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Belated Thankyous for my 13th Birthday on 13th July!

July 18th 2010 11:05 am
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I enjoyed my 13th Birthday with all my angel brofurs, sisfurs and friends at the Bridge. We had a lovely party which was organised by my angel brofur Vivaldi - we had delish food and danced into the small hours! I visited my mum and family and watched her light a pretty candle for me - it was called Island Spa and she kissed my photo as she always does. My dear brofur Alfie had his favourite supper - tuna in springwater - and mum gave him a new catnip mouse.

Thankyou to all my dear friends for their lovely messages and gifts:-

Birthday hat from my angel friends Rascal and Zoomer and their brofurs Snoopy, Jasper, Split and Ronon.
Heart and beautiful poem from Dusty Miller and family.
Shrimp from Orkney and the Girls.
Heart from Adam, Eve, Puddin, Puff and family.
Blue ribbon from Angel Sam, Kiki and Ember.
Ice-cream and lovely kittie cake from Humphrey, Roger and my angel friend Greta.
Chocolate cupcake and beautiful card from The Canadian Rainbow Crew.
Blue cupcake from Ra and The Down Under Gang.
Lemon cupcake from ALFIE.
Birthday hat from Wanda, Norman and family.

Whilst we were enjoying my party we all stopped for a while to welcome all the new angels who have come here recently - Quinn C, Emily, Blade, Marguerite and Mercy. Although we are so happy to see our dear friends here we are also very sad when we think of their pawrents and siblings they have left and how they are missing their much-loved babies so much. We send them our heartfelt sympathy, angel hugs and kisses.

Love Albie xxxx


Albie's Bridge Anniversary Thankyous

November 5th 2009 1:43 pm
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Thankyou so much to all my friends who left lovely comments to my diary entry - it was so kind of you and cheered up mum enormously.

Mum had a bad day yesterday when my sweet brofur Alfie went to the vet's hospital to have some teeth out and she was convinced something awful was going to happen and she was going to lose him too. I knew he wasn't ready to join me yet and don't know why she was thinking that. I visited her and sprinkled some angel dust on her and Alfie and they're both feeling much better today - Alfie physically and mum mentally. MOL.

Thankyou so very much to my friends for their gifts and loving messages:-

Wanda & family for the lovely red heart.
ALFIE & family (my neighbours) for the hero ribbon.
Jobel & family for the blue ribbon.
Lil' Muppet & family for the rainbow star.

Catster friends are special and understand just how much we love and cherish our kitties.

Love & angel kisses


It's My First Bridge Anniversary Today!!

November 2nd 2009 1:58 am
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I can't believe it's 12 months today since I left my loving family and flew to the Bridge.

I visit my much-loved brofur Alfie and my Mum every day and I'm so pleased they're doing better now.

Alfie has changed since I left him. He never goes near the bed we slept in together every night since we were kittens and sleeps with Mum instead. I was so worried about him at first because he wouldn't eat and grieved for me and I'm so pleased that he's turned his affections from me to Mum. He's such a lovebug with her now and hardly lets her out of his sight. He cuddles up with Tigger occasionally, which I love to see.

I heard my angel brofurs Poppet and Vivaldi whispering together a lot yesterday - I think they're arranging a big party for me today. I can't wait!

Love & purrs to all my family and friends
Albie xx

p.s. Alfie, I do wish you would wash your face more often. I know I used to take care of it - but that's no excuse! MOL.


My First Birthday at The Bridge and Thankyous!

July 15th 2009 9:34 am
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Although I missed my beloved brofur Alfie a lot, I had a wonderful 12th Birthday - my dear angel siblings and furriends made sure of that!! They organised a pawsome party for me - there was every kind of food you could imagine and we consumed bucketsful of catnip juice. My angel sisfur Poppet arranged for me to have a ride in Sonny Bono's hummer and I loved every minute of it. Boy, does he know how to handle that machine!!

