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Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

October 31st 2010 1:27 pm
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The Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary is trying to win a contest so they can use the funds to build a forever shelter for FIV and Leukemia positive cats rescued from shelters. Many shelters will not invest time or money to help these cats find homes, sadly most have no hope. Please visit my page and click on the Pepsi Refresh Everything blinkee and show your support. Today is the last day and they need a miracle to win, please help, be a part of that miracle.


Please Help My Friends

October 27th 2010 9:57 pm
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My friends at the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary are trying to win a grant from Pepsi to put in another building to house Leukemia and Feline Aids positive cats rescued from shelters. Please help them give these cats a second chance, so many are put down, not because they are ill but because they are conceived as being not adoptable. I have put a voting widget on my page to make it easy for all of you to vote. Please vote and have your friends vote too, there are just a few days left.



October 14th 2009 10:59 pm
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Thank you all for the warm wishes and sweet gifts for my DDP today. It was a nice surprise, made even nicer by all of you.
Hugs, Wanda


Halloween Tag

October 7th 2009 5:42 pm
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I have been tagged to play Halloween tag by my good friend the beautiful Anna. I have to list the reasons I love Halloween in my diary and go tag some pals to play.
1. I always got to take car rides near Halloween to see all of the decorated houses.
2. Everyone always has such fun with Halloween games.
3. I love seeing all of my pals here all dressed up.
4. My boy Normy loves Halloween and he got tagged too, so we will be tagging the same pals!
5. I am kinda sad because meowmy always misses me more on holidays, but I know that she still loves me very much.

I tag
Guido the Italian Kitty


Ice Cream Tag!

June 24th 2009 7:08 pm
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Wow, I have been tagged twice to play the ice cream tag game! One of the games is to list my favorite, which we never got much ice cream, just a little plain vanilla occasionally, but it was very good. The other tag is to name the ice cream that would best fit us, that's a tough one! But meowmy always likes butter pecan and that suits me pretty well too, it's sweet and nutty ---aren't we all!!!!!! Thanks for tagging me Flora Cat and Humphrey Lee Haunted! I am going to tag, the kitties I tag can play either game :

Karma Kitty


My Very First Cougar Song

March 10th 2009 11:25 pm
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OMC! This is just the best, so I had to let everyone read it! I love it so much, Thank you Navin R Johnson Davis! Bless you for doing this for me.

FROM: Navin R. Johnson-Davis TO: Wanda

Group: Navin and Buds
Subject: A Birthday Song for Wanda! Sent: Tue Mar 10

Oh my goodness! Today is our amazing Wanda's birthday! And guess what else? I am actually ON TIME for once in wishing her happy bday! MOL! Ok, ok....dear Wanda, I have composed a Cougar song for you!

Everyone here is very fond-a
Our beloved Bud Wanda!
Besides being our resident cartoonist
Wanda is always here to assist
And purr and pray for our Buds in need
Wanda is an angel indeed
Here at the Bridge she plays with paper wads
And she rides around in her very own
Hot rod!
While here at the Bridge
We are all full of bliss
We know just how much
Dear Wanda is missed
And I give her family my Cougar vow
That Wanda is ALWAYS with you now
And Wanda wishes on her special day
For you to think of her here at play
And to you her family
She sends her love
And she is always watching over you from above

Dear Wanda,
I hope you have a wonderful birthday my friend

All my love,
Navin R. Johnson-Davis


What a Great Week!

March 10th 2009 12:16 pm
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I have had the best week, so many friends dropping by, leaving thoughtful messages and cherished gifts.
I am Member of the Month on the Welcome Waggin for Catster, such a great honor. I even got to do an interview!
My cartoon went out yesterday and the sweet comments I always get from them really brighten my day. So kind and thoughtful of all of you to take the time to drop me a line.
Today is my Birthday, I am nine! It is kind of a sad day for my meowmy though, she really misses me on special days. The birthday wishes from all of my friends have helped make it a great day. Thanks to all of you!!! Big hugs too!!!


Best Friends Ever

March 4th 2009 1:12 pm
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I have had so much company stop by my page this week, it has been so much fun! My cartoon went out Monday and I was a daily diary pick on Tuesday, what a great week so far! I recieved lots of nice paw-mails about both my cartoon and diary and recieved some sweet gifts too. We love doing the cartoons and it's even more fun sharing them, still haven't come up with one for next week yet-but I will!
Thanks to all of the following for the sweet messages:
Hazel Lucy, Margo, Floosie, Callie, Rosie the Cat, Sausage, Buddy Always Loved, Squirrel, Lucky Lorenzo and family, Libby, Ebea, The Jersey Gang of Three, Gimme (Guillermo Hemmingway) and family, Twix, Athena and family, Felix, Captain Morgan, Navin R Johnson Davis(such a sweetheart), Mr Sam at the Bridge, Tessa, Rufus, Beloved Angel Amelia (I love her too!) and anyone else that I may have missed!
Thanks to the following for the sweet gifts:
Hooch and his precious family-Leprechaun Hat-BTW I look cool in it!
Sir Sonny Bono (right back at ya, Sonny) -Kisses
Callie-my very first emerald
Ashlye Delicous Dazzle and her huge pawsome family-Leprechaun Hat
Wally, Sir Alfred and family, great friends-Shamrock
Dusty Miller and his great family-Shamrock
Sausage and Meatball (their names always make me hungry)-Leprechaun Hat
Aisha and Tailer-another beautiful emerald
I sure hope I didn't leave anyone out, that would make me feel bad. I read and treasure every message, thanks everyone!


