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~ Patchez and her psycho thoughts ~

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I was 9 years old yesterday!!

June 14th 2014 6:13 am
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Well I must say "HISS" and "SPIT". You see yesterday was my 9th birthday and my meowmy did not get to my page to add my purrty birthday pictures made lovingly by my sweet furiends nor to allow me to post my sweet gifties. You see, one of my pawrents dear furiends passed away and his funeral was yesterday morning. Right after that, my pawrents had to go out of town to help a furiend rescue a kitty who was to be put to sleep because his time was up. That ended up taking all day because my meowmy had to actually adopt this kitty from the shelter but it is NOT my meowmy's cat. She is only going to keep him until a transport can be arranged to get him to Maine. Meowmy told me that this kitty is estimated to be between 2 and 4 years of age and was NOT "newturred" so they are keeping him until Monday when he will be transported to a clinic there and he will have those pockets picked. Then my meowmy has to go back to pick him up and then will bring him to our home until a transport is in place. We won't like this but Meowmy says we must be nice. Pfffffffffttttttttttt!

I would like to thank Tundra and furmily for my beautiful birthday memento picture. My sweet Auntie Mary made a beautifur birthday memento picture of me too and sent it to my meowmy's Facebook page. Thank you for my beautifur birthday pictures.

I received a bouquet of blue bird from Angel Rebby and furmily and Anna and furmily, a bouquet of tulips from Milo and furmily, Angel Sissy and furmily, Beepers and furmily, Luigi and Angel Smiley Cassanova and from Guido, a big bouquet of balloons from Laura and furmily, Zoey and furmily, Angel Hazel Lucy, Angel Big Harry and furmily, Gleek, Harley and furmily and from Meiko and Kinzy, a mousie from Angel Norman and furmily and a Star of an Angel from my Angel Star furhusband Poo. Thank you to all my sweet furiends for all the gifties and all the love you gave to me on my 9th birthday. I love all of you.


I am COTW at Catster. Wow. I am so thrilled.

April 14th 2014 5:20 am
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I am beyond shocked! I checked the Catster Community the first thing after the catputer was turned on this morning to learn that I am Catster's COTW. Oh WOW! Thank you so much. I am the second one of my furmily to receive this honor. Kujo got this honor first. We are the only ones in our furmily to receive this special honor. I am beyond thrilled.

Angel Buddie and his pawsome furmily sent me a nice message. It said,


I have gotten some lovely gifties for my special honors. I received a cute Easter Egg from Lilac and her furmily, a bluebird from Harley and his furmily, a pink ribbon from Mac and his furmily, a cross from Winston and his furmily, a trophy cup from Milo and his furmily, big Easter Eggs from Anna and her furmily, a Big Hugz from Leo and his furmily, a forever crown from Angel Sonny Bono and his sisfurs, a forever crown from Platelicker and his furmily and a star of an angel from my beautiful furhusband Angel Poo. Thank you so much, dear furiends, for helping me celebrate my wonderpurr honor as COTW.

My siblings are listing their honors in their diaries because my brofur Prince had his disappear mysteriously from his page. Thanks to Auntie Laura it was captured again but we are all putting our special honors in our diaries now to save them, hopefully.

4-14-2014 ~ CAT OF THE WEEK
1-9-2009 ~ CAT OF THE DAY
7-24-2008 ~ DIARY OF THE DAY
3-20-2008 ~ Daily Diary Pick
6-24-2008 ~ Daily Diary Pick
10-16-2008 ~ Daily Diary Pick
4-15-2009 ~ Daily Diary Pick
5-25-2009 ~ Daily Diary Pick
6-1-2009 ~ Daily Diary Pick

What a wonderful week this will be for me!


Yesterday was a sad day because our furiend Chelsea Louise- went to the Rainbow Bridge.

March 29th 2014 12:30 pm
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Yesterday was a very sad day, indeed, for my furmily and me and for so many of our Catster furiends. We were shocked and saddened to learn that our beloved furiend Chelsea Louise took a turn for the worst and made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Catster lost one of it's best when Chelsea was called away. We will forever love you, Chelsea. You made us smile always.


More on my birthday and thanks.

June 15th 2013 7:20 am
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My meowmy was going to allow me to write more about my 8th birthday yesterday but we cut it short as the day was waining.

I, again, want to thank my sweet furiends who sent me birthday greetings and special thanks to Platelicker and furmily for my birdie, Milo and furmily for my rose, Angel Big Harry and furmily for my tulips, Norman and furmily for my lady bug, Samoa and furmily for my rose, Angel Sonny Bono and the girls for my cupcake, Tundra and furmily for my beautifur 8th birthday picture. My forever diamond celebrating my 8th birthday from my handsome furhusband Poo is a very special treasure.