I'm so pleased Alfie had a good birthday too. I flew down and had a word with him and gave him a hug - but that's our secret! Mum missed me so much and said it seemed strange just saying "Happy Birthday Alfie" and giving him his birthday mouse, when for eleven years she's said "Happy Birthday boys" and given us both a new catnip toy. To mum we just went together and she never imagined that we wouldn't be one day.

I had lovely messages from my furriends at Pen Paws, Pawsitive Pawsee and Tabbies with Tudes and some fantastic cards and prezzies. I love my cuddly bear and birthday cake from Tabbies with Tudes. Thankyou furriends.

Thankyou to all my much loved friends for all my birthday gifts:-

Angel star from Humphrey, Roger & Greta.
Angel star from ALFIE, CHLOE & family.
Angel star from Lil' Muppet & family.
Angel star from Mercy, Oly & family.
Grape juice drink from Angel Zack, Harry, Riley & family.
Grape juice drink from Lily, Boingo, Tigger, Poo & family.
Rainbow from Chai Latte, Little Bit and Sugar Bear.
Heart from Eddy, Walker, Alexandria & family.
Cupcake from Jaffa, Lulu & Rustle.
Cupcake from Wanda, Norman & family.
Birthday hat from Rascal and Zoomer.
Cupcake from Quinn C. and Ginny.
Sun and cute birthday card from Pooter's.

Before my birthday celebrations all the angels put their paws together and purrayed for all our sick friends and sent healing vibes down to all of them. Although we always welcome the new angels with open arms we are also sad and want our earth furriends to stay with their loving families for as long as they possibly can.

Angel kisses


I'm a dreamboat!!!

February 10th 2009 3:37 pm
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My neighbour Lulu has included me and my dear brofur Alfie in her list of dreamboats. Here is what she said:-

My Top 10 – in no particular order:

My lovely neighbours;
Alfie - The coolest cat in a bowler hat. His cat cabin is helping another kitty to survive the cold weather.
Albie - Alfie's cute Angel brofur who always groomed Alfie and kept him looking sharp. Now watching over his family from heaven.

It made my day!! Thankyou so much Lulu.

Purrs & angel kisses Albie


I've been tagged by Junior Fluffkins!

November 22nd 2008 8:21 am
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I've been tagged by Junior Fluffkins - thankyou for thinking of me Junior!

I have to tell you 7 things you didn't know about me. This is going to be difficult 'cos I've done this before - but here goes:-

1. My meowmy has always thought I was beautiful and loves my tabby markings - from the top of my head to the tip of my tail.

2. When I was rescued as a kitten I hissed and spit at my meowmy when she de-flead and wormed me but I never ever spit or growled again at my meowmy or any of my brofurs, sisfurs or the kitties my meowmy fostered over the years. I was always gentle and kind to efurryone.

3. My furmom Freya lives with Angela, a friend of my meowmy, who adopted her. She has the same gentle nature as me and is only about 6 months older than Alfie and I.

4. I kept the same little kitten squeak all my life and my voice always sounded just like a kitten and didn't seem to be coming from such a big boy as me.

5. I always knew when a kitty was poorly or uneasy about something and would wash the top of their head.

6. I loved to play in our garden but was a good kitty and would always come in when meowmy called me.

7. I loved all my brofurs and sisfurs, especially Snowy, Blackie and Minky but my Alfie was special. I used to wash him every day - something he never did for himself. I do hope he starts washing himself now - I've noticed his face looks a bit grey! If he doesn't, I heard meowmy say she'll have to do it! Watch out Alfie!!!!

I have lots of special friends at the Bridge now and efurrybody has been so welcoming.

I'm not going to tag any kitties but if any kitties don't have a diary yet I'd be delighted if you'd play the game with me. That's how most of us of my brofurs and sisfurs started their diaries. It gave meowmy the spurt she needed!

Love & purrs Albie


It's a Rollercoaster Ride!!!!

