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Age: 12 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 18 lbs.

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sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

January 7th 2005

Cream Tabby

Next to the red Morgan bed, his favorite is Buster!

So far, he doesn't have any, he is so happy with being indoors all the time and having a home of his own.

Favorite Toy:
Yeoww! Lemon and little sponge balls

Favorite Nap Spot:
The red Morgan's Bed

Favorite Food:
KumpiKat, Merricks, Felidae canned

Chumley survived all on his own outdoors for nearly 3 years. He is very battle-scarred, but super sweet and friendly.


Arrival Story:
I had been seeing Chumley around the neighborhood for a couple of years, and began feeding him about a year ago. I fed him because we live near a busy street, and I hoped it would keep him from trying to cross it. I thought he was much older than he is, because he was so rough looking. He never approached us, though, until after our Lars crossed the Bridge last August. He had no home of his own, but our complex was his territory. I resisted taking in another cat after Lars' passing, my heart was broken. Somehow, it didn't seem right. Yet, Chumley became more and more friendly to us, and began to come every day, even twice a day, to eat. When I began to save a can of food to give him whenever I saw him, I realized I was hooked on him. I knew the day would come that he would come to me needing my help. That day came much sooner than I thought. On Thursday, January 4, 2008, Chumley came to my house with a big cut over his eye. There was no question he needed medical attention, and I could resist him no more. We immediately went to our vet, who tended his abscessed wounds, tested and treated this poor little stray, and -- after 3 days okayed him to come home and be OUR kitty, indoors forever now. As we were on our way to pick him up, a brief rain shower broke out and stopped just before we got there. I couldn't believe my eyes as I walked in -- the sky had cleared, and there was a huge rainbow right over the clinic. It was then that I knew my Lars had sent Chumley to me for help, and that he approved. How could I ask for more than such a sign right from the Rainbow Bridge.

Upon examination, Dr. Praeger found that Chumley was basically healthy for an outdoor cat with no home, although he had definitely had a very rough life. I had guessed that he was 5 or 6 years old, but the vet said, no, he was only 3. He was so friendly, we all suppose that at one time he was someone's kitty, but had been on his own for a very long time. He had two bad abscesses on his face, which had given him a swollen look. From being outdoors, he was, of course, full of a variety of parasites. We got all that cleared up for him and he's doing fine, although very thin. He is eating like crazy, I'm sure that after a little while with us, he will be glossy, chubby, and sassy like everyone else! He has many, many battle scars, especially on his back. His recent injury, which brought him to us for care, was on his little face -- he is recovering nicely, but you can see in his pictures where he was shaved and the marks still show. He absolutely charmed everyone at the clinic, and was delighted to see me when I came to pick him up and take him home. Now that I have been able to be near him, and his swelling is gone, I can see he has beautiful, blue eyes.

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A home at last!

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7 January 2005

A Stray Cat's Prayer:
Dear God, please send me somebody who'll care. I'm so tired of running and sick with despair. My body is aching and filled with such pain; And dear God I pray, as I run in the rain That someone will love me and give me a home, A warm cozy bed, and food of my own. My last owner left me alone in the yard... I watched as they moved, and God that was hard. So I waited a while, then went on my way To rummage in garbage and live as a stray. But now, God, I'm so tired and hungry and cold; And I'm so afraid that I'll never grow old. They've chased me with sticks and hit me with straps While I run the streets just looking for scraps. I'm not really bad, God, please help if you can, For I have become just a "Victim of Man." I'm wormy, dear God, and I'm ridden with fleas; And all that I want is an Owner to please. If you find one for me, God, I'll try to be good. I won't scratch the carpet; I'll do as I should. I'll love them, play with them, and try to obey. I will be so grateful if they'll let me stay. I don't think I'll make it too long on my own, 'Cause I'm getting weak and I'm so all alone. Each night as I sleep in the bushes I cry, 'Cause I'm so afraid, God, that I'm gonna die. I've got so much love and devotion to give That I should be given a new chance to Live. So dear God, please hear me, please answer my prayer, And send me somebody who will REALLY care. Author Unknown

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January 8th 2008 More than 9 years!