My furhusband is fighting the battle of his life with the big "C". Poo is my first, only and forever love. He is my heart. My daily prayers are for a long battle with his disease that will be free of pain for him. He is my kitty world. I am blessed to be his furwife. I thank him for mentioning me in his diary. He is the best furhusband a girl could have. Please take time to say a prayer for my brave furhusband daily.


I was 8 years old yesterday.

June 14th 2013 6:05 pm
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I turned 8 years old yesterday. My meowmy was going to write about it yesterday afternoon but we had a furry bad storm and the power went out briefly and Meowmy decided to turn the catputer off.

I want to thank my sweet furiends who sent me such lovely gifties and a special thanks to Tundra and furmily for making my beautifur 8th birthday picture. Thank you so much.

It was an awesome day indeed!!!!


I am 7 today!

June 13th 2012 2:23 pm
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Well, Meowmy did it again. She is really getting good at this furgetting birthdays. You see, this has been quite the year for us and we are all guessing that Meowmy must have some leaking brain cells. Pffffftttt. I am 7 today. We KNOW this is my birthday because my meowmy's son was best furiends with my first human pawrents... they had my fur meowmy and know what day I was born.

My meowmy has been taking care of a 92 year old man's cat Tiger who was 16. Tiger went to Rainbow Bridge on Monday night and yesterday my meowmy went and picked up her furiend and Tiger and took him to his doc doc to be sent to be cremated. Tiger should be coming home in about a week. Meowmy was furry sad about losing her kitty furiend Tiger.

Also, making my meowmy sad was the fact that her first husband, the father of her four two legged sons, passed away on Sunday. Even though my meowmy was no longer close to her first husband, she is sad he had to make his journey, too. He has been sick with cancer for almost 10 years. He could not get better so he has gone to a better place and is no longer sick. So, you can see that my birthday somehow was not first in her mind. I will purr and let her know it is okay with her other distractions.

I received some lovely birthday gifties and a furry nice picture made by Tundra and furmily. Thank you to all who remembered my special day.


Sad news ~ Our dear furiend Cocoa crossed the Rainbow Bridge- during the early moring hours

August 1st 2011 6:07 am
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Shortly before 8:30am EST, we got some very sad news. Auntie Barbi called Meowmy to tell her that our dear furiend Cocoa had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He will always be a special part of our furmily and always in our hearts. He left some big pawprints in each of our hearts. We are all still in shock. Please remember Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob and all the sad siblings that Cocoa has left behind to mourn and miss him. Cocoa was and is very special to my meowmy... she always loved to hear his cute little meows (sometimes very loud) as he chatted when Auntie Barbi and Meowmy were on the phone chatting. Rest in Peace, dear and special furiend. You will never be far from our hearts. We LOVE you, Cocoa.


Finally, I can resume my birthday gifties.

June 17th 2011 3:53 pm
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Well, this is just unacceptable. My birthday was on Monday and here it is Friday and Meowmy is just now able to help me with my diary again. I think I will begin to take applicants for my new home... where I will be more important. Pffffftttt.

On my birthday I got so much love and many greetings and rosies. If you remember, my furry own meowmy actually furgot it was my birthday until she read the note from a furiend. What kind of a meowmy does that?

Sweet Bitu sent me a pink ribbon rosette. She said, "Happy Birthday!"

Wonderpurr Angel Mr. Sam sent me a Share the Love. He said, "Happy Birthday Patchez!"

Sweet Angel Wanda and her pawsome furmily sent me a fun ball of yarn. They said, "Happy Birthday Patchez!!!! Hope you have a great day and get loads of special treats! Love ya, Wanda, Norman and family"

Angel Sonny Bono and his sweet sisfurs sent me a beautifur rose. They said, " Happy Birthday beautiful Patchez, hope your day is filled with lots of lovins and delicious treats,
Happy Birthday
Hugs From Heaven Angel Sonny, Love Presley & Paris~"

Sweet Harry and his wonderpurr furmily sent me a chocolate cupcake. They said, "Happy 6th Birthday, Patchez! We hope you have a wonderful day (now that your Mommy's remembered - MOL! Poor Mommy!) Hope you enjoy this cuppy-cake! Enjoy your special day!Lots of love and purrs, Harry, Albie, and Family"

Sweet Riley and Skippy sent me a Share the Love. They said, "Happy Birthday Patchez! Have a great day! Hugs & Purrs Riley and Skippy"

Blizzard and his nice furmily sent me a Share the Love. They said, "Happy Birthday!!!"

Zoey and her sweet furmily sent me a Share the Love. They said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR FRIEND!! We hope you have a wonderful day!!"

Simon and his sweet furmily sent me a furever gold star. They said, "Happy Birthday Patchez...hope you are having a great day. mom loves seeing your tile on your page...purrs to you and all your is a star for a star..purrs Simon,Amos,angels Marybeth,Jacquelyn and Cassie"

The lovely Samoa and her adorable furmily sent me a Share the Love. They said, "Sending happy birthday wishes from all of us and hoping your day is purrfect!"