November 9th 2008 2:23 pm
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The last week since sweet Albie went to the Bridge has been just like a rollercoaster ride - up and down, but with more downs. It was a real up when Albie was chosen as Cat of The Day - thankyou Catster. I enjoyed reading all the messages and congratulations and they really lifted me. Then it was down again - I suppose after a few days is when it really hits you that you're never going to see your beloved pet and hold him again.

All the support from my wonderful Catster friends has been unbelieveable!! I'd like to thank all the kitties who put Albie's photo as their main picture and on their pages. Also all the 61 kitties who participated in the tribute stroll for Albie.

Miranda and Maya's mom Mirelle made a beautiful video of Albie's photos with comments and lovely music. It's on my page now.

Wally Forever Loved and Kujo both made diary entries in honour of Albie.

I've had lots of pawmails and e-mails and beautiful poems which I couldn't read for the tears - but really felt better after a good cry.

I've read all the messages from the groups that Albie was in and been overwhelmed by everybody's kindness.

Below are listed all the gifts Albie received - all with beautiful messages and some with amazing pictures. It's taken me up until now to write them all down. I do apologise if I have left anyone out by mistake - I have read every message over and over again!

Red heart from Walker, Alexandria, Molly & family
Paw charm from Cleo, Sebastian & mom
Power of the paw from sweet Lil’ Muppet & family
Blue rosette from Buddy Always Loved
Red Rose from Gertie
Paw charm from Bob, Oakie, Boo, Willow & family
Paw charm from Snoop Dog, Pancake, Pomme & family
Paw charm from Vincent, Ming, Moppet & family
Paw charm from Oly & family
Paw charm from the family of Piewackit, Shadow, Zeke & Lacey
Power of the Paw from ALFIE & family
Candle from sweet Lil’ Muppet & family
Candle from Wally Forever Loved, Alfie, Teddy & Family
Candle from Orkney & the girls
Candle from the family of Ko, Taz, Jacob & Flinders
Candle from Boots, Mittens, Baby & Peaches
Milk from Nermal
Candle from Ginny Beans & family
Diamond from Delyte, Stella, Fluff, Queenie & family
Diamond from the family of Lily, Boingo, Tigger & Poo
Diamond from Hooch
Diamond from Harry, Rosie, Casper & Teddy
Paw charm from our extended family Titch, Bruce, Sybil & Beardsley
Paw charm from Chelsea Louise
Shrimp from Waverley
Paw charm from Sky
Paw charm from Isis & family
White rosette from Oliver, Dewey & family
Paw charm from Jobel, Jasper, Jillian & family
Rose from Stumpy (our Cathy’s boyfriend)
Red heart from Miles Montgomery
Paw charm from Drifter, Mouse, Purdie (The Cornish Crew)
Rainbow star from Hooch
Rainbow star from Tabby
Rainbow star from family of Ko, Taz, Jacob & Flinders
Rainbow star from family of Lily, Boingo, Tigger & Poo
Diamond from family of Vincent, Ming, Moppet & Oregon City 5
Rainbow star from family of Moozer, Punkin, Sealegs & Spot
Rainbow star & beautiful picture from Wally Forever Loved & family
Rainbow Star from Nermal
Rainbow star from Alfiechinacat
Gold star from Munchkin
Rainbow star from family of Tutti, Junior Fluffkins, Tethys Fluffkins & Jake
Diamond from our lovely family Titch, Bruce, Sybil & Bea
Diamond from Molly May Stutabaker, Oreo & Megan
Rainbow star from Daisy Mae
Diamond from ALFIE, Chloe, Turbo & meowmy Helen
Rainbow star from Beloved Angel Amelia
Rainbow star from Madison
Diamond from the family of Emma, Ginny Beans, Charlie & Molly
Diamond from Humphrey, Roger & Greta
Rainbow star from the family of Knut, Bosco, Mario & Petey
