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CK's Diary, and Memories

My sweet Angel Boy...

August 8th 2009 9:33 am
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Dear CK,

I've been missing you so much... If not for the other animals to take care of, I'd probably be spending all of every day morning for you. I often tell people I've met your story, my Angel. I miss being able to wrap you in my arms, and all worries would subside.

I remember when you were just a tiny little kitten... How cute you were. You'd follow me at my heels, just like a dog... I remember the time you fought that possom--and won... and I remember when your tail got shut in the door... I felt so bad... Hurting you was the worst of my nightmares.

All I can hope now, is that you are safe at the Rainbow Bridge, and Pain free..

I'll never forget you....

~~Momma CC


The Bed, The House, The Vet, The Bridge

May 20th 2008 12:48 pm
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All of you know, I hope, that I had Bone Cancer, right? Well... I knew that. So did mom.
But last night, Mommy, and everyhuman, went into a family room and talked, and, most of all, cried. Momma and the two youngest girls, took me up to a bedroom and let me sleep on THE BED. (Not ever before, because If I ever wanted down, I couldn't.) But Mommy let me down when I wanted. They fed me my Pain Medicine with a little Meatloaf from their dinner. I went to bed after that. The morning was fine. Normal, I guess.
But then at 1:40 p.m. Mom took all the kids out of School and came to THE HOUSE. Everyone was crying there eyes out! After twenty minutes, I went in the car in a blankie.
Next was THE VET. I don't know what happened....THE VET took me behind the door and I don't remember what happened next.
The only think I see now, Is a Rainbow...Bridge shaped....THE RAINBOW BRIDGE.

Your Newest Angel,


Tagged...By Femi

May 18th 2008 11:38 am
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Femi Has tagged everyone of us in the Family...A four tag from Femi to the Family!!

1. Making mom worry
2. Making sure mom doesn't step on my foot by meowing at her every time she passes me.
3. Momma's Boy
4. Fighter...Yes I am! I will fight it til the END.

1. Muskegon, MI (Where Meowmy used to live, and me too)
2. Nebraska. On Geepaw's farm (Before mewmy took me)
3. Here.
4. Vet. (They gave mom the news.......)

1. Here.
2. Here..
3. Here...
4. Here....

1. ...I'm sending this to most of my family to get it around Cat/Dogster faster.
2. Elsa, my dearest love...
3. ....I want to tag everyone who has been so kind to me and mommy in this time. (Rosettes, Special Gifts, Pawmail, Posts, and prayers, you know who you are.) If you read this, you can copy and paste...I tagged you, Ok? You have helped ease mom's pain and make mom think happy thoughts and the good memories. We love you all....And I'll miss you...and I hope to meet you up at the Bridge someday...

I'll only tag three...Well, more like a million with all the ones in number three. You are all too sweet...

Please put this in your diary, if I tagged you.



CK-Biggest Update (Probably) Avalible

May 9th 2008 1:09 pm
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As some of you know, I haven't been feeling all to well. I went to the vet about one month ago, they said I lost about 8-15 pounds. (I weighed 11 pounds at that app.) Now I went in yesterday I weigh 10. Not only that....But the vet found what was wrong. I was getting thin. But not only skinny. My bones stick out so much because of tumors on my bones. Yes...I have bone CANCER.
The vet has said that Mewmy should put me out of my pain by July. I will always cherish Mewmy and my Humans....These 11 years have been the best...

Next stop....Rainbow Bridge.....


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