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The sad story of the power cord and Beignet's diasppearance- part 2

April 11th 2009 9:27 am
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Well. Beignet the stinky kitten is back. He returned a few hours after I posted my confession. He seems fine, but he smelled like the v*t's office, so I growled at him. Also he doesn't seem to be quite the man he was before he left home. Hmmm. My guardian angel Bear who knows everything suggested that maybe he had gone to get fixed at the v*t, like I did when I was little. hmmmmm. Looks like I confessed for nothing. I should have demanded a plea deal.

I would have posted the news of Beignet's homecoming earlier. My angel friend Cole wrote to check on Beignet's whereabouts and ask, in confidence, if I really ate the cord. (I wonder if he'd like to act as my lawyer..) However, when mom turned on the computer, she found that the NEW power cord had been chewed. uh-oh again. The weird thing is she now takes the cord off the computer and puts in in a drawer when she's not using it. So the culprit (!?) had to chew the cord right in front of her!!! And she didn't see it. You should have heard the "unhappy" words flying around my house. My ears are still pink with embarrassment. Beignet being away from home, the only cats in the room when she was computing were me, Pomme and Beignet's sister, Cajole. Once again suspicion falls on me. sigh. Pomme hardly ever moves, and Cajole bounces like a silly kitten everywhere, extremely noisy and visible. That leaves me, and mom thinks I am perfectly capable of silently slinking, panther-like, up from the bottom of the bed and hiding behind the screen while I gnaw on the wire undetected. I think the new cord must be very flimsy to give in so quickly. Either that or, like an experienced assassin, I... I mean somecat... now know exactly where to strike to disable that fascinating snaky little cord. I really need a good lawyer.

So I no longer have any access to the computer. No more lazy afternoons curled up on mom's bed snuggling sweetly (:D ) while she piddles around on the computer. Time to go torment the stinky kitten. I still have some hobbies left.



April 9th 2009 6:16 am
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So mom was finally getting over her bronchitis. It was Spring Break day one and all was right with the world. Then she tried to turn on the computer. Nothing. uh-oh. Checking the power cord she found it had been eaten down to the shiny silver wires. uh-oh. A very unhappy mommy. Lots of unhappy scolding noises. I sat, quiet and mature, and pointed my paw at those stinky kittens.

Some time later......mommy comes home with a package. MANY more unhappy scolding noises. Apparently she had no idea that replacement power cords cost 100+ dollars. sniff (licks paw nonchalantly). This is not really my problem, mom. I chalk that up to corporate greed. Also, apparently, we cats are no longer allowed to read Mr. Lollycat McNono's diary without adult supervision.

ok, so we're all powered up and back in business, no real harm done.....
So how come all of a sudden last night all the food and water was removed?? This is cruel and unusual punishment!! I plan to immediately contact the Obama administration and ask them to send mom the memo against torture. The woman is vindictive.

Then, yesterday morning, BEIGNET DISAPPEARED!!!!!! I did notice mom walk through the kitchen with the carrier, but being weak with hunger and thirst, I didn't really pay close attention. A bit later our food and water reappeared. After a hearty breakfast, I felt like taunting that stinky kitten. He wasn't on top of my cat tree. He wasn't lurking, kitten butt in the air, behind the dresser in the hall. He wasn't hiding under the bed in Pomme's room. He's not anywhere!

For the love of Cat, what will mom do next? All because of a little power cord snack? She's out of control.

It's been 24 hours and still no Beignet. Do you think she got rid of him because of the power cord? I'm gnawing my claws in guilt. OK OK I did it. I ate the power cord. I CONFESS! There. I'll take my punishment like a man...can Beignet come back now?


That Kitten

March 2nd 2009 8:41 am
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That kitten Beignet has apparently disrespected me in his diary today. He is about to become a kitten tender.

For the record, I was not frightened by the snow or the thunder. I simply have sensitive paw pads and my mother failed to provide me with adequate footwear.



January 18th 2009 9:46 am
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Mommy kissed me ten times this morning and told me I'm the beautifullest gray boy ever. I am monitoring constantly to be sure she does not kiss that terrorist kitten more times than me. So far so good.



December 31st 2008 3:54 am
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Mom called the v*t to see when Beignet should get his rabies shot. (I suspected he was rabid...) The v*t checked the records and said Beignet and sisters' birthday is listed as September 11!!!!!! This explains EVERYTHING! We have been harboring a cell of terrorist kittens! Help! Call Homeland Security!



December 22nd 2008 7:09 am
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So I stroll into the kitchen. I yawn and stretch and trot over to MY cat tree. Who is sitting smugly in the topmost perch peering down at me? That little white lab rat Beignet!!! What is my world coming to?


