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Diary of a Nekkid MadCat!

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My girfriend KACI wrote me a poem:)

June 16th 2008 11:22 pm
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My little darling Kaci wrote a poem for me.
I have been so busy with our Treasure Hunt that I haven't had the time to update it in my diary.
Here is goes...she really melts my heart:)

I love your big ears, and I love your soft nose
I love your blue eyes, and your long webbed toes
I love how you're protective, and save me from fleas
I love how you're romantic, when we share cheese
I love how you're pink, and how you love that I'm blue
I love all these things, but most of all......YOU!!

Isn't it the sweetest poem ever? She recited it to me in Lover's Lagoon on our beautiful Island Atlantis.
mmmmmmm...I'm so in love!

Thank you Kaci and I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart! Big kisses!

your little pink boy,


My Kaci and I found The Lost City Of Atlantis!!!!

June 10th 2008 8:30 am
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OMC...I can not believe I have not bragged in my diary yet about my recent discovery!
My love Kaci and I found and Island and it happens to be Atlantis!!!
It must have resurfaced from under the ocean. It is the most beautiful place in the world.

Click Here to Join Atlantis!

OK OK...The narrator keeps motioning for me to let him have a go.
Ok narrator....The stage is all yours:

Atlantis resurfaced from the depths of the seas. Kaci and Kyro happened to be taking a romantic Yacht ride, as horrible winds started to blow. A storm like no other swept their boat onto a shore. They were stranded on a deserted Island. After few days in this paradise they found the Lost City of Atlantis and decided to make it their home. They thought of their family and friends back on the dry land and came up with an idea to turn this wonderful island into a place where kitties can come to and enjoy romantic stay together. They didnt want to forget all the homeless and single kittens so decided to include a special place for them to relax and have fun and mingle and perhaps meet their kitty someone. After some investigation they noticed a certain rainbow that never went away. It is the rainbow crossing bridge that allows all the angels come down to earth to join in the fun. As long as they stay on the island they are able to take on their life form and mingle with any kitties there. The island contains Active Volcanos (safe as they ask permission to erupt) Roller Coasters Fun Park, Singles Catnip Valley, Cat Tree Forrest, Romantic Tricycle Rides Down the Volcano, The Great Purr Mountain with Skiing, Snowboarding and Sled Rides, Gardens of Greenies, Romantic Swan Paddle Rides on the Mystical Fairy lakes with tunneled passageways and most importantly the beautiful Original City of Atlantis has been transformed into the most wonderful Couples Metropolis! You can book a suite In the Grand Venus Palace or rent a love shack on the beach. If you're the outdoorsy type we have Cat Camping available as well. This Island is still under construction so any ideas are welcome and any help greatly appreciated! Please come and join in all the fun and lets make this place a wonderful spot for anyone to visit.

OK OK that's enough MR. Narrator Man You!

I would like to add few words myself now.

There will be two threads geared towards the two main groups:

Singles -(Singles Catnip Valley)

Couples - (Lover's Lagoon)

That is only so you can have your own little groups to recognize each other and mingle. Any of the threads are open to anyone who would like to visit. Do not feel like you have to post only in the group that applies to you. I know it will come in handy for singles since they would like to know who they can flirt with

There will be threads added for different places, occasions, parties, dances, games, etc....we will play it by ear....

Please don't be shy and add any suggestions, ideas, additions to the Island in the main "Discovery of Atlantis" thread. That is a construction thread that will welcome any input from you so we can make this Island the best it can be.

Bridge Kitties are in their earthly form so they can join threads per status. If you would like a thread especially for you please let me know....or feel free to make one yourself.

We're thinking of holding wedding ceremonies here as well. Honeymoon retreats...Any celebrations are welcome!

This group is open to anyone, no permission needs to be granted. Anyone can add photos as well.

Kaci and I really hope everyone enjoys themselves and comes by often. We will be offering suites for rent during your stay here. You can make bookings with Kaci or myself. Or you can pop in for a quick visit.
Everything on the Island is free as we work closely with a great friend, Pirate Oliver Patherfoot who shares his acquired goodies with us on daily bases. In return we harbor his ship in a safe tunnel passageway when he's being pursued by other pirates and we grant him free stay at anytime.
He's very fierce, but mainly to dogs!

