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It's 9 days now since Sweet Lucy went to Heaven

April 14th 2011 10:31 am
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It's 9 days now since my dear sweet Lucy left us but it seems much longer since I held her in my arms for the last time. I miss her so badly all the time but the hardest times are at night, when she came on my lap and we had a nice long cuddle and when I feed the other kitties and get 12 dishes out instead of 11 or feed the kitties chicken (Lucy's favourite).
I fostered Lucy when she was a terrified, hissy spitty little kitten of 12 weeks old. I couldn't touch her at all until she was 3 years old and had to trap her to take her for her annual vet visits. One night I was sitting on the sofa watching tv, when I felt a kittie sitting next to me. When I turned and saw it was Lucy I just couldn't believe my eyes. She soon jumped down but continued to sit by me for just a few minutes each time. One night she stayed longer, gingerly crawled up on to my lap and purred her little head off. It was so wonderful and better than winning the Lottery!! From that time she turned into the most lovable little lap cat and we just adored each other.

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to thank her dear friends for their lovely messages and gifts.

I received the most beautiful hand-made sympathy card this morning from Tallulah, Tu-Two, Zeke, Kandi and their mommy. It has a beautiful verse and message and a picture of Lucy. When I read it the tears flowed but comforted me at the same time. Thankyou so much from the bottom of my heart!

A big THANKYOU for all the lovely gifts Lucy and I received from our kittie and doggie furriends. We are overwhelmed by them all and appreciate them so very much!

Angel's Wings from
ALFIE, Chloe, Turbo & Lily.
Snoopy, Jasper, Ronon, Split and Auntie Lisa.
Lucy & Sweet Gracie.
Utu and The Down Under Gang.

Candle from Hobbes, Ricky, Sweetie, Clarence and Family.

Bluebirds from
Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert & Family.
Humphrey, Roger and Greta.

Angel Stars from
Orkney, Arrow, Tara, Zephyr & Bunty.
Tyler - Mr Boombastic Angel.
Onyx, Cinder, Rose, Horus & Family.
Dusty Miller, Ernest Hemmingway, Erni, Jennifer, Sasha & Family.
Oly, Mercy, Noah, Petrie & Family.
Mia, Milo, Xena, Queen Tallulah & Family.
Lil' Muppet & Family.
Bastet, Pretty Girl, Baby, Miss Kitty & Family.
Anna (Lady Anna Belle).

Emerald from Guido, Yolo and Baci.

Rainbow Stars from
Ko, Taz, Jacob, Flinders & Family.
Chai Latte, Little Bit, Sugar Bear & Family.

Diamond from Adam, Eve, Puddin, Puff & Family.

Rainbows from
Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy & Family.
The Bush Furs.
Scooter, PAWS.
The Pahrump Pack (Casey, Molly, Brandi & Angel Leo).
Midnight Son, D-Max and White Boots.
Piewacket, Shadow, Zeke, Lacey & Family.
Ginger ILM, Smokey, Toby, Princess Sky & Family.

Power of the Paw from Dayzee.

Hearts from
Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert & Family.
Berti, Bella, Betty, Benny BC & Family.
Hazel Lucy.

Tulips from
Jobel, Zoe, Jasper & Jillian.

Crosses from
Candy-O Cootinka, Peaches, J.J., Nilla & Family.
Kaci Sunshine, Mittens, Jennifer, Pete and Family.

If I've left anyone out, I'm so sorry - It's not intentional and each message and gift has been read a few times.

Love & angel kisses
Lucy and Mum Jennifer


Thankyou for all the Love when my Sweet Lucy went to the- Bridge!

April 8th 2011 2:58 pm
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A big thankyou to all my friends for the lovely pawmails, group messages and gifts when my dear Lucy went to the Bridge last Tuesday. Each and every one is appreciated so much.
Lucy was almost 18 and I can't believe we'll never have any more snuggles together - she had the sweetest softest fur. When I rescued her she was a furry little feral kitten and was so frightened I couldn't touch her for 3 years. Slowly she turned into the most lovable lap cat who would purr if I touched her or kissed her on her head. I miss her so much.
She hadn't been well for about 10 days, was having accidents (which was so unusual for her), although on medication her arthritis was getting worse. When she refused to eat and just wanted to sleep I knew it was time for her to leave me. She was just closing down.
I just hope she's happy now with her angel siblings and friends.