Gold star from Buddy Always Loved
Rainbow star from the family of KC Sunshine, Mittens, Abbey, Pete & Jennifer
Rainbow star from the family of Orkney, Arrow, Tara, Zephyr & Bunty (the Torradeen Terrors)
Red rose from Morgan the Pirate Gato
Red rose from the family of Sophie, Fredericka, Russell & Wallie
Rainbow & sweet picture from the family of Zack, Harry, Riley & Jack
Rainbow from Arnold P
Rainbow from Oliver
Rainbow from the family of Macallan, Marmalade and Caviar
Red rose from the family of Miss Ginger, L.A. Gunner, Nemo & Prince Charles
Rainbow from Miles & Murray
Rainbow from Hershey, Annadee, Rafiki, Benjamin & Zachary
White rosette from the family of Ciao-Li, Jean Louise, Sheba & Katie
Rainbow from Scooter PAWS & family
Rainbow from Isis & family
Rainbow from the family of Sweet Pea, Herbie & Maggie Mae
Rainbow from the family of Starr, Tweekee, Daisy Mae, Itty Bitty PAWS
Rainbow from Kittanna & family
Rainbow from the family of Tabby, Spitfire, Night & Theresa
Rainbow from Stumpy (our Cathy’s boyfriend)
Rainbow from the family of Riley, Henry, Tugger & Mabel
Red heart from sweet angel Kinsey
Rainbow from Bethany Hope, Patrick & family
Red heart from Oliver & family (the Bell ba-bez)
Rainbow from Charlie, Odie, Xena & Tinkerbell (Blackburn)
Rainbow from Tony, Anna, Grey, Cleo, Stormy & Sammy
Rainbow from Monster Marvin Muffin Face (I love his name - it always makes me chuckle)
Red heart from Sparky
Rainbow from Lulu, Diego & family
Rainbow from Piewackit, Shadow, Zeke, Lacey & family
Red heart from Sky
Rainbow from Cocoa
Paw charm from Baby G & Little One
Rainbow from Chai, Little Bit, Sugar & mom
Rainbow from Walker, Alexandria, Molly & Pookah & family
Rainbow from Sam, Kiki & family
Rainbow from Velcro
Rainbow from Ginger
Rainbow from Wally & mom
Rainbow from Smudge & Sissel
Rainbow from Odin, Wilma, Solan & family
Rainbow from Patches
Rainbow from Misty, Simba, Nala, Sasha & family
Blue rosette from Ciao-Li, Jean Louise & family
Rose from Jack, Bibi-Anne & family
Rainbow from Blade, Tigga, Rufus, Pepsi & family
Rainbow from sweet Cole
Red heart from Morgan, Ripple, Sin, Rocky & family
Red heart from Rhea & Pebbles
Rainbow from Scooter
Candle from Holly, Matti, Crazy & Pie
Candle from Byron, Frodo, Spooky, Shelley & family
Candle from Bella, BeeJay, Mufasa & Boots & family
Candle from Willie Boy
Butterfly & beautiful picture from Mercy, Oly, Noah, Petrie & family
Candle from Mercy & family
Gold trophy from Mercy & family
Candle from Kit
Candle from Nigel, Sammy & Teddy
Candle from Chelsea Louise
Candle from Lancelot
Beautiful wings from Snowy
Beautiful wings from Wally & Sophie
Beautiful wings from sweet Lil’ Muppet & family
Red heart from Baby & family
Red heart from Wyatt James
Rainbow from Ivan, Boo & family
Red heart from Lady Lena & family
Red heart & beautiful moving prayer picture from Miles Montgomery
Rainbow from Pooter’s & mom
Paw charm from Honey
Paw charm from Joshua Bush & family
Rainbow star from Gavroche
Rainbow star from Fluffy & Alex
Cool glasses & COTD wishes from dear Roger, Humphrey & Greta
Diamond (COTD wishes) fromWally Forever Loved, Alfie, Teddy & family
Diamond from Queenie (& beautiful picture with my new wings)
Rainbow star from Cleo, Sebastian & Shadow
Gold star (COTD wishes) from Hooch & family
Rainbow star (COTD wishes) from Chai Latte Capone, Little Bit & Sugar Bear
Diamond & COTD wishes from Mercy, Oly, Noah, Petrie & family
Diamond & COTD wishes from sweet Lil’ Muppet & family
Rainbow star & COTD wishes from Isis PAWS
Red heart & COTD wishes from Beloved Angel Amelia
Acorn & COTD wishes from Doc
Rainbow & COTD wishes from Scooter
Rainbow & COTD wishes from Ginny Beans

