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weighty discussion

February 21st 2008 1:17 am
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kaya: humans got this talking scale thing today...
shyloh: cause my mommy is blind, which means she can't see-
k: really? is THAT what that means?
s: oh, shut up...she can't see so the scale has to talk.
k: the scale talks for her?
s: no, it tells her what's going on, cause she can't see it.
k: it didn't say anything unless you stepped on it, though...seems a mean way to treat a seeing-eye scale.
s: ky, you're just mad cause of what the scale said about YOU, so you're being snotty.
k: the scale said something about me behind my tail?
s: grrrr!! no, it said something about you when you laid down on it.
k: all it said was: "your weight is four pounds and eight ounces."
s: right. and MY weight was...
k: five pounds and nine ounces.
s: means i win.
k: you win? what do you win, a 30 day trial membership at weight watchers'?
s: i'm not fat! you're just a shrimp!
k: i like shrimp. don't you like shrimp?
s: i adore shrimp. that's not the point!
k: also, my mommy weighed four pounds and eight ounces when she was born-which means i am most definitely and positively once and for all her kitty.
s: this is logical to you? that you weigh the same when you're four months old that she weighed when she was you're RELATED?
k: not related, shy. FATED.
s: so...what does it mean that i weigh five pounds nine ounces?
k: dunno. maybe it means you're gonna be a real big huge kitty, and you'll be able to open the refrigerator door and reach the can opener and drink from the sink without having to jump up on the counter when you grow up.
s: wow...except even if i can reach the can opener, i don't know what to do with it...
k: open cans. duh.
s: don't know how to use it.
k: so we'll watch the humans more closely. and we can ask Ceiling Cat. if you're going to be a great big huge kitty, i should be able to climb on your back and reach Ceiling Cat.
s: yeah! Ceiling Cat will tell us what to do...


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