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From the Patio to the Meadow

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Thank you for making Rainbow Bridge Day special for me and- Mom

April 2nd 2014 5:10 pm
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Yesterday when Mom woke up she was notified that I was the DOTD selection..We were both very happy and honored to be chosen...

It was a whirlwind of a day with messages, p-mails , pressies, cakes and an out pouring of love for little old me...The Friendly Visitruder...

When I found my way to the patio all I wanted was to have food for my belly and a dry place to sleep..Mom gave me much more...Love and security...Then in 2007 she gave me the final gift my 10th life...

Mom says I gave her more...Unconditional love and trust from somewone who had not had an easy life...Mom wishes she could have had me longer but it was not meant to be...D-Max sent me Mom because he knew she would love me...

Yesterday we felt all of the love from my Catster family...WE are in the process of thanking each of you individually and to mention you all here Mom is afraid she would miss someone so it is with a happy heart and many purrs I thank you all...

Rainbow Bridge Day 2014..A day we will never forget and oh yes I saw the bubbles that mom sent up to us....


I am Diary of the Day

April 1st 2014 5:56 am
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Good Morning....

OMC...This morning Mom opened her e-mail and got a notice that I am Diary of the Day...what an hoor to be selected for effurryone to read my diary and learn about my life on the patio as the friendly visitruder...

Amd it is extra special because today is Rainbow Bridge Day...Today our families remember us in special ways...Some families send balloons to the bridge with messages attached and some like Mom send lots of pretty bubbles to drift high in the sky reflecting the colors of the rainbow...

I will be looking for my bubbles later today and in the meantime I want to thank the Diary Lady or whoever makes the selections for chosing me today..Thank you..I love you all....


The Panther club Welcomed Aggie

March 27th 2014 7:19 am
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Back in 2006 my dear furriend Baggy founded the Panther Club...An exclusive group of sleek black panthers..He was immediately elected president and D-Max elected Vice president..They realized they needed some other points of view so their dear furriend Ralphie was invited to join and was named Yorkie Representative...

In 2007 after I made the journey to Rainbow’s Bridge I was invited to join and an initiation was held with gold lug nuts...I was honored to be part of the Panther Club and through the years our membership has grown...Louis,EJ and more...

The purpose of our club is to watch over our families and when someone upsets our moms we fly down and create some mischievious pranks on the offending person...

This week we were honored to welcome a new honary member...The beautiful Aggie...After we taught here the Panther dance she presented us with fruit hats and taught us all how to conga....shake shake shake...Look in my pictures and you can see us all doing the conga with Aggie because D-Max put his camera on a tripod so we could all be in the picture...We love you Aggie...


My rainbow to Mom and Thanks

February 20th 2013 10:57 am
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Good Afternoon...

It is the day after my Bridge day and Mom's birthday...I can not believe it has been 2 years since I wrote in my diary...

First of all I want to thank you all for the pressies and messages of love and support..We will thank you all individually pronto...

Yesterday the weather was very weird at home..Mom was thinking about me a lot and knows I am now healthy and running in the meadow and playing with the fishies in the pond...

As she was making dinner for her and Pops she looked out and the sky was an odd color...Pops was out doing errands and he came home and Mom mentioned it to him and he said it was raining and the sun was trying to shine..she asked is there a rainbow???

She ran out the front door in her stocking feet and looked and there it was!!!She started crying and talking to me telling me thank you for the message and then wanted to get a picture of the time she got her camera I was already running back to the meadow but with the help of all my friends the rainbow remained a few more seconds so she could get a picture to put with me on my page..

This is the strongest message I have ever sent her...It has been 6 years since I took mny first and last car ride and she gave me the gift of my health and youth...I know you wish you could have "saved" me...You did..You did save me from suffering and I Was ready to make the journsy and be your guardian angel along with D-Max..I love you Mom always and forever....


Happy Birthday Mom

February 19th 2011 1:58 pm
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Today is Mom's Birthday...It is also my Bridge Day...We will always share this day...

My furriends Ralhpie and TedEbear helped me with a couple of poems....

The Bridge Brigade quoted this one...

They that love beyond the world
Cannot be separated by it.
Death is but crossing the world,
As friends do the seas;
They live in one another still.

-William Penn

TedEbear and his mom helped me with this one...

I asked TedEbears' mommy to write you this note
She was very careful not to misquote
We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends
And be able to write without any pens

This birthday picture, she made for you, by hand
As I talked to her from the meadowland
I really didn't want you to cry
It will get easier as time goes by

Mom, I know how hard this day must be for you
I wanted to let you know, Love you I do
I'm so sorry I had to leave on your special date
But we never know just what is our fate

So I send you birthday wishes of love
And butterfly kisses from above
Till the time, when, it's our special date
When love will have no longer have to wait.

♥ and Purrrs White Boots 2-19-2011


Happy Birthday Ms Maria

February 16th 2011 5:33 am
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Happy Birthday Ms Maria...My furriend TedEbear helped me write this for you...I want to share this with all of Catster because you are both very special to me and my furmily...