I'll try to send personal thankyous to all my friends for their kindness and gifts but if I don't get round to it I hope you'll forgive me. I don't have much computer time now as I spend so much time with mum as she has vascular dementia and needs so much help. When I'm back home I try to spend as much time with my kitties as I can.

Thankyou again.

Love Jennifer (Lucy's Mum) xx


I've had a setback!

May 9th 2010 5:21 am
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Last Thursday night I started sneezing and sneezing and couldn't stop and my eyes started watering too! Mum was really worried about me as she feels I have enough to cope with with my hepatitis. So Friday morning back to the Vets we went!!

As mum suspected, I have an upper respiratory tract infection - my lymph nodes were enlarged and I have a sore throat. Terry gave me a long-acting antibiotic jab and thought I should be feeling better by Sunday.

Today is Sunday and I am feeling a little better and just gave one slight sneeze this morning. I didn't want to eat at all yesterday but I ate a small dish of Gourmet Gold this morning and mum was able to put in the supplement in to help my liver!

Although we've all been vaccinated, our Jack had the same a month ago. He's better now, although it took 2 courses of antibiotics and I must have picked it up from him!
Neither of us are well kitties (Jack has crf) so we must be more vulnerable.

Mum's paranoid now and is imagining she's hearing one of my brofurs or sisfurs sneezing all the time!

Please purr for me and that no more of my brofurs and sisfurs start with it too!


Lucy's Vet Visit 04 May

May 5th 2010 1:51 pm
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Lucy says a big thankyou to her friends who sent her lovely messages and rosettes after her Vet visit last week and I'm sorry it's taken so long to thank you all. I'm sure the purring helped her a lot!!

Thankyou to:-
Orkney, Arrow, Tara, Zephyr and Bunty for the lovely tulips.
Wanda, Norman and family for the heart.
Edgar, Emily Felicity, Gabby and Lucinda for the Power of the paw.
Sassy for the Power of the paw.

Vet visit 04 May
Terry was pleased how she'd responded to the anti-inflammatory injection for the hepatitis and could really see the difference in her from a week ago. Even in such a short time her coat is shinier and her appetite has improved. She just wouldn't eat any of the food I tried with the Samylin in (supplement to help her liver)! I tried tuna, sardines, mackerel, chicken and all kinds of the tiny Goourmet Gold tins, but to no avail. He gave me some tablets to crush and mix in her food instead - they don't have all the ingredients in Samylin but have the most important one!

To my delight, she ate all the food last night with her meds in. I was so pleased and couldn't believe it!

She's not out of the woods yet and I have to check the whites of her eyes often to make sure they're not yellowing and take her back immediately if she seems unwell again before her next appointment on 01 June. We're hoping that by then she's put back some of the weight on she lost so suddenly.

I'm hoping and praying that the lump in her neck is a cyst and not cancer. Without a biopsy we can't be sure and at the moment she's not well enough for surgery.

Please keep the purrs going for my Lucy - she's such a sweetheart and loved so much.

Thankyou from Lucy's mum.


Lucy needs some purrs......

April 28th 2010 2:22 pm
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I took Lucy to see our Vet yesterday morning because she's lost a lot of weight very quickly although she was eating quite well. I felt certain she had hyperthyroidism like our Queenie, although looking back Queenie's weight loss was very gradual.

Terry felt a lump and felt sure it was a tumour on her thyroid but wanted to keep her in overnight for blood tests etc. It was awful leaving her at the vets - she's a timid kittie and always has a cuddle on my lap for an hour every night and she purrs and purrs her little head off and it's lovely - she only feels safe with me. The rest of the time she keeps herself to herself. I knew she'd be frightened and wondering what was happening to her. At almost 17 years of age she's my oldest kittie and has been with me since being a tiny feral kitten.

I phoned to see how she was this morning and Terry said I could bring her home. Her blood tests showed her thyroid levels were fine and her kidneys and heart were normal for her age. Further tests showed she had hepatitis - something I'd never come across in years in foster cats or my own. Lucy had a long-acting anti-inflammatory injection and needs a powder on her food, which I have to collect tomorrow. I forgot to ask what it was as I was so pleased she could come home but I'll soon find out. The tumour could be a cyst (as nothing showed up in the blood tests) but could be something more sinister. Terry doesn't feel he wants to do a biopsy at this stage.

Lucy was so happy to be home and purred and purred and then ate a little food.

