strengthen with the years
So fare you well, my precious love, I gently let you go
And pray to all the Gods there be that you will always know
I loved you so, my little one, that love will never cease
I gave you warmth, I gave you love, and now I give you peace.
~ Constance Jenkins~

A Cat's Prayer

To Those Who Love & Those Who Love Me

When I am gone, release me, let me go-
I have so many things to see and do.
You must not tie yourself to me with tears,
Be happy that we had so many years.
I gave you my love, you can only guess
How much you gave me in happiness.
I thank you for the love you have shown.
But now it is time I traveled alone.
So grieve awhile for me if grieve you must,
Then let your grief be comforted by trust,
It is only for a while that we must part,
So bless the memories within your heart,
I will not be far away, for life goes on,
So if you need me, call and I will come.
Though you can not see or touch me, I will be near.
And if you listen with your heart, you will hear
All my love around you soft and clear.
And then, when you must come this way alone,
I will greet you with a smile and "Welcome Home".


With heavy hearts; and a tear in our eyes
after all these years; we must say goodbye
Please understand; we've done all we could
if there was anything we could do; you know we would

I'm sitting right here; gently rub your ears
while I talk to you softly; trying to hold back the tears
The memories you gave us; we'll never forget
especially the ones; of the day we all met

One last hug; and one last kiss
you have no idea; how much you'll be missed
To look into your eyes; this one last time
you tell me it's ok; you know it's your time

Close your eyes now; and go to sleep
we'll pray to the Lord; you're soul he'll keep
Go in peace now; our good friend
we'll stay right here with you; until the end

Dream of that special day and time
when we'll meet at the Bridge; and all will be fine
We'll run and play; side by side
with a soft warm feeling; deep down inside

Your memory will live on; in each one of us
you'll always be number 1; to all of us
Have a safe journey; through the night
I promise when you awake; you'll be in God's light

So with heavy hearts; and tears in our eyes
just for now my friend; we say goodbye

John Quealy

Author Unknown

You're giving me a special gift,
So sorrowfully endowed,
And through these last few cherished days,
Your courage makes me proud.

But really, love is knowing
When your best friend is in pain,
And understanding earthly acts
Will only be in vain.

So looking deep into your eyes,
Beyond, into your soul,
I see in you the magic, that will
Once more make me whole.

The strength that you possess,
Is why I look to you today,
To do this thing that must be done,
For it's the only way.

That strength is why I've followed you,
And chose you as my friend,
And why I've loved you all these years...
My partner 'til the end.

Please, understand just what this gift,
You're giving, means to me,
It gives me back the strength I've lost,
And all my dignity.

You take a stand on my behalf,
For that is what friends do.
And know that what you do is right,
For I believe it too.

So one last time, I breathe your scent,
And through your hand I feel,
The courage that's within you,
To now grant me this appeal.

Cut the bonds that hold me here,
Dear friend, and let me run,
Once more a strong and steady cat,
My pain and struggle done.

And don't despair my passing,
For I won't be far away,
Forever here, within your heart,
And memory I'll stay.

I'll be there watching over you,
Your forever friend,
And in your memories I'll play,
Healthy once again.

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