Whew...all in one breath!!!

So Kitties, come and join us. It is soooo much fun!!!!

The link for Atlantis: Click Here to Join Atlantis!



I have been Tagged by my Beauty Queen Kaci!

May 28th 2008 8:09 pm
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Ok! I am a bad boy and I have been procrastinating.
My sweet girlfriend has tagged me, so here are my answers:

Seven Interesting things about me:

1. I'm a Sphynx cat, hence I have no fur! Hey!!! That's interesting!!!
2. I am totally in love with my girlfriend Kaci!!!!!
3. I have recently starred in two blockbuster movies that can be viewed on my page!
4. When I poop I often get some on my tail.....ewwww..and then mom has to clean me...but not before she catches me.
5. I purr like a little motor boat. Yes, I am loud!!
6. When my parents try to leave the house, I position myself by the door and try to escape. I have succeeded few times.I never run too far though.
7. When I hide I hide GOOD! My parents often can't find me and think I must have gotten away. They go all crazy and check even the hallway. Then I appear out of nowhere looking all innocent and often sleepy eyed:)

Seven Kitties I tagged:
Merlin, Frankie, Zeedy, Felix, Lulu, Oliver, Biscuit


Spring Cleaning!

May 18th 2008 11:32 pm
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I decided it was just about time for Spring Cleaning. Especially on top of the kitchen cabinets. Mom was gone and it was just me and Dexter.

I wanted to surprise her, so I climbed on the fridge and then from there on top of the cabinets. I was going to dust it all off and reorganize.
Mom keeps all her larger baking dishes, rice maker, slow cooker and stuff that just doesn't fit in the cabinets there. It is all ligned up nicely almost touching the ceiling.

I saw the "baking dish on a metal stand" that mom uses to bake chicken breast in and I really wanted to clean that one extra special for her and daddy. didn't go as well as planned because the thing came crushing onto the ground and breaking into a thousand pieces.

When mom got home she found a huge mess everywhere. Her favourite orchid plant was on the floor, begging to be picked up. At least this time I didn't break off the branch with all the blooms on it. Last time I did that that same plant got pretty mad and grew a new branch with brand spanking new buds which turned into the present flowers. This orchid's leafs bear scars of my wrath. But the silly thing insists on living. I guess I can't blame it.

The truth is that mom noticed the plant second. First what she noticed was the horrible mess the baking dish made all over the kitchen floor, spilling and scattering into the livingroom. How can one medium sized dish make this much mess? I meant to clean up and look what happened???

Mom gasped as she was busy all day and looking forward to relaxing with us on the couch. I knew that, hence the attemp at being productive. Mom spent the next half an hour cleaning everything up. Those small shards got into everything, even in our food dishes. As she was vacuuming the dining room floor she noticed blood marks on the floor. She ran to examine us.

Dexter was fine. I bore the mark that incriminated me. Mom saw that my foot was bleeding quite a bit. She examined it closely and realized that it was just a surface scratch, nothing too serious. She cleaned it up and put pressure on it until the bleeding stopped along with the feeling in my leg. Ugh, did she have to take it this seriously?

I was fine, it stang a bit and I kept shaking my hind leg like I could shake the sting off. After a while mom gave us a new crinkle bag she bought for us to play in and I forgot all about my foot.

Maybe next year I can clean out moms jewelry box instead. All those shiny fun play things that sparkle and call my name. I can reorganize those real well. So well that you won't even know that they're there.


I have a new GirlPurrfriend!!

May 11th 2008 7:24 am
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I met sweet Kaci a little while ago. She is just the cutest and funnest kitten I have ever known.
I was walking down the catwalk, minding my own business when I noticed this kitten, pretty darn HOT!!!
I meowed one of my squeeks and she actually turned around.
When I saw that blue face I gasped. She was so little and blue and I just wanted to protect her from the fleas and all other dangerous stuff.
Then I thought to myself. Our colours are reversed. I'm a pink boy and she is a blue girl. I liked this irony!