Cat of the Day February 24th 2009-Me!!!

February 24th 2009 11:16 pm
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I got a wonderful surprise yesterday, I was named Catster's Cat of the Day! I had a great day, with friends dropping by all day and sending me messages. Meowmy and the whole family are so proud of me. Thank you Catster for giving me this honor.
Yesterday was also cartoon posting day and I got lots of messages from that too! What a fun day I had. Thank you all for being a part of it, and helping me celebrate. Hugs to all.
Special thanks to the following who sent me wonderful messages and prezzies:
Sir Sonny Bono-bouquet of roses and a nice cruise in his Hummer
Greta, Humphrey Lee Haunted, Roger Bleu-diamond
Family of Ciao Li, Jean Louise "Weezer", Sheba, Katie, Arlo-pink ribbon
Hooch and his lovely family (get better soon dear friend)-diamond
KC Sunshine, Mittens, Abby, Pete & Jennifer-diamond
Family of Chai Latte-Capone, Little Bit, Sugar Bear-diamond
Family of Sammy, Tony, Stormy, Greystone & Cleo-rose
Karma Kitty, Charlie Clarence, Punkin Poo & Bobbi Boi-rose
Wvan-Lea Wendy Avalon-rose
Family of Lily, Boingo, Tigger, Poo and the Crew-a leprechaun hat
Family of Kinsey, Mittens & Baby Corky-shamrock
Family of Spotty, TC a beautiful angel, Diogi, Nelson, Misty and more-shamrock
Family of Shmitty, Moo Moo, Schimat & Piper-rose
Family of Alabaster, Chauncey, Muffin & Shula-shrimp
Cally Jane-shamrock
Family of Jewels, Shamara, Toby & Sasha-a nice picture and a blue ribbon
Sir Alred Knead a Lot-a rainbow star and a nice picture
Alfie and family-kisses
Family of Mathis der Meowler, Bell, Antoinettte, Entrechat, Figaro, Kragen, Dusty & Clara-shamrock
Beloved Angel Amelia, such a sweetie always-gold star
Family of Milo, Marvin, Minku, Kitty & Rosco-red ribbon
Sausage and Meatball-shamrock
Oliver-gold star
Romeo and family-kisses
Family of Smokey, Hazel, Tuffy, Sammy & Pickles-shamrock
Family of Alfie, Chloe, Turbo-rose
Opus, Timona & Simba-pot of gold
Peanut-gold star
Nelly Bell May and family-bouquet of roses
Ashlye Delicous Dazzle, Cinderella, Sock, Simi, Awnee, Jinx, Miracle Baby, Chance, Bruno, Marcelino, Cassidy, Sophie, Clara, Juliet, Grace, Pastel, Shrimp, Mimi, Scooter, Foxie, Zen, Caramel, Summer, G Kitties, Emma and Ike-heart
Dusty Miller, Ernest Hemmingway, Jennifer, Sasha, Curly, Gabby, Noah, Yugi, Ode to the Outside Kitty, Old Man Kitty, Jinx, Louis, Silver Tiger Kitty& Rusty-diamond
Maggie Moo-red ribbon
Bitu-blue ribbon
Whisper, Flower, Apollo, MauMau, PeekABoo, Riley, Gizmo, Simba, Mr Wikit-my buddy pal, Golden Boy, Bootsie, Teddy Bear, Little One, Alf, Baby, Buddy Bear-rose
Princess, Queenie & Puff-pot of gold
Sam, Mr D, Raza, Balster-black cat
Princess Zoe, a very sweet friend-diamond and a crown!

Pawlette NipNoNo, Sir Sonny Bono, Hazel Lucy, Kibbles, Peaches, Lucky, Squirrel, Sonny, Mouse & Family, Libby, Muffy, Sir Alfred Kneads a Lot, Lily, Calvin, Twix, Athena, Felix and Navin R Johnson Davis and all the others who sent sweet messages.


I have been tagged!

December 30th 2008 11:53 am
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My good friend Greta has invited me to play tag, thanks Greta! I am to name seven things about me and tag seven friends.

1 Even though I am at the Rainbow Bridge, I am still taking care of my family as always.

2 I am a cartoonist for the Cartoons on Catster Group, it is so much fun.

3 My picture was on a angel tree this Christmas.

4 I never had kits of my own, but adopted a smart boy -Norman, he's a good boy.

5 I have the best friends in the whole world.

6 I came from a very large family, it is great.

7 Meowmy misses me very much, I miss her too.

Now I tag:


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Norman DB#93
Tess 9-10-2005
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11-1-1998 to
Mama Kitty
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