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Gwen the Intrepid

The Adventures of Princess Sweater Girl

March 8th 2008 5:48 pm
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Okay, so my preferred mom got this idea in her head that a spare sock could me made into a nifty sweater for me, and that would keep me warm, since my hair hasn't really grown back yet. First she did a prototype, which wasn't too bad, but she did a second one (still from the same sock!), and it looked pretty cool. It was made from the calf part of the sock, so it had stylish ribbing. Unfortunately, since it was a no-sew project, it unraveled quite a bit, and I was getting caught in threads. So, it came off, but not before my mom had the brilliant (ahem) idea to make a matching hat from the heel of the sock. Check out the picture of me in my silly hat. Mothers!

Meanwhile, Preferred Mom had been telling my Grandma Sparky about this. Grandma Sparky is very crafty and also loves kitties, so she knitted me a pretty tomato-colored sweater. Do I look smashing or what? Food Lady has had some concerns that I did not enjoy wearing a sweater and was unhappy. Preferred Mom said that, if she didn't fear for her life, she'd put the sweater on one of my cat brothers. Then Food Lady could see what a cat wearing something it is unhappy about looks like. But I'm not letting those smelly boys borrow it, no way. It's too pretty.

And now Preferred Mom has started calling me Princess Sweater Girl. I kind of like that. I AM a pretty, pretty princess.


Shop 'Til Your Moms Drop

January 27th 2008 5:57 pm
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Last night my moms took me shopping at Petsmart. When I'm not in the carrier, I really like riding in the car. There's so much to see! Food Lady held me and let me look out the window while Preferred Mom drove.

When we got to the store, I rode in a backpack for a little while while my moms looked at harnesses. They found a pink one that matched my nose exactly! It was a perfect fit, and I didn't even notice it was on. My moms seemed surprised and said something about trying this with the other cats and getting a blood transfusion. Once I had the harness on, they attached it to a leash, and I got to explore all around Petsmart! It was the coolest thing ever. Plus I looked super-pretty and was the center of attention. Everyone was talking about the cat on a leash. Like I'd be incapable of doing something a stinky old DOG can do! Please.

I also got a collar, so I can wear pretty jewelry (see photo). My collar is midnight blue, and I have a silver tag with my name, address, and phone number on it. I wore it for a little while last night, but then I got gooshyfood all over my tag. I'm a little messy on account of my neuro issues. Preferred Mom said I might have to get a collar with my info embroidered onto it. Yay, more shopping!

The coolest part was when we started looking at kitty beds. I didn't have one, so I would sleep in Preston's bed sometimes. Because I'm petite and had that AWFUL haircut (not my decision!), I get chilly without a bed. My moms showed me some different beds, and I checked them out. Preferred Mom said, "She's not going to curl up and get in a bed at the Petsmart!" So, of course, I picked out the best bed and crawled into it and started kneading. Ha! Food Lady picked up the bed with me in it, and I stayed in it all through the checkout line until we got in the car. Now it's MY very own bed. I slept in in it a bunch today. So cozy. Oh, and it's pink like my nose -- see photos!

Wonder when we get to go shopping again? It's been a whole day already. Sigh.

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