We become good friends from that day on, taking romantic candlelit walks on the beach, discussing the non-importance of possesing fur, comparing funny parent anecdotes...
I realized that I was hooked on Kaci and that I liked our time together too much to let her slip away...

My previous girl was great, but she was a future Catywood Super Star and her busy schedule never allowed her to have a normal kitty relationship and I felt lonely and unfulfilled. I got a chance to admire her from afar and got the occasional letter hello and a beautiful gift from all the foreign places she has travelled to on her tours. She was always surrounded by other boys so I don't even think she cared about me moving on.

Kaci is a "Girl next door - Kaci from the block" kind of girl and that is what I like about her. She always has time for me and loves to pounce around and play.

She has joined my work force and became a super sly detective herself, loved and cherished by my coworkers:)
She currently works from an office next to mine, which I deliberately painted pink to remind her of me:)

On May 9th I decided to take my chances and ask her to be my girl.
She accepted!!! Catfabulous!!!

Now she is mine, all mine and we are going to make the best Detective team known on Catster. *sharpens his claws on mom's couch*
Our names both start with a K and our daddies both think our mommies have lost their marbles. What more could we want to have in common!? are my princess and I am looking forward to spending my time with you. I couldn't be happier. You are my "Blue Princess" and I will always take good care of you:)

purrs sweetly in her blue ear,
Your Pink Boyfriend Kyro


I am Johny Knoxville!!!

May 1st 2008 10:37 pm
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I took the test to see what troublemaker I would be if I was hooman and look at that? Johny Knoxville. I would have to agree with this choice.

I try and do everything I'm not supposed to. I get into small places where I can not get out easily. Everytime someone opens the door, I escape into the hallway. Once I was stuck there for about half an hour, until mom realized I was missing. I'm a glutton for punishment. I get corporal cuddle punishment when I'm cute and I just continue being cute.
I jump all over furniture. I knock everything off the mantel. I get sprayed with water when I dig in plants, and I just continue to see if the phantom water bottle appears again. I attack Dexter when I know he's much bigger and will smack me hard and leave his prints on my pink nekkid skin. I know all this but I do it anyways. I'm a little brat and proud!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Wow, your cat is Johnny Knoxville!

Up for Anything

The kind of pet that can leap tall fences in a single bound (or not, but give it a shot anyhow), Kyro is the original Jackass, Johnny Knoxville!

Going through the pain so you don't have to, Kyro knows that he trots a fine line between funny and stupid, but he doesn't careā€”he's laughing about it all the way to the pet store. His over-the-top antics make you grimace with fear and you often find it hard to believe that he actually enjoys playing the class clown. But Kyro laps it up and continues to defy the odds, despite your warnings and concerns. Other males in the pack tend to be a little jealous of Kyro, but the females find him simply dreamy. A die-hard good ol' boy, Kyro is more of a General Lee type than a Knight Rider, but give him enough time to think things through and he's sure to find a way to wreck both vehicles at the same time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~



Big Boy Teeth!

April 17th 2008 3:30 am
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My old teeth finally fell out. Now I look once again like a respectable kitty. I don't look like a crazy vampire anymore. My new tootsies are big and white and now I can show that Dexter who the boss is.

Tooth Fairy never came. I heard from a friend that she is nice after all. I have been waiting, but she never showed up. I think she got my previous message and thinks I'm out.

Ohh well. Mom gave me lots of catnip the other day, so I don't feel bad. I hid one of my teeth in mom's bed. I tried to put it under the pillow like I have been told I should, but it kept rolling out. Mom was getting ready to go to bed and she saw this brown thing on her side of the bed and she screamed, thinking it was a bug.

Silly mom! I tried to tell her it was my tooth and I was waiting for the Tooth Fairy. When mom finally realized what it was she snatched it up and put it in a little box.

What a thief! That tooth was meant for the Tooth Fairy. Ohh well. I got my catnip after all. Maybe mom was the Tooth Fairy after all?....hmmmm .....the possibilities......


The Tooth Fairy!

April 13th 2008 5:24 pm
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So this is the thing. I currently have two sets of canines.

