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Litter Boy


January 20th 2008 1:32 pm
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People Dad invented a new trick to keep us away from the People Food when they are eating. He gave us mashed up sardines when they were eating and do you know what? by the time they had dinner today we didn't care and left them alone. People Mom is very happy, especially as Lyra has not been going mental when the food is out.

We went out into the hallway today for the first time and it was fun, I played with some toys and got lost around the corner but People Dad found me.

My new favourite spot is the second level of our cat tree as it is a nice little cave and has a furry ball that jangles for me to play with. I like to sleep in it alot.

I learned to purr! People Mom is very happy.


French Fries Are Heaven

January 17th 2008 2:26 am
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Lyra made such a fuss over People Mom when she had people food. I'm never that loud or demanding, although I did bug People Mom a little bit too.

Finally she gave in and gave me the tiniest bit of french fry but even so I could quite get hold of it in my mouth so she had to smoosh it with her nail and hold it up with her finger, I nearly bit her finger off.

Then Lyra kept pestering to suckler her neck so I though I would join in the fun too. I'm not really sure what we're supposed to be doing so I just copied her. People Mom said no we aren't to suckle her as she is not a Kitty Mom and we are to eat our kitty food not her.

I don't care really, it was just fun to me. I just watch whatever Lyra does and copy her. I can't cry like she can though, boy is she loud!

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