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Stray in a furrever home!

My 3rd annifursary and my birthday!

January 7th 2011 1:38 pm
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Hi everyone!

Here I am, having yet another birthday in my furrever home. I am so grateful, still. Momma can tell sometimes, by the way I act, or look at her, that I still remember being alone and outside.

When it storms outside really bad, or when it is super cold, I remember. I feel so safe and warm, and dry. And I have gotten thoroughly spoiled in the food department. When I first came in, I used to stuff myself with kitty food -- there was SO much of it I couldn't believe it would last. But then again, remember I was starving. I only weighed 12 lbs (I am a large kitty) and was just skin and bones. Why, I gained 6 lbs that first year, and I am still a large, lanky boy. But now I even have my preferences for what kind of food I feel like eating -- and even turn my nose up from time to time at my canned food if that's not what I feel like having at the moment. MOL. I know there's always more where that came from and there's no danger that I will ever be hungry like I once was, again.

I am especially happy on this particular birthday, because my little brofur, Buster, is getting better! He is almost completely himself again.

You see, my little Buster, my favorite companion and playmate (you'd think we were littermates!) got very sick last week and had us all very worried. He had a bad URI and fever, and Momma was terribly worried. So was I. I cried and cried for him to play with me, but he just couldn't. I got worried when I saw him get loaded in his carrier to go to the vet, but after his vet trip (I hear he got a shot and medicine for home), he started to get better right away. He is almost completely well now, just has to keep taking his medicine for a week. Gee, I hope I don't ever have to take that medicine -- it looks terrible and Buster hates it.

Yesterday, for the first time in a week, Buster PLAYED with me again! We were wrestling and romping again. What a great birthday gift for me. I am so happy.

I know my brofur would appreciate it a lot if any of you send him well wishes. I would, too.

Now, back to romping.


It's my birthday and my 2nd Annifurrsary!!!

January 7th 2010 3:53 pm
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Oh boy oh boy. Today is my birthday, I am now 5 years old!

But better still, hurray! It is my 2nd Annifurrsary in my furrever home. Let me tell you some of the new things I have learned about this past year. I am still learning how to be an indoor boy!

My very favorite toy has turned out to be little sponge balls! Momma is amazed, since, as you already know, Lars-Crossed-the-Bridge sent me to Momma and he was always the kitty who loved those little balls. No one else. TILL ME!! I think they are the neatest toy ever. So for my birthday, I got a whole big bag full of them!

I love all toys, though. Catnip toys are lots of fun. I like all the Yeow fruits very much, and we all got some Stinkies for Christmas, too. We have a couple of those DaBird things too -- WOW! I jump and play and tumble all over the room when it's time to play DaBird. Momma says I am the best in the house at catching it, too!

Did I ever tell you that I give hugs to the people? I am just THAT lovey dovey of a boy. I like to come up behind Momma or the Painter when they are sitting down, then I stand up on my hind legs and throw myself up against their backs, wrapping my arms around their necks and rubbing their heads with my face. Heh heh. They seem to like it, too.

I am learning "lap cat". I never dreamed that anyone would want a former stray like me to sit on their laps, but to my surprise, everybody loves it when I try it out. I am still not real confident about it, though, so I don't do it very often or for very long.

I have learned that it is wonderful to lay on the beds with the people to sleep. Why, I never need to sleep alone again, unless I want to! So now I always have company and someone to cuddle with. Gee, the only one who won't let me lay down and cuddle them is that silly old Felix. But otherwise, I have my choice -- Tommy, Buster, the Painter, Momma -- this is SO nice.

It took me a while, but I have also learned that there is apparently and endless supply of food here, so I need not try and stuff myself with whatever is out all at once! In fact, there is more food here than I could ever eat! My weight is holding nice and steady now, I have weighed 18 lbs for over a year. I was so skinny when I first came indoors, now I am muscular and healthy.