Best Guardian Angel Ever

December 14th 2008 5:04 am
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So last Monday we looked out the kitchen window to see mommy pull up in the driveway after work. Odd, we thought, to see the convertible top down in this cold weather.... Then she pulled this very tall alien contraption out of the car, but it wrestled her to the ground!! We all lined up at the window to offer moral support to mom in this life or death struggle. The tall alien managed to get back up on its base, and mom grappled with it and managed to drag it up to the back porch! What was she thinking? Don't let it in here!! Then the back door opened and mom dragged in the tallest cat tree ever! Alriiight mom! Merry Catmas to ME!

Apparently what happened was this: I had been chatting with my Guardian Angel Bear about which of us was fastest. I said that even without his wings, and even considering my youthful muscles, he would beat me in a race because I'm not allowed outside "at. all. ever." So I've had no way to practice my running skills, sigh. Bear said I need a tall cat tree like Sid has at their house. He said Sid zooms and races up and down this wonderful tree.
So a few days later we ran out of litter (yikes!). Mom stopped at Petsmart after her hard day at school to buy litter and only litter. No cute holiday outfits. No catsitter videos for Christmas presents. No more mousies. But something in the next aisle called to her. There it was, a very tall climbing and sitting tree. With a hiding house near the bottom and a lookout all the way at the top. And many perches. As mommy was standing staring at it, somehow it balanced itself on top of her shopping cart. She pushed it to the checkout line and only knocked over one display.

As soon as I saw it in my kitchen I climbed to the top, curled up and purred a huge thank you to Bear for sending me my new cat tree. He really is the best Guardian Angel Ever.

ps: psst, Bear, can you keep the sisfurs out of my lookout please? Thanks.


A Hero goes to the Bridge

November 29th 2008 4:24 am
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I'm never going to go to sleep again. Last night while I was sleeping my hero Bear went to the Rainbow Bridge.

At 6 o'clock this morning I woke up because although it was still dark, the sky was filled with diamonds and stars and rainbows. It was so beautiful! So I woke mom up to look. She rubbed my head and said "Somebody very special passed over the Bridge tonight Snoop." Then we looked at each other. We knew it had to be Bear. So this is what happens when heroes leave their earth families and friends.

I've wanted to be just like Bear since I was a fuzzy kitten. He was big and strong and beautifully gray. Bear was COOL! Even before I knew what an awesome guy he was, I looked at pictures of him lounging on his deckchair having summer parties and I thought "Now THAT'S the kind of cat I want to be!" He raised his brothers Pete and Sid and he was even nice to his sister Sarah. He was a fierce hunter. He guarded his house. No bird or critter ever dared to trespass at Bear's house! Well, unless the guys caught it and brought it in (maybe put it in the tub) as a special tribute to their mommy. Bear LOVED his mommy!!! He was the best cat ever. His mommy said so and mommies never lie about that stuff. If I work very hard and remember everything Bear taught me maybe one day my mom will say that about me.

Bear lived a long happy life filled with days in the sun, grass to chew, brothers to wrestle and a doting mom to snuggle. When his heart and his kidneys slowed down, he knew how much his mom needed him and he fought like a warrior to stay with her as long as he could. He even taught his doctors and student vets how to care for other cats. There will be countless other kitties who will need eye surgery whose lives will be saved because of Bear. There will be hundreds of cats with heart disease and renal disease who will get superior care. And every time their vets help them, they will be remembering Bear.

I know that. But that isn't drying my tears right now.

Bear was brave enough to stay, in spite of everything, until Thanksgiving. He was so smart and he knew that was the way to give his mom the biggest thank you and I love you in the world. He knew Thanksgiving Day was special, and moms are busy. I think he knew it was probably his time, but he stayed till it was quiet again and he could have a day all to himself with his mom. It was only after a whole day of comforting and being comforted by his mom that he went to the Bridge.

It's getting light now and I bet if my eyes weren't so full of water I could see Bear rolling around with his brother Fred up at the Bridge. Bear told me all about Fred, so I know Bear's having the best time ever right now, reunited with his brother and sister Twisty, and running and jumping and he can see again and nothing hurts anymore! But I hurt. So I think I'll sit here at the window and strain my eyes a little bit more. I'm looking for beautiful shining blue shapes in the sky. I'm trying to see a hero at the Bridge.



November 23rd 2008 10:32 am
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Well, it must be official. Mom made that little white kitten a Catster page, so that must mean he's staying. Will someone explain the fostering process to mom, please? She missed the part where the foster cats go find other homes.
Can you tell my teeth are bared and my ears are back?


Hero Worship

November 8th 2008 1:09 pm
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I had to go to the v*t yesterday. I've gotten so big I barely fit into the carrier. I cried ALL the way there. Mommy talked to me. I cried. She reached in and pat my head. I wailed. She said "Snoop Dogg! Shame on you. Think about your friend Bear. He has to go to the v*t all the time. He gets lots of tests and has to have lots of medicine. I bet he doesn't cry like a baby the whole way there. All you need are your yearly shots!" I sniffled. I remembered how brave Bear is and how much I look up to him. He is my hero.
I felt bad that I let Bear down. He'd want me to be brave too.
So I didn't bite the v*t.
Then I cried all the way home.

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