She has to go back for a check up on Tuesday, so I'll know more then.

Lucy needs plenty of purrs - I feel sure that they do help.


My 16th Birthday was Wonderful - Thankyou to all my dear friends!!!!

January 8th 2010 6:06 am
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I had a lovely 16th Birthday and enjoyed every minute of it!!

Mum gave me a new catnip mouse which I loved!! I don't play with them or toss them about but lick them and bite on them and when they're all soggy I hug them and go to sleep! MOL.

We had scrummy tuna-in-springwater for supper - my favourite treat and I enjoyed it so much I nearly licked the pattern off the dish!!!

The only thing which marred my birthday was my Mum singing Happy Birthday to me! She does it every year and I must say her voice doesn't improve with age! Only joking - she means well!!!

My page was overflowing with gifts from my dear friends. Thankyou - you're the tops!!

I received all these!!!!

A birthday hat from my new friend and near neighbour Tilly.
An emerald from lovely Chef Rooster and family.
A cupcake from The Drifter, Mouse, Purrdie and their lovely family.
A cupcake from my lovely Aussie friends Orkney, Arrow, Tara, Zephyr and Bunty.
A birthday hat from sweet Edgar and Emily Felicity and family.
A rose from cuties Bibi and Meep.
A heart from the gorgeous Sam, Mr.D, Raza and Baltster.
A cupcake from dear neighbours Jaffa, Lulu and Rustle.
A cupcake from my Pen Paws friend Tosca Biscotti.
Catnip champagne from our besties Nakita, 'Lil Muppie, Sampson, Chico, Armani amd Krikit.
A cupcake from Alex and The Down Under Gang (hoping you're feeling better dear Allie).
A sled from dear neighbour ALFIE and angels Chloe and Turbo.
A diamond from lovely Enzo (who shared his 7th Birthday with me)!
A heart from sweet angel Sammie and Kiki and Ember.

Wow! I feel one lucky kittie!!

Love & purrs
Lucy xxxxxx


It's my Birthday today! I'm Sweet Sixteen!!

January 6th 2010 2:36 am
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With all the chaos here of being snowed in, freezing temperatures and many places just closed down, Mum forgot it was my birthday today. She then saw the e-mail from Catster HQ congratulating me and sending me treats!!!! Thankyou Catster!

Yes, I'm Sweet Sixteen and I'm the oldest kitty in our home. I'm in good health (Mum says that touching wood!), enjoy my food and love my cuddles and naps on Mum's lap. I'm a timid cat and don't take too well to any changes in the house - when Mum got our new Drinkwell 360 fountain it took me 3 months before I dare go near it - I thought it was a monster and was going to eat me up!! - but now I love it!!

We're having tuna-in-spring-water for my birthday tea so I'm really looking forward to that!!

We've got a stray kittie living in our outdoor cat cabin just now - a tabby and white un-neutered male boy. Mum can't get near him -he's so frightened - but he's going in our cabin and eating his food when the coast is clear. He's lovely and warm in there and out of the snow and freezing temperatures. Mum's going to try and trap him and have him fixed and tested etc. when she can. Our cat cabin's out of limits for us as Mum won't have us going in until it's safe as we don't want to pick anything up from the stray kittie. Mum has promised us there will be no new kitties in our house - Rosie was one too many really but we've all got used to her now and she's not as naughty as she was!!

I wonder if the stray kittie will get some of my birthday tuna??? Knowing Mum, I think he will! MOL.

Love & purrs



December 4th 2009 8:40 am
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This year Mum has let me and me 8 sisfurs take part in the Pen Paws Secret Santa Exchange!! (Alfie and the boys are doing their own).

I'm just sooo excited I can't wait until this Christmas!!!

I'll let you into a secret! Today we all received a rose and a lovely message from our Secret Santa (anonymously of course!). The message said:-

"Ho, Ho, Ho. Your Secret Santa thinks every lovely lady should have a lovely rose"

There was a beautiful picture too with the message - it had a big snowman with 2 cats reaching up to look at it and there was even Santa Claws in the sky with Rudolph and his helpers pulling the sleigh!!

Wasn't that furry sweet of our Secret Santa!! I wonder who he/she is??

Happy Purrs
Lucy and sisfurs Cathy, Queenie, Minky, Gwinny, Snowy, Blackie, Minky II and Rosie.


My Wonderful 15th Birthday!!

