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All the Going's On in my cat trials

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Worried about my Best Friend

February 16th 2009 8:53 am
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I just don't understand what is going on with my Pal and brother Polar Bear. I have been behaving so lost so mom says, I guess it because Polar Bear does not seem to want to play much since the operation on his ear and he seems so sad! I try really hard to comfort him by rubbing and purring and laying beside and on him I so hope this is helping him to get well. I would be so lost without him he is the only dog who understands this cat.


No! Not Another Dog

December 18th 2008 3:09 pm
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Good grief! there is another dog in my house and get this she thinks I want to play! How fruity is that?
Nope I am not gonna like her for one reason I can't scare her like I can Oreo and Daisy, instead she(Lilly) UGH! will try and chase and bark at me. Okay I will admit one thing she is fast! But will abide my time and then POW! right in the nose I will get her. How earth could mom bring another dog into my home, the gall of her! One thing about it I have turned into the grumpiest cat in this house and will I ever continue to throw my fits!


Injured Kitty

November 18th 2008 3:49 pm
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Well I finally went and did it! hurt me, myself and I. Mom was feeling pretty good and so was I so we went on line to write this. Sorry I have been away so long.
I have not been allowed outside for the past month darn it, even though I have hurt myself I have made every attempt to get out that door. Worse yet I had to go see the old vet blah! I hate vets.
The funny think him and mom have really speculated over what happened they both think I jumped off of the fence. I am never going to tell what exactly happened.
At first I was really hurting with an awful limp that made mom cry a whole lot. But as the weeks have been passing the limp is getting better.
Oh yes the vet said I tore ligaments in the elbow! I got some shots that I was quite good about and some medication. Mom told me I would not be that fast ever again that the shrew chasing will have to end. It has ended for a while I still am not allowed outside just yet but when I do get to go out look out I am just gonna pounce!
I am very sorry for missing out on being cat for a week, and do I have some stupid news mom is going to bring home another little dog good grief when will it end!
Well guess that's it for now I better go pretend to rest just to make mom happy.


It's been Forever

October 13th 2008 7:55 pm
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Well once again it has taken mom forever to help me write this, but I guess I can understand. Mom has been very ill, first with a serious back problem and now she has been to the old doctor 2 times over the Pneumonia she is battling. So I guess its okay for now. Not too much has been happening accept all the rain and boy I do not like that. I have made me a new personal bed right at the front door on a box of movies that has a coat on it. Its so nice and warm and I am high enough to slap each dog that walks by its just so much fun. Well I better go do some snacking dad just threw down some tuna for me. I will be back soon.


I had to take Descpline Action with Polar and Oreo.

August 1st 2008 8:07 pm
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Boy yesterday was tough enough with the sheep, but today was so boring! I can't believe it rained all day. Well? where did summer go? I laid around and slept, and pouted a little. Those stupid dogs really bugged me too. What is up with Polar? I know he does not like the neighbor boys because they tease. But I would nod off and BARK BARK BARK! Oreo too in the window, BARK BARK BARK really it was too much. So when mom let Polar in I sat at the top of stairs carefully waiting for the right second. Then I pounced and really attacked that long furry tail as he walked by and ratted it good. Next I laid right near Oreo. I sure hope they learned something from this action I had to take.


A Sheepish Tale

July 31st 2008 10:27 am
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Holly Hanna! you just are not going to believe it! This morning just 2 hours ago, the neighbors SHEEP escaped and ended up across the street from my house. Do know what these fury devils did? They all lined up along the ditch and stared at me. How dare they stare and BAAA.... at me! So I walked into the road stood all my hair up and growled and hissed. What happened next is blank to me but mom said the it was the black sheep who came after me, then the others all chased me in hot pursuit. I remember fleeing for my life and jumping. Mom said its then she opened the front door .....
All I know is I am not coming out from under the couch for a while! NOT COMING OUT MOM! just stop trying.


I got a BATH

July 29th 2008 1:49 pm
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The nerve of that teen boy! giving me a bath! He decided because he had to bath Daisy and Oreo that I now needed one. I admit Daisy does stink and Oreo is a slob. Me no! heavens no...
I am as clean as they come, why on earth do I do all my own grooming?
I did not make it easy at first... I scratched, clawed, sigh though I have to admit is was somewhat nice have that warm water spill over me and that nice smelling soap rubbed all over me. That's right after a while I enjoyed it but just this one time.


I have been TAGGED by Patchez HOORAY!

July 21st 2008 3:40 pm
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Oh goody I been tagged by Patchez...
and so I get to tell about 6 things I DON'T LIKE ! Yeah!

1. OREO, that fur ball is way to spoiled
2. Daisy mae, If I can bite I her in the butt I will! MOL! she complains about everything!
3. Not getting fed first thing in the morning!
4. THE VET! because he has NEEDLES for SHOTS!
5. Not getting let in a very exact, timely manner!
6. OREO laying on my very special pillow!

Now I have to go tag 5 friends......


Shrews, Garden Snakes, Oh my!

July 7th 2008 7:01 pm
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WOW! summer has started off with a great hunting season for me so far. I have found and brought home 10 shrews and 3 garden snakes! I felt mom did not appreciate it so I started bringing them in the house. Mom has been surprised by finding them laying in the hallway! Her screams really mean something to me. I think everyone really loved the live one too! Mom was really running and screaming today and dad even came home to see what it was mom was screaming about and he helped me re-catch it Oh what a an adventure I am having with the start of summer, it's gonna be a good one.


The Day Swallows Attacked

June 4th 2008 5:45 pm
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A couple of days ago I was outside while the sun was finally out shining. I was not hunting nor doing anything! When this dang Swallow began dive bombing me at the mail box....
I have never ever been bombed by a bird, they usually fly in terror from me. What the heck was wrong with this bird it was brave or stupid not sure it was. I hate to admit this part it began to scare me.. that's what I said. I started running for the house but it dived again, right in the driveway, I hit the dirt! and flopped to my side then it came again and I covered my head with my paws, I was thinking I was done for. Then mom came and called me I got to my feet and ran a huge retreat into the house mewing at mom the whole way, because the stupid bird was coming again. I leaped into the house rolling head over paws! I was safe! That was the up side, down side was mom saw the whole thing and has not been talking about with other humans for days.

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