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Thank you, Catster!

November 26th 2010 11:48 am
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Dear Diary,

Ummmm, well, I got DDP!! I was very surprised. I didn't talk about "poopies" or anything like that! MOL

Last time I wrote, I told you about my girl furriends Nikki & Maggie going to the Bridge. Then I found out my furriend Alys the Diva also went to the Bridge. They always say things happen in 3's. I sure hope that's it for now. I still feel sorry for their hoomins, cuz I know how much they miss their precious girl kitties, but I'm glad my furriends once again feel frisky and I hope they are making lots of new furriends.

Today the sun is shining but it's cold outside. When my Daddy gets home, I hope he lets me help him work on his old car in the garage. He always says what a good helper I am! I like the garage, but most of all I love my Daddy.

Until next time,


We are sad

November 21st 2010 2:08 pm
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Dear Diary,

This week two of my good furriends went to the Bridge. They were both very special to me and it makes me very, very sad. First, a lovely tabby girl named Nikki, and then a beautifl orange girl named Maggie.

Neither one of them had been feeling great for quite a while. They both went to the Bridge suddenly, and their Mommy's were both at home with them. I guess if you're going to go to the Bridge, that's a good way to get there.

I just keep thinking about my girlfriends. I wish I could rub up against their mommy's & daddy's legs or something, so I could show them how much I care.

Remembering them both, with love,

I tried to put the link to their pages here, but I guess I don't know how. :( pooey.



November 19th 2010 10:05 am
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Dear Diary,

I am happy about the Catster changes in our Diaries. Today I don't see every single comment another kitty has made on my friends' diaries, and it doesn't show links to all the comments I've made either.

This is good.



Thank you!

October 23rd 2010 12:12 pm
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Dear Diary,

I had the nicest week. On Thursday I was Catster's CAT OF THE DAY!!!!! OMC, I was so surprised. I got lots of prezzies from my friends & made some new friends too.

I had a pawsome day. Mommy put my pesky brofurs in the bedroom ALL day & I got to run around the house all by myself. I got extra snuggles and pets. When my Daddy got home from his business trip it was the first thing Mommy told him. Then he picked me up and told me how proud he was. It was a good day. :D

Don't get much better than that!

Thanks to all my furriends for the kind words & prezzies.

I lubs you guys!



August 30th 2010 3:59 pm
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Dear Diary,

Remember when I told you I don't jump much??? And I said Mommy & Daddy thought it was cuz I fell off the roof? Well, I never told them the real reason before, but today my Mommy found out why.

Last night my Daddy picked me up & I screamed! And I screamed and I screamed and I screamed!!! As soon as he put me down, I quit screaming. They both got all upset & started poking around on me, looking for cuts, bumps, etc. Then they decided I had a belly ache for some reason. They thought maybe I needed to poop and couldn't. BTW, why is my poop so important to them? It's embarrassing, I tell ya. Yet I digress.........

They noticed I was walking slowly, but not limping and that I didn't play or jump on them during the middle of the night. This morning Mommy took me to see Dr. York. He's a nice enough guy, except for that little thermometer business, if you know what I mean. Guess what else he did? He took my picture!!!!

And then, Mommy found out why I've never been much of a jumper. My picture showed Dr. York something important about one of my hips and he showed my picture to Mommy, but first he asked her if I'd ever been injured. Hello???? I fell off the roof of the house!!!!!!!!!! He was my doctor when that happened and the only bad thing that happened to me was my concussion and a green face. He pointed to something and told Mommy that sometime in my life I broke my hip! It wasn't when I fell off the roof and I've never hurt myself since Mommy's known me, so they think it must have happened when I was very young & before I picked them to be my parents. He said I don't jump much because I don't have much strength in my hips. Poor lil' ol' me!

He said I also have arthritis now. They don't know (& I'm not telling) what set it off yesterday, but today I seem all better. I didn't cry or scream one time today. Dr. York & Mommy will talk more about me if/when it gets worse. Anyway, that's what happened to me today.


PS He told Mommy to *watch my weight* Hmmmph! She told me she was amazed when she saw my picture. She could see my bowl full of jelly! :D



August 12th 2010 12:42 pm
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Dear Diary,

I can't believe Ringo said I'm fat. I'm not. I'm soft & floofy.