Lovely doggie Molly and her furmily sent me a Share the Love. They said, "Happy Birthday! We hope you have the bestest day ever! Love, Molly & Family"

Purrty Briana sent me a yummy shrimp. She said, "Happy Birthday! Purrs, Briana"

Handsome Zeeke and his furmily sent me a Share the Love. They said,"Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loves, Zeeke & the crew"

Lovely Emma sent me a beautifur bouquet of tulips. She said, "Happy Birthday Patchez! Hope you are having a supurrrrr day!"

Princess and her lovely furmily sent me a lucky ladybug. They said, "Happy birthday Patchez. We hope it was a fun birthday fur you."

Lovely Tabatha sent me a Share the Love. She said, "Happy birthday Patchez! Have a great party and year ahead! Love Tabatha xo"

On the 14th, Truffles and his sweet furmily sent me a birthday hat. They said, "Dear Patchez~
Wishing you a purr-fectly beautiful 6th Birthday and many more pawsome celebrations to come... Enjoy your Birthday week sweetie! Kisses~ Truffles & Co. xoxo"

Handsome Teebo and his sweet furmily sent me a purrty butterfly. They said, "Happy Belated Birthday pretty Patchez! We're so sorry we missed your special day - we haven't bee on-line because Mom has a bad cold. Hope this helps brighten your day!Purrs, Teebo, Callie and Rose"

Sweet Pooters sent me a beautifur bouquet of tulips. She said, "Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!!

A big THANK YOU to all my precious furiends who helped make my birthday a most pawsome one... despite the effurts of Meowmy to furget it.


I am 6 years old today and Meowmy furgot!

June 13th 2011 7:43 am
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I am a big 6 years old today. You know what? Well, pffffffffftttt! Meowmy furgot it was my birthday until I got a birthday message. How could she furget? Fine state of "howdy do" for me, huh? I think I will sulk the rest of the day.

11:58 AM EST ~
Well, Meowmy finally helped me with my birthday greetings from furiends. *shakes head* I feel so unloved by my meowmy! I thank all of my furiends for remembering me! *glares at Meowmy*

Luke and his sweet furmily sent me a Share the Love. They said, "Happy Birthday Patchez! Love, Luke, Tully, Sammy, and Natasha"

Tundra and her sweet crew sent me a Share the Love . They said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, PATCHEZ! May you have the best birthday full of all the things you love, pal! ~Tundra & crew~"
Happy Birthday
Thank you for my beautifur birthday picture!

My pawsome angel furiend Hazel Lucy sent me a Share the Love. She said, "Happy Happy Birthday pretty Patchez!!! loveya lots, Hazel Lucy" I love you, Miss Hazel Lucy... furever.

Milo and his wonderpurr furmily sent me a purrty rose. They said, "Happy Birfday Patchez! Hope u haz da most pawsome day efur! Hugs 'n purrs, MILO, Smokey Joe, Sam, Timmy 'n Ziggy

Cassie and her lovely furmily sent me a yummy shrimp. They said, "Happy Birthday Patchez! We hope you have a pawsome day!"

Chef Rooster and his most esteemed clowder sent me a Share the Love . They said, "Happy happy happy Meow Day beautiful Patchez! Have a pawsome day our friend! Lots of love and purrs Chef and clowder"

Anna and her sweet furmily sent me a purrty bluebird. They said, "Happy Birthday Patchez! this little Bluebird will sing for you. Hugs and kisses Anna and furryones"

DA TABBIES O TROUT TOWNE sent me a purrty bouquet of tulips. They said, "stoppin by with best fishes fora veree happy day oh birth patchez...hope ewe haza fun filled N treet filled kinda day; eat lotz oh cake N we hope ewe get a new cat tree, sum cash N a catillac two peace out n rock on!! de trouters"

Big Harry and his lovely furmily sent me a purrty bluebird. They said, "Happy Purrday to you, Patchez!"

Kibbles and his sweet furmily sent me a Share the Love. They said, "Happy Birthday Patchz! Have a great party day! Enjoy! Love, Kibbles, Francis, Yoda & The Crew"


A crown from my Poo and love from furiends.

June 1st 2011 11:53 pm
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My handsome furhusband Poo sent me a beautifur furever crown. He said, "Thank you for the beautiful birthday cake and for making my birthday the best ever! I love you always and endlessly, my sweet wife. Every day is a blessing with you~ All my love forever, your adoring husband, Poo"

River and Simone sent me a Share the Love. They said, "Sending a little love to all our friends before this beautiful heart is all gone. We hope everyone's days are full of nom noms, belly rubs, and HAPPY RIVER DANCES! Lots of Love, River and Simone"

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