Speaking of healthy, Momma wants me to tell you about my last vet visit (just before my birthday this year). I am such a mellow fellow. I have only nice memories of the vet, since it was the very first place I was ever indoors and they took such good care of me there while Momma was waiting for my test results and they fixed my head wound for me and everything (remember? I had a terrible hurt head when Momma took me in). I LOVE EVEN MY VET. And I think he loves me too.

From the moment I got inside the vet's office, all I did was purr and purr loudly for everyone to hear. Purrsonally, I think the reason Momma takes me there is so that I can visit my old friends, the vet and his technician, so that they can also pet me and enjoy my sweet little self. I spent my whole visit just purring and loving them up (he could barely listen to my heart, I was so loud) and gazing up into their eyes.

All in all, I guess I am a pretty lucky boy. I know I am a happy boy. Momma says that she is the lucky one, to have such a sweet, mellow kitty in her house!

Well, gotta run chase those sponge balls!

Love to effurryone!


One year in my furrever home! And a birthday!

January 7th 2009 4:20 pm
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Today marks my first anniversary in my furrever home! We are also celebrating it as my birthday, so that Momma never, ever forgets my first day home. I am now 4 years old.

Wow! What a difference a year has made. I know I look like a different cat -- I was so raggedly looking to begin with. But time, love, consistent good food and indoor life have been good for me. I love my kitty family, too.

I have fit in just beautifully here. Momma was a little worried, at first, that I might try and challenge Tommy for king of the house, but no way. I am one mellow fellow. I get along with effurrybody very well, and Buster is just the greatest little brother. I swear, he has been teaching me some babyish behaviors that I never got to indulge in when I was just a poor stray, outside. Why, I am even starting to make biscuits. That just shows you needn't be afraid to take in an adult, stray male -- we can fit in with your family!

I play all the time, especially with Buster. We just love to wrestle and play tag. My FAVORITE game is when we all play with Da Bird, that's super fun. I think my next most favorite thing are little sponge balls. Momma bought me a great big sack full of them -- they are just for me and I love chasing them around the house.

My fur has grown in now, and is very soft and pretty. You can see my caramel stripes (well, you could, if Momma could take better pictures), my eyes are clear and blue, and my pads are pink and soft, too. Although I used to get pretty sick when I was alone, since Momma has taken me in I haven't been sick at all, not even once -- even though I groom Buster like mad just like everyone else does.

I sleep with Tommy and The Painter at night. I am a very affectionate boy, too. Once you start to pet me, I will purr as loud and long as I can! I even give kitty "bear-hugs" when I am feeling particularly lovey dovey. I like to just gaze up in your face, give out a loud chirble-purr and wrap my arms and whole body around you.

A couple days ago, I had my first followup vet appointment, for my annual checkup. I came through with flying colors, the vet was so pleased at my progress. And Momma says I could not have acted more charmingly. I wasn't the least bit nervous, just very interested in the vet's office. Maybe it still smelled familiar to me, after all, last year when I was having all my tests run and medical stuff done, I stayed with them for about 4 days.

I chirbled and purred the whole time I was there. I came bouncing out of my carrier to be weighed (18 lbs!!!! And the vet assured Momma that I am not fat at all, just a very big, muscular boy). Then off to the examining room we went. I didn't even mind the dogs in the waiting room -- after all, I have sure seen plenty of dogs before in my life.

I purred like mad for the vet, too, I even purred while I got my shots. I let him pet me and gave him plenty of head bonks, I even made him laugh because I was so darn friendly. The vet said he'd not seen a cat so darn happy to be at the vet!

Then we came home and all the boys fussed all over me, Felix even gave me a bath to get rid of the vet smell, I guess.

Today, I see Momma has a couple new toys for me, a Cat Dancer and some Loony Loops. There are, of course, Pitr Pats to be shared too. Hopefully there will be some nice pictures to put up very soon.

I am so happy to be here. My life is so easy now, every day is just fun. My tummy is always full, I eel well, I have friends to play with every day, and I am safe. Thank you, Momma.


No, Chumley. Thank you, you are a wonderful boy. I feel that I am the lucky one, to have you in my life, in my home, and in my heart. Happy birthday to you, and may we share many, many more.
I love you, Chumley -- Momma

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