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Sex: Female   Weight: 9 lbs.

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Bessie Lu, Lu Lu

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Rainbow Bridge
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed

July 1st 1998


Having her hair brushed and catching mice. She liked to play on the stairs. She also loved her boyfriend, EDGAR!

She loathed being "pilled" and had to be sedated to be put into the carrier.

Favorite Toy:
She liked "people" toys, especially Troll Dolls. Ripped all their hair off. :(

Favorite Nap Spot:
She liked to sleep on the hood of my car and on the soft throw on the back of the couch.

Favorite Food:
EZ Cheese in a can, by Kraft ... American...not cheddar or bacon cheddar. No other brand either...just Kraft.

She knocked on the door when she wanted in. Sometimes she jumped so high you could see her little head pop up in the window. She was an avid hunter.

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
Bessie was a barn cat who started bringing her 3 little kittens to our house each evening. They were all as wild as could be. One evening we came home and found something had killed all her kittens. It was horrible. We felt so sorry for her! She had never let us touch her before, but that evening we opened the door and she walked right into the house. The next day I called the vet to see if there was some way to help her get rid of her milk quicker and he said, "you have to milk her." Ha! Just kidding! We were surprised she "tamed up" so quickly, although it took her a long, long time to become affectionate with us. We got Bessie the same day we found Opie, the little o'possum we bottle fed & kept until he went back to the wild. Even tried getting her to nurse him, but nothin' doing! We think whatever killed Bessie's kittens is probably what scared Opie's mommy unto running away so fast that he fell off. As Opie grew, we had to watch Bessie like a hawk. She would have gobbled him up in a jiffy when he was little!

Bessie has been missing since 03/17/09. We fear the worst for her and are heartsick. She was a good friend to all of our other cats, especially Bobby & Paul. She wasn't an angel by any means, in fact she was quite ornery...but she had a way about her that they all seemed to like. Once we got the food bowl situation worked out, she was very accepting of Prince & Ringo. Each year she was with us she became more affectionate & more vocal. She was the best mouser! She loved to torment tarantulas and would even share a spot on the lawn table with a raccoon from time to time. I miss waking up and having her there. My Catster and SOMC friends have all been so sweet and supportive. We're received lots of hugs, prayers and good wishes. My good friend, catena, wrote a lovely haiku for Bessie. I'd like to share it with you. (I can't make the Haiku show up in the proper format, so have put commas at the end of each line) Always will picture, You standing strong in the wind, Daring the unknown.

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Bits from Bessie....

A note from me....

May 6th 2009 4:26 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mommy is writing this for me, since I'm not here and she doesn't know where I am. I used to help her write my diary entries, but she's going to have to write this one by herself. She's very sad & has been putting this off for a long time.

You see, my parents haven't seen me since St. Patrick's Day this year. I begged to go outside, like I always do, so...outside I went! That is the last time they saw me. Mommy's niece said she saw me about 10pm that night, down by the cattle guard. She said it looked like I was on my way to the barn. I love to hunt in the barn!!!!

Let's face it, I love to hunt. Sometimes I go to the hay bales. Sometimes I go down by the creek. My parents always told me I was the best "mouser" they ever had. Sometimes I brought them into the house and dropped them so the mouse could run around and I could show my parents how good I was at catching them! One time I even stole a mousie right out of Paulie's mouth. Silly goober. He wasn't as devoted to hunting.

I was always the friendliest kitty. They all liked me cuz I was nice to them and didn't pick fights. My favorite brofur was Bobby, but I sure did love Paulie, too. Muffin is a good girl and we usually got along just fine. We used to sleep on the back of the couch together when it was TV time. A few months ago I got two new brofurs. Ringo & Prince. I didn't even know they were here for three days because I'd been out hunting. When I finally saw them, we got along okay. Ringo kept trying to smell my butt and Prince kept eating my food. Sometimes Prince chased me, but that was fun. I finally decided it was okay if Ringo smelled my butt. I never did like Prince eating my food, so Mommy started either giving him his own bowl or sometimes she'd give him a bunch of Greenies to distract him. Once he quit eating my food, we got along just fine.

I love having my hair brushed and I LUV EZ Cheese like you wouldn't believe! I like to play on the stairs and try to trip my parents. Sometimes I play hide-n-seek. One of my favorite places is behind Mommy's old record albums. They never did find all of my hidey places cuz I am so good at it.

I HATE having to get into that darned cat carrier. One time I even knocked it off the counter and tore Daddy's good slacks!!! brawhahaha. I *would* say that served him right. Instead, they started knocking me out to go to the v-e-t. Bugger. That was no fun. At least I was always a healthy girl kitty and only had to go to the vet one extra time because I hurt myself.

I don't know if I'm ever going to come home or not. If I do, Mommy & Daddy will be thrilled beyond words & you'll all be invited to a humongous party. Just in case I don't, I'd like to say goodbye to those who love me.

To are the bestest boyfriend ever! I'll love you always!

To Hello Kitty...thanks for giving Prince & Ringo to my parents. They really love them and I'm glad Muffin has kitties to keep her company.

To chubby little sisfur. You need to chill out and quit getting so upset when Prince looks at you. It will get better. You are a-okay in my book.

To are really getting good at fetching. Keep it up. Daddy & Mommy luv to play with you! Quit trying to get outside. You are a nice boy kitty.

