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Diary of a Nekkid MadCat!

My Kaci and I found The Lost City Of Atlantis!!!!

June 10th 2008 8:30 am
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OMC...I can not believe I have not bragged in my diary yet about my recent discovery!
My love Kaci and I found and Island and it happens to be Atlantis!!!
It must have resurfaced from under the ocean. It is the most beautiful place in the world.

Click Here to Join Atlantis!

OK OK...The narrator keeps motioning for me to let him have a go.
Ok narrator....The stage is all yours:

Atlantis resurfaced from the depths of the seas. Kaci and Kyro happened to be taking a romantic Yacht ride, as horrible winds started to blow. A storm like no other swept their boat onto a shore. They were stranded on a deserted Island. After few days in this paradise they found the Lost City of Atlantis and decided to make it their home. They thought of their family and friends back on the dry land and came up with an idea to turn this wonderful island into a place where kitties can come to and enjoy romantic stay together. They didnt want to forget all the homeless and single kittens so decided to include a special place for them to relax and have fun and mingle and perhaps meet their kitty someone. After some investigation they noticed a certain rainbow that never went away. It is the rainbow crossing bridge that allows all the angels come down to earth to join in the fun. As long as they stay on the island they are able to take on their life form and mingle with any kitties there. The island contains Active Volcanos (safe as they ask permission to erupt) Roller Coasters Fun Park, Singles Catnip Valley, Cat Tree Forrest, Romantic Tricycle Rides Down the Volcano, The Great Purr Mountain with Skiing, Snowboarding and Sled Rides, Gardens of Greenies, Romantic Swan Paddle Rides on the Mystical Fairy lakes with tunneled passageways and most importantly the beautiful Original City of Atlantis has been transformed into the most wonderful Couples Metropolis! You can book a suite In the Grand Venus Palace or rent a love shack on the beach. If you're the outdoorsy type we have Cat Camping available as well. This Island is still under construction so any ideas are welcome and any help greatly appreciated! Please come and join in all the fun and lets make this place a wonderful spot for anyone to visit.

OK OK that's enough MR. Narrator Man You!

I would like to add few words myself now.

There will be two threads geared towards the two main groups:

Singles -(Singles Catnip Valley)

Couples - (Lover's Lagoon)

That is only so you can have your own little groups to recognize each other and mingle. Any of the threads are open to anyone who would like to visit. Do not feel like you have to post only in the group that applies to you. I know it will come in handy for singles since they would like to know who they can flirt with

There will be threads added for different places, occasions, parties, dances, games, etc....we will play it by ear....

Please don't be shy and add any suggestions, ideas, additions to the Island in the main "Discovery of Atlantis" thread. That is a construction thread that will welcome any input from you so we can make this Island the best it can be.

Bridge Kitties are in their earthly form so they can join threads per status. If you would like a thread especially for you please let me know....or feel free to make one yourself.

We're thinking of holding wedding ceremonies here as well. Honeymoon retreats...Any celebrations are welcome!

This group is open to anyone, no permission needs to be granted. Anyone can add photos as well.

Kaci and I really hope everyone enjoys themselves and comes by often. We will be offering suites for rent during your stay here. You can make bookings with Kaci or myself. Or you can pop in for a quick visit.
Everything on the Island is free as we work closely with a great friend, Pirate Oliver Patherfoot who shares his acquired goodies with us on daily bases. In return we harbor his ship in a safe tunnel passageway when he's being pursued by other pirates and we grant him free stay at anytime.
He's very fierce, but mainly to dogs!

Whew...all in one breath!!!

So Kitties, come and join us. It is soooo much fun!!!!

The link for Atlantis: Click Here to Join Atlantis!



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