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The Civil Disobedience of Sir Nikolai

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Safe journey to the Bridge Sydney Rabbit.

August 5th 2011 10:13 pm
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My moms helped Sydney to the Bridge this morning. We are all in mourning.

I need to vomit now from sorrow.

That is all.


Farewell Crabbit

August 4th 2011 8:29 pm
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Short of a miracle, my humans will be helping Sydney Rabbit (aka Crabbit) to the Bridge tomorrow. My family is very upset. Excuse my while I go vomit from sadness.


Purrs for the crabbit

July 31st 2011 7:33 pm
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Evil Step Momma Amy swore that she would stop using my diary for medical updates, but whatever. I never expected her to keep her word, she is evil after all.

Today, I plead for your purrs for my friend Sydney Rabbit (aka the crabbit). She is doing very poorly, congested, and not eating. After spending two and a half days in an oxygen chamber at the vet's office, Sydney was released to come home on Saturday afternoon. But any improvement seen at the vet quickly dissipated.

Sydney will return to the vet first thing tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, the vet will need to put her under anesthesia to figure out what is wrong with Sydney. Given Sydney's state, anesthesia is very risky.

So if you have a spare purr in your chest, will you please send it Sydney's way? She is my furriend and I am very upset that she is not well.


Boy there sure are a lot of birthdays going on today

July 4th 2011 7:55 am
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Boy there sure a lot of birthdays going on today, including one in our own furmily. Auntie Sheba is 14 today!

As most of you know, Auntie Sheba has not be well for several months. A recent ultrasound indicated that she had chronic kidney inflammation.

With the addition of another medicine, iv fluids, and the antibiotics shots, Sheba actually seems to be doing a bit better. For the past week, we are starting to see signs of the old Sheba. Cleaning her plate, silky fur, leaving stuffed animal offerings for my moms.

Unfortunately, her feisty self has returned so she is fighting the iv fluids. And she has become a mental patient when it comes to take her medicines. That makes things difficult. But we will take it. It will be a grand celebration, and the best gift for everyone is the return of the old Sheba.

Let's just hope the old Sheba is here to stay.


Stella and Chewy's

June 9th 2011 8:44 pm
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The Stella and Chewy's rep is due to be at Scraps tomorrow. Momma Amy plans to tackle her down for free samples of cat food, and hopefully some coupons too.

Keep your paws crossed.


Have a health problem? Call Lola and Miko!

June 5th 2011 8:33 pm
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Yes, from now on, instead of going to the vet, I am going to call Lola and Miko.

You see, in her paw-mail to me, not only did Lola suggest that Sheba have a urine culture, she also suggested that Sheba may have a kidney infection. Sure enough the urine culture came back and Sheba has a kidney infection on top of the uti.

And then Miko suggested that perhaps Sheba may wish to consider shots of antibiotics because Sheba's stomach became so irritated during her last 4-week course of antibiotics. What a fabulous idea!

So Momma Amy called the vet, and the vet agreed that Sheba could go on shots. It's an 8-week course of shots, with a shot every 3 days. Since the shots are given subcutaneous and my moms are like vet-tech professionals at this point, the vet agreed to allow my moms to give Sheba the shots at home.

And the extra good news? Sheba is back to 11.56 lbs!!!! She has not weighed that much since March! The weight gain is thanks to Stella and Chewy's freeze dried raw food. We all hated raw food in the past, but this is good stuff. And despite turning her nose up to everything else, Sheba will inhale Stella and Chewy's.

So the only concern is that the bacteria currently invading Sheba is the same one that was supposedly going to be knocked out last time with the 4-week course of antibiotic. Sheba's treating vet was not in when the culture came back, but my moms will need to inquire what is going on with Sheba's system and why it just cannot seem to knock out this bacteria.

My moms are looking at possible environmental factors for the continued uti/bladder problems as well. Does anyone happen to know if pine litter can cause utis? Sheba really likes pine litter, but my moms know it is not good for bunnies.

In any case, thanks Lola and Miko for you excellent medical assistance. And thank you everyone else for the purrs and rosettes. We were really, really worried about Sheba last week. We never thought we would see this type of turn around in a week!!!!