To Prince...give Muffin a break, okay? Quit looking at her. She's a big baby. Play with Ringo...he luvs to play with you. He luvs it when you groom him too. I let you groom me once & it was nice. You are a nice boy kitty, too.

To my skinsis, Claire....thanks for all the times you babysat for me and made sure I had my cheese & Little Friskies just the way I like. I like you a lot.

To my brofurs & sisfurs at The Bridge....I hear it's a great place. Be sure to look me up once I'm there for sure, so we can have some fun!

To Mommy & Daddy...what can I say? Thanks for everything! I miss you and will always love you, no matter where I am.

To all my Catster & SOMC friends....thanks for being my friend. Be good kitties and have fun!

Well, I guess that's all.

All My Love,


still MIA

March 22nd 2009 3:53 pm
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Dear Diary,

I just wanted to let you know that I still haven't come home yet. My parents have looked everywhere they can think of and Mommy has made a lot of telephone calls...all about me. I know they are very worried I will never come home again.

I've heard stories of kitties who are gone a long time and eventually find their way home, like my friend Mama Cat. They are hoping this is what I do.

Mommy wants to thank everyone who has been so concerned about me. She says it helps to know how much others care. I will let you know as SOON as I come home. If I don't come home, then Mommy will let you know that too.

All my love to my Catster and SOMC peeps.
Bessie Lu


Where am I?

March 19th 2009 12:38 pm
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Hello kitty cat friends! I haven't written much in my diary lately. It's all Mommy's fault, but of course you already know that. We all have so many things to tell you, but we don't know where to start. We couldn't even decide who got to write in their diary first. Today Mommy made a decision for us. She is going to have us write according to our ages. Since I am, umm, the oldest (& wisest) kitty at our house, she says I get to go first. So.....

First of all, I am MIA right now. Mommy and Daddy are *almost* positive I am doing my disappearing act and that I am fine. I do this to them once or twice a year. Brawhahaha! The last time I did this I made my grand entrance back into the house via the attic and came in through a hole in the ceiling in the closet, but Daddy fixed the hole, so I can't get in that way anymore. Well, Mommy has checked in the attic and she can't find me up there. She has called for me & looked for me outside. She called my Uncle Jimmy and asked him to keep a look out for me. I have been gone since Daddy got home Tuesday night and let me outside. When I get tired of hunting and decide I want to snuggle up and watch tv with my purrents AND when I can no longer live without EZ Cheese, I will come home. My purrents pray I'm okay. They'd rather be mad at me for hiding from them, than find out everything is not okay with me.

I got two new brofurs on October 20, 2008. Tomorrow it will be five months since they came to live with us. When they first moved in, they had to live in my skin sister's old room. Mommy says it's the guest room now. My purrents were so sneaky...they put Prince & Ringo in the guest room when I wasn't looking. Okay, so October is one of my favorite months of the year. The weather is starting to get colder and all the little mousies are running around looking for a warm place to spend the winter. You know what I do???? I chase them and I catch them and I EAT them! I was so busy hunting that week that I didn't even realize I had new brofurs for three days! ha. Muffin finally told me they were here.

Anyway, after 3 days they got to come out of the guest room, mainly because it was too hard to keep them in there. Things went well. We all got a long right at first. After awhile Prince started chasing me around. I'm purrty fast and I know all the best hidey places, so I always get away from him. It's fun & I like playing chase. Ringo always wanted to smell my butt. Hmmmph! After about 2 months I decided it was okay if he smelled my butt. I let Prince groom me once, but I didn't like that & didn't let him do that for very long.

Let's see. What else? Oh, I know. TV time with the purrents. My favorite spot is on the back of the couch, right behind Mommy's head. I like to chew on her hair sometimes. That darn Prince tried and tried and tried to get that spot away from me. He chased me off a whole bunch of times. Finally we came to an agreement. I get to keep my favorite spot. He gets to be on the back of the couch with me, but he sleeps down by Mommy's feet. It's fine now.

They are funny. They love nip & nip toys. Muffie & I don't like nip. Sometimes they get "nipped up" and bother me, but most of the time we get along okay.

The only other thing that bugs me is dinner time. Paulie & I always shared a couple of cans of Friskies every day. After he went to the Bridge, I didn't eat as much. That's because every time he went into the kitchen to beg for food, I followed him. I wasted a lot of it too, cuz I don't like it unless it's fresh out of the can. Once my new brofurs were here, Ringo didn't try to eat my food but Prince always did. Mommy tried sneaking food to me but you know how good cats' noses are, so that didn't work. I wasn't eating good & Mommy was getting worried. Well, geez, Mom....I had been eating mousies! Remember? I was busy hunting. She finally bought me some of those little pouches of fish and I LUV them. Why didn't she give me that before???? Anyway, I started eating better and she quit worrying. My Aunt Mary also called and told on me. I go down to her house almost every evening and nom on food she puts out for the raccoons and the possums. Ringo has decided he loves the fish pouches too, so now he tries to take my food from me too. The solution? We all get some now. They're happy and I'm happy. All is good!

Well, that's all I can think of for now. I like my new brofurs just fine. I wish Muffin did. I'm tired of her being such a drama queen.

As soon as I come home, I'll let you know.


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