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Zoe's Life

Christmas Day

December 25th 2013 7:43 pm
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Well Santa has come and gone and I didn't get my stronger legs. I did get some new toy mice, crinkle balls, kitty nip booties made by Angel Wendy, Angel Mei Li, and Kaylin's mom. They are fun. And lots of paper and boxes to play in. Even though Santa didn't bring me my new legs, I am blessed to have gotten this wonderful home. I am warm and have plenty to eat and nice soft beds to sleep in. When I think of the kitties living outside in the cold, it makes me sad. I also have a great mommy who loves me no matter what. So even with my wobbly legs, I am a very lucky kitty. Hope everyone had a Meowy Christmas.


What I want for Christmas

December 23rd 2013 8:02 am
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Dear Santy Paws, All I want for Christmas is to walk normal and not wobble. Not for me but for mommy. She worries about me so much and when my brothers and sisters play a little rough with me, she gets upset. She is afraid they will hurt me. My back legs are weak and I fall over easily. She fusses at them not to play rough with me but I won't break, even though she thinks I will. I know mommy loves me and that's why she worries. If you're listening Santy Paws, please make my legs stronger or mommy worry less. Love you, Zoe PS I will leave some cookies and milk out for you but with all my bothers and sisters the milk will probably be gone before you get here.


Tag I'm it

November 6th 2008 4:20 pm
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I've been tagged by my good buddy Cash. I have to write five things about myself and tag five others. Here goes:

1. I was born on April 1, that is also my mommy's birthday.

2. Mommy fostered me and my sister and 3 brothers. She decided to adopt me and my brother Sammy. My sister and two other brothers were adopted from Petsmart.

3. I have a neurological disorder that causes me to wobble when I walk.

4. I like to sleep with mommy.

5. My favorite toys are little plastic rings that I carry all over the house and slide across the floor.

I am tagging:

Delphine 616873
Samson 564661
Sterling 556905
KC 640698
Cleo 567835

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