I don't run & jump. I have trouble jumping onto the bed (short legs I tell ya, I have short legs!) and I never get on those silly cat trees. I used to climb real trees, but then I had a bad experience & fell off the roof of the house. Mommy & Daddy think that's part of the reason I don't jump much anymore.

Not jumping works for me....they pick me up all the time & help me get up high when I want to.

It's hot here & I've been enjoying staying inside most of the time. Every now & then my purrents let me out for a little while in the evening, but Mommy won't let me stay outside for long. I like it best when Daddy's home cuz he lets me help him work on cars & stuff in the garage. He says I'm a BIG help, then he laughs. Huh????

Hope all of my Catster furriends are having a nice, safe summer!

Love from your fat floofy furriend,



May 10th 2010 7:04 am
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Dear Diary,

I'm not so sure about the furminator, but I'm leaning toward NOT liking it.



Purring for Jeepie

May 9th 2010 7:42 pm
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Dear Diary,

I haven't written to you in a while, not since I got the good news from my doctor. I am writing today because I'm worried about my good friend, Jeepie. (Catster 766442)

She is such a pretty girl and is such a good kitty. Somehow she managed to sneak out of the house on Friday and she is still missing. Her mumma and her family have been looking all over for her. I know they are upset and are scared for their sweet girl cat.

If you know where Jeepie is, please tell her to go home RIGHT NOW. That would make everyone so happy. Please tell her she has lots of CCL's purraying for her and wishing her the very best. Please keep her safe from harm and make sure she has plenty of food & water.

Please keep Jeepie's mommy in your thoughts & prayers, too. I am, and so are my Mommy and my brofurs.

Purring with crossed paws for Jeepurrs Creepurrs,


♪♫♪♫ Doing Happy Dance!!!!- ♪♫♪

April 14th 2010 6:45 am
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Dear Diary,


My good friend, Doctor York, called this morning and gave me the good news. I am so happy. Mommy had to make me stop doing "the Happy Dance" long enough that I could tell you my good news. Whoo hoo, whoo hoo, whoo hoo!!!!!!!!

Thank you SO much for all your love & support. It means so much to Mommy & me.

All my love,


I ♥ My Friends!

April 11th 2010 11:47 am
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Dear Diary,

Just wanted to tell you how much Mommy & I love our kitty friends & their purrents.

I got an ear ache & kept shaking my head. Mommy & Daddy thought I had ear mites. They put some icky stuff on my back that is supposed to make ear mites go away. Well, it didn't work...........cuz that wasn't what was wrong. So......Mommy took me to see Dr. York. I don't call him the Bad Man or anything, cuz he's not so bad. The car is bad. The cage is bad. Bad car! Bad cage! It didn't hurt when Dr. York stuck a thing down my ear, so I didn't cry or anything. He told Mommy I had an infection. He cleaned my ear out & showed Mommy how to put the medicine in my ear. Mommy's never had to do that to a kitty before, so she didn't know.

Mommy asked him to look at a place on my neck. I've always had a little bump, just to the right of the front of my neck. It's been there forever & ever. Mommy's friend, catena, even felt it when she was at our house last summer. Back then, Dr. York said not to worry about it cuz it had been there forever & hadn't changed. started changing & got bigger. He said it needed to come off, but not until my ear all better.

So......I was a good girl & took my medicine like a little trooper. My ear is all better now. Two days ago I had to get back in the bad cage & ride in the bad car......all while I was starving, I might add! Dr. York made me sleepy. Then he took the bump off my neck. Then I was really, really sleepy & couldn't walk very well. Mommy took me home & I was so groggy I didn't even mind riding in the car. Mommy told me I look patriotic, whatever that means. My skin is pink where they shaved my lovely white fur & my stitches are blue.

I'm feeling much better now, but I have one more dose of pain medicine. It makes me sleep like a baby kitty. I get my stitches out in a week. My purrents are anxious about the lab results on my bump.

Thanks so much to all our wonderful friends for the encouraging words to Mommy & for all the purrayers and loving thoughts sent my way. We believe in the power of purrayer and hugs!!!

I'll let you know about the lab results as soon as Mommy tells me. Love you guys! ♥

Purrs & Head-bonks,

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