January 6th 2009 11:08 am
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It's my 15th Birthday today and I want to thank all my dear friends for making it such a wonderful day.

Thankyou to all my friends from PenPaws and The Pawsitive Pawsee Groups for their best wishes and their tuneful renditions of Happy Birthday - I told them my meowmy always sings to me on my birthday and I wish she wouldn't 'cos she's got a voice like a fog horn and its cringeworthy! MOL. She means well!

Thankyou to my friends for all their prezzies:-

Jill of the Rainbow FSQ, Paws for the shrimp.
Zoey for the diamond.
Humphrey and Roger for the red heart and lovely birthday card and for putting me as the background on The Pawsitive Pawsee today - it made me feel so important!
Orkney and the girls for my party hat.
Angel Missy for the cupcake and lovely birthday card.
Muffin for the shrimp.
Oly for the spinning top and cute birthday card.
Ciao-Li & lovely family for a red rose.
ALFIE & family for the cupcake.
Titch & Bruce, angel sisfur Sybil and angel brofur Beardsley (my nephews) for the diamond.
Margo R.K.N. for the red rose.
Tosca Biscotti for the party hat. Tosca shares my birthday and she was 2 years old!
Callie Rose, Goldie and family for the cup of hot chocolate.

Meowmy made us a lovely birthday tea in my honour. We either had shredded chicken or tuna (whichever we preferred)! I had the chicken - that's my favourite.

Thankyou again to all my friends for a perfect day!


I've been tagged - Hooray now I have a diary

May 18th 2008 3:21 am
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I've been tagged by my friend Lucy Lui and it's spurred meowmy on to write my first diary entry - hooray!

The rules of the game are:-

1. Name 4 jobs I have.
2. Name 4 Places I have lived or stayed.
3. Name 4 places I would rather be.

Then you can tag 4 friends to do the same.

Here goes:-

1. I teach young Justin manners and swat him on the nose when he goes too far and annoys me - he even tries to wake me up when I'm sleeping. It's about time the young upstart learned some manners!

2. I tell my meowmy if she's late with our supper and stare at the empty food bowls until she fills them.

3. I like to sit on meowmy's lap when she's trying to read the paper. I like the crinkly sound it makes!

4. I keep my meowmy warm when she's having a siesta on the settee - that's when she's got time.

1. I lived in a dark wet cellar with my furmum Sophie. We were supposed to catch mice. We were very frightened, there were loads of people lived there and they were so noisy. They decided they didn't want us because we were no good at catching mice!

2. My meowmy came to rescue us and put us in a cat carrier. It was awful I was so frightened and didn't know where I was going and hid under my furmum. She was hissing and spitting and meowmy got really scratched when she put us in the carrier. We didn't mean to hurt her really. Then she took us and put us in a house in her garden and we gave us some lovely food, a warm bed and some toys to play with. We didn't eat any food for 3 days and just froze in our beds. We'd never had cat food before and didn't know what it was, (they used to feed us chapattis and strange tasting food). We then tried it and do you know it was delicious. We even had a special toilet in our house!

3. One day my meowmy and I were taken to the vets. I had needles stuck in me (meowmy called it vaccinations) but my meowmy didn't come home with me and stayed for an operation so she couldn't have any more babies. When meowmy came home I was so pleased to see her. We stayed in the cat house for a while and my meowmy started purring and being more friendly. Then one day some nice people came and took me meowmy away to her furever home.

4. Next I went into meowmy's house. I hid behind the settee for months and only came out for food and to use the litter box. Then one night I decided my meowmy was not too bad and jumped up on to her knee. She was so pleased she cried (I'll never understand humans!). Then I made friends with Garfield and he would wash and cuddle me. Oh, I did love him and would follow him round the house. He went to the Bridge when I was only 2 yrs old (meowmy said he was poorly and his kidneys stopped working, but he was only 12 years old). I missed him so much that I then started going to meowmy for cuddles instead.

1. I'd rather be in my furever home sat on meowmy's lap.

2. I'd like to be able to open cans so I could have tuna any time I wanted.

3. I'd like to go in the garden whenever I want but meowmy only lets us out at certain times!

4. I'd like to have another friend like Garfield.


Meowmy says she's not going to tag any furiends because she's looked at loads of pages and all her furiends have already been tagged (some more than once) but if any kitty reading my diary would like to play the game, please do so.

Purrs from Lucy

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