YES! You heard me correctly. That is two canines on the top right and two on the top left. Mom calls me a little monster, and I suppose I am.
One set is all yellow and small and the new one is nice and big and milky white.
My old tootsies are yellow because when I was a tiny little baby my nanny(breeder) gave me some medication called antibiotics and it made my teeth brown and yellow and it looked like something the cat dragged out...was that cat me?

I have been in a lot of pain and discomfort and have been crying a lot. I don't want so many teeth. It's just plain weird. I keep chewing on my rat tail often. I think it makes it feel better. I have been trying to tell my family to help me out, but they don't listen and just pet me and kiss me. I don't want all that attention. I just want them to fix my teeth. Humans are so mean. Never there when you actually need them.

Mom says that I'm a big boy now, she also says that the old set will fall out soon. She keeps propping my mouth open and checking. She says the Tooth Fairy will be visiting me soon. I don't want no Tooth Fairy to visit me.
I don't even like Tooth Fairies. I don't even know what a Tooth Fairy is.

I have been thinking about this whole Tooth Fairy business. Why would she want to visit me? Is she taking me away? Is she going to steal my thermal blanky or my food? I hope she doesn't take Dexter. If she does I won't have anyone to pounce on and bite. Dexter isn't very snuggly but he keeps me in shape. I usually get to fight him a lot in the evenings. I attack him when he least expects it and we go at it. He lets me get away with a lot, but when he really has enough he bites my throat and holds me in place. I just go all limp and wait for him to release me. When he does ,I start all over again. It's fun, you should try it sometime..

Tooth Fairy mam, sir lady you. If you are reading this, please do not come over, do not visit me. You are not welcome and I will be out of my office year. So please just find some other cat to visit. I'm fine without visitors...thank you for your cooperation.


Happy Easter!!

March 23rd 2008 10:24 pm
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Hope everyone is having a bunny fun time today :)

I woke up early as always and went nekkid mad all over the house as usual, joined Dex in his morning whine for none myself..moved on..

Mom and Dad came from church, played with us and then dad called mom in the bedroom and when mom came out she was holding this big Yellow Bunny.

She was hugging it and saying how soft it was, then proceeded to stick it in front of my face. I sniffed at it and that was that, didn't really want anything else to do with it. Mom sat it on the chair next to my window bed.

I felt like it was invading my space so I jumped trying to land on the bed, since I couldn't just walk onto it anymore from the chair because the bunny monster was in the way and when I jumped, the whole bed flipped over and I fell to the floor with the bed landing on top of me. I think the bunny tried to kill me.

I'm traumatized by Bunnys now to say the least. Next year I'm going to focus on chicks. I have been practising with my "Chick Magnet" Photo that's on the front page.
I think Chicks are much cuter and is it just me or the bunny on Catster (bunny rosette from the shop) in darn scary looking too. Ughh..That thing looks like it would rip you apart if given a chance.....brrrrrrr

peace out

PS. All the stuff about me and poo is pure lies ...pure lies I tell ya...


St Pattys Parade

March 16th 2008 8:45 am
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Hi everykitty,

I'm still so excited about the St Patty's Parade we had yesterday at the Black Cat Irish Pub group...well, it was in Ireland actually, but we made our booking for the trip from the group.

Dexter and I showed up and met up with all our good friends..Winnie, Ariel, Flora, JoJo, Adam and Brody. We had the most amazing float ever....

The girls danced, Adam sang his Irish tunes and Ariel , Dexter and I played in the band. I played the guitar that I borrowed from daddy. I don't even think he knows I took it....oops

Ariel is the best fiddler on the roof :) and Dexter found these spoons in the crowd and don't ask me about it, but he decided to play those for everyone....He's sooo crazy. He was even showing off for the girls with his sword swallowing act....and almost gave everyfurry a heart attact.

Brody was our photographer of course and he took the most incredible pictures of all of us on the can see it on my page as well as in the group photos....I had a blast...can't wait for next year!!!

I did miss my girl Kabuki. She couldn't make it , because of personal reasons with her family. But she was in my thoughts the whole time....

purr you guys again soon,

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