Thank You Ms Maria for being there
When Mom didn't have much time to prepare
Everything seemed to happen so fast
The day we knew it was time I'd past

Thank You for your loving care
The rays of hope that you share
For understanding and compassion freely given'
When someone has lost; but must keep on livin'

We all watch over you day by day
You may see us in the clouds as we play
When you see a beautiful rainbow
Then our love to earth can freely flow

The butterflies bring tender kisses of love
That you thought you were only dreaming of
As another year comes and goes
We are Thankful for the way you chose

Purrrs, White Boots.


White Shoes - A New Angel

August 15th 2010 8:48 am
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This morning Mom was taking her morning walk and talking to us asking us to guide Nanny Ruth to the light and help her cross peacefully...As she was talking to us and walking she looked down the street and saw something laying there with some boys circling it on bicycles...

As she approached the boys took off and Mom crossed the street to see what was there...It was a cat that looked almost like me except it was wearing white shoes instead of white boots....Mom looked around and found some paper and gently pushed kitty off the road onto the grass....Kitty had already joined us....I know because I welcomed it and and named the kitty White Shoes...Mom thinks a car had hit White Shoes earlier and the boys well she shudders to think what they would have done...

White Shoes is now healthy and will never have to cross a dangerous road again to find food or shelter...


Rainbow Bridge Day 2010

March 31st 2010 5:36 pm
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Love Mom

Dear White Boots…Today on this Rainbow Bridge day I send up bubbles just for you…Look for the ones with your name on them and catch them and play with them....You showed up on my patio scared but hungry for love..It took some time but you finally began to trust me and you became my friendly visitruder…Summer turned to fall and fall to winter and you were sick..I did not know just how sick you were till that cold February day I took you inside and tried to save you...It was too late and on my birthday you made the journey to the meadow to be greeted by D-Max, Ralphie and so many new friends…You are now safe and healthy never to be forgotten, always loved and living the life that you deserve never to be alone again but surrounded by friends…

Your poem was written by your good friend TedEbear’s Mom Ms Juanita…(Thank you)

High above the rainbow on a cloud we wait
getting a seat early, so we won't be late

April 1st is Rainbow Bridge Day
waiting to hear what our pawrents say

Coming to us in balloons and bubbles
we sure don't want to be any trouble

Hoping they're doing better than the year before
coping with their loss,maybe even loving one more

We know we are missed and won't be replaced
to love another is not to be disgraced

Love Mom


Remembering by TedEbear and his Mommy on my 3 year Bridge- day

February 19th 2010 2:31 pm
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My Dear furiend White Boots,
Outta the blue this morning Mommy started to write a poem for you.
I started it in your pressy on your page. Now here is the full poem. I hope you like it.


You may not remember the love of being in someones arms
But a woman fell in love with your lofty charm
She cared for you as best she could
Trust her? Not knowing if you should
She couldn't save you from being sick
But she loved you from afar, that was her trick
She convinced you she intended no harm
But to make you safe and comfortable there on the farm
Your new life too short, but blessed with love
Now, You watch over her, with love, from above.

Hoping precious memories help you through this day of your crossing anniversary 2/19/2010
Mommy Juanita and TedEbear


A letter from Mom to me

February 18th 2009 6:37 pm
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Dear White Boots...

I am writing to you this evening because I am not sure how I will be feeling tomorrow morning...2 years ago you went on your first and last car ride with me and Pops...I knew you were sick..I am so sorry I did not know how sick you were...the spring and summer of 2006 you decided that you were going to live on the patio..You came with 2 other cats but they decided to became a couple and they left the patio area....You were lonely and wanted another cat to be friends with...You saw Midnight in the tried to be friends with him but he hissed at you...Because of his delicate health I did not bring you inside when you first came to the patio...

How I regret not taking you inside but at the same time I know that you were happy on your patio hunting and sitting by the pond....You were my Guard cat...We lovingly called you the Friendly Intruder..But you were never an intruder...You were and still are a part of the family...

You had your little file cabinet house and when it got cold you had your heated blankie...Every morning when I got up to take my walk you would greet me and I would feed you and give you fresh water..And oh how you liked those belly rubs....

But you were sick and getting sicker...that cold day I brought you into the house you were so glad to be inside but I waited too long and as we were driving to Dr Steve I told you about D-Max and how 25 months earlier he had made the journey to the meadow and he would be there to greet you along with Ralphie, Baggy, Boo Boo and so many others...

After the Vet tech came back with the news that you had feline aids you crawled up the table to be close to me for one last time....We said good bye to you and told you that you would never be cold or hungry again...Please forgive me for not taking better care of you...You stole a piece of my heart...Tomorrow I will try to remember the day you ate the chips out of the bowl and the day you brought the squirrel to your file cabinet house...the happy memories....Now go find D-Max and chase some butterflies...

Love Mom always and forever

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