Lola is not only a good girl, she is a smart girl

June 1st 2011 9:24 pm
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Lola is not only a good girl, she is a smart girl. She should have been a vet!

You see, she paw-mailed me suggesting that Sheba have a urine culture. And that's actually what the vet suggested too!

An initial x-ray suggested that Sheba may have kidney stones. But it turns out that Sheba just had too many newmies she needed to pass, blocking the vet's view.

The x-ray did reveal that Sheba's stomach is very inflamed and irritated. As Sheba had just completed a 4-week course of antibiotics, the vet said it is very likely that the antibiotic upset her stomach. The vet gave her zantac.

The bad news is that the initial urinalysis came back showing that Sheba has a uti. The urine culture due back on Friday will indicate whether it is the same bacteria as before, and thus just a continuation of her prior uti.

Alas, if it is a continuation of her prior uti, Sheba's new insurance will not cover it.

Whether it is the same bacteria as before, or a new one, Sheba will need to start an 8-week course of antibiotics. Hopefully the zantac will help her stomach while she is on the antibiotic.

But for now, there is no big C or even a kidney stone, and we are happy with that.

Thank you all for the purrs. We remain hopeful that Sheba will kick this uti and possible kidney infection once and for all, and will also feel better on the zantac.


Update on Auntie Sheba

May 30th 2011 8:00 pm
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The vet was not opened today for appointments, but the vet tech who answered the phone kindly scheduled Sheba for an 8am appointment tomorrow.

Sheba spent the entire day sleeping in the closet. Evil Step Momma Amy covered her with a blanket and moved the heater into the closet so it would extra warm for Sheba.

Sheba will eat freeze-dried raw food but little else. Momma Amy is worried that Sheba will become dehydrated but Sheba seems unwilling to eat wet food.

It is pretty clear that Sheba developed a kitty cold, but that does not explain the weight loss which has occurred over a period of time.

Thanks for the purrs. Please keep purring for her. And purr that Pet Plan will cover this bill. My moms are worried that Pet Plan will claim it is pre-existing even though at this point, no one knows what "it" is.


Dipping under 11lbs

May 29th 2011 10:54 pm
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We had our weekly weigh in tonight, and for the first time ever, Auntie Sheba dipped under 11lbs. She has been at least 11lbs since I was a wee little kitten.

She started losing weight in November, and the vet determined she had a kidney and urinary tract infection. After treatment, she put on a little bit of weight. But come January, she started losing weight again. Sure enough, the uti was back.

But now there is no explanation. Recent blood work came back normal. She just finished a 4-week course of antibiotics on Monday, so it cannot be a uti.

We are hoping that the vet will be open tomorrow. And hoping that the pet insurance will cover whatever it is.

I do not want to admit it, but I love my Auntie Sheba. Will you please purr for her? I fear something is suppressing her immune system. I don't think my family can handle it if it turns out that she has the big "C" like Minnie did. Just too much heartbreak in one year.


In Need of Miss Manners

May 29th 2011 10:42 am
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No, not me! I have impeccable manners. But Doppel Newman is in desperate need of Miss Manners.

You see, fighting between kitties in this house consists of no more than some growling and smackey paws. Even I understand that.

Doppel Newman does not. He still has the manners of a street cat. Supervised integration had been going fairly well for about a week.

But then one night, Sheba and Doppel Newman were in the kitchen and something startled one of them. Next thing we knew, the two were at each other. The two were one giant ball rolling on the floor. Fur was flying everywhere.

Momma Danielle was finally able to separate them using a magazine. Doppel Newman came out unscathed, but Sheba took a major scratch to her ear and had a dangling nail.

Sheba was once a street cat herself, so I guess in some manner it makes since that it was her and Doppel Newman who ended up in a bloody battle.

That said, it is not acceptable indoor cat behavior. My moms are back at square one with integration.

One thing that my moms did learn from the prior week is that I am NOT the problem. I repeat, I am NOT the problem. Doppel Newman, Cali and I had many interactions. Unlike Tygre, I could walk past Doppel Newman without any growling or hissing. It is making my moms realize, that Tygre is probably the cause of the tension between me and him. Tygre seems to anticipate that I am going to do something to him when I cross his path, so he starting growling, and that sets me off.

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