Alfie is still missing his brother a lot and is now sleeping on my bed at night, something he has never done before. Albie and Alfie always slept in their own bed in the lounge - where Snowy, Blackie and Minky also sleep. They would just go in there after their supper and settle down but now at supper time Alfie flies upstairs onto my bed. He's following me around a lot and of course is getting more cuddles than usual (which has always been a lot!). It's been very lucky that I came down with a bad flu-like cold the day before Albie died so I've hardly been out of the house all week and have been able to give almost constant attention to Alfie when he has needed it the most. Snowy and Blackie have also been quieter than normal and I know they're missing Albie too. Albie was a friend to all his brofurs and sisfurs but the closest to Alfie, whereas Alfie has always been very close to just Albie and myself. I'm hoping that in time he'll grow closer to Justin who he does play with sometimes.

Thankyou for all the comforting messages and gifts also to Alfie. We will thankyou all personally as soon as we can.

Lots of love from Alfie & mum Jennifer and angel kisses from Albie


Cat of the Day - for a New Angel!!!!

November 4th 2008 2:39 pm
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Meowmy couldn't believe it this morning when she turned her computer on and saw I was Cat of The Day. What a lovely surprise and it brought a much needed smile to her face! She only wished I could have been with her so that she could treat me! I tried to send her a message to say I am with my angel brofurs and sisfurs and have so many loving friends here and I'm doing fine.
Albie's meowmy here:-
I'm still in shock at the sudden passing of sweet Albie and totally overwhelmed by the kindness of all my Catster friends (my extended family really). Albie has received so many pawmails, e-mails, lovely messages in the forums and groups and an abundance of gifts on his page (lots with beautiful pictures and all with kind and comforting messages). Thankyou to Norman and Sir Alfie & family for the lovely kimis and for organising the tribute photo stroll for Albie. I've looked at every photo and every message - mostly in floods of tears and aching to hold Albie once more. I'm sure, after a little time, I'll feel better and just think of the wonderful years we had together. So many other much-loved babies have gone to the Bridge recently and my heart goes out to all their families and loved ones.

Alfie is missing his brother terribly and has never left my side today and he spent yesterday looking all over the house for him. I'm giving him and his brofurs and sisfurs my undivided attention just now because I know Snowy, Blackie and Minky are also missing him too, although not as much as Alfie is.

As soon as I can I will send personal pawmails and thankyous to everyone for all their kindness - it really has been a great comfort to me.

Love & purrs from Alfie, furamily & mum Jennifer

A message from Alfie:
Thankmew to efurryone who has sent me such kind messages and gifts 'cos my much-loved brother has gone to the Bridge. Meowmy is going to help me to thank you all soon. xxxxx


I'm an Angel now

November 3rd 2008 8:06 am
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Thankyou all my friends for your kindness, purrs and prayers.

Albie went to the Bridge at 2.00 p.m. today. He had a cancerous tumour deep in his abdomen which was inoperable and treatment wasn't an option. He only had his yearly check-up recently but it wasn't detected and was an agressive form of this awful disease.

I'm heartbroken and so is Alfie - he's desperately looking all over the house for his brother. They have always been inseperable.

The support of my Catster family is overwhelming and although the tears are flowing it's a great comfort. When I can I'm going to thank everyone personally who sent purrs, prayers, rosettes, pawmails, e-mails & messages.

Love Albie & mum Jennifer


I'm in hospital

November 2nd 2008 7:58 am
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Albie is on a drip in the hospital. He nearly collapsed at home this morning and was screaming in pain and was rushed to the emergency vet. He's having tests tomorrow. Please purr for him. He's the sweetest gentle little boy.

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