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Tails of Woe and Tragedy

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Happy Birthday Note From Rainbow...

June 19th 2011 6:37 pm
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Dear Spot,

Happy Birthday! Your friends online sent so many wonderful messages and rosie awards... Made the secretary a little misty eyed, but she wanted me to help thank all of them for you. You are still a very loved little Spotty Dotty. Thank you very much friends!

Here at the Colony, we had a hard winter. After you left us, my sister Niinii left too. She died of heart failure which was very hard to watch and treat and just to try to help her conquer. We were all in pain with her... So look for her up there at the bridge with you!

This spring I was having a little trouble dealing with day to day life here. The house just felt empty and I had no kitty buds to cuddle with at nap time. (I know Tutu the cat's still here, but you know how she's a loner and a tortie.)

So about a week ago; the humans came home with a new little kitten. She's a black and white tux cat. At first I tried to ignore her, but she's growing on me fast. I'm already playing running games with her around the house and helping bath her. She tastes like kitten food and milk, so I think she's great! And it's just nice to have someone else furry around again. I even woke up with her napping next to me a couple times!

I keep looking for you in the basement, wandering around calling for you like I used to do when you were downstairs on mouse hunt or something. It's been a rough winter. But it's looking to be a better summer.

Love you and Happy 17th, Spot!



Dear Spot...

December 26th 2010 6:51 am
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Dear Spot,

Had a great holiday, you should have seen it! We got a compressed catnip ball, just like the nephews! We took turns licking, bunny kicking, and batting it around the floor. The humans gave us a new cardboard scratcher pad called a "Super Scratcher." I lounged on it and observed the openings as you usually did.

I've gotten awfully thin since last summer. I got really depressed and sick there when you left, but pulled through. Now they say I'm going on your chicken and meatball diet too! I'm sure excited about that. And yesterday I got 4 wet catfood meals out of the humans. It was great!

Miss you horribly, buddy. There's several trains under the tree this year, and it's hard stopping the traffic on them without your help. And wow you did a lot of lap sitting! Tutu and I have been trying to pick up the slack, but that's kinda exhausting even for the two of us. She's taken over your nap spot by the heater, by the way... Of course you might now all this from watching over us this past many months.

Love you, Spotty Man!
Happy Holidays!



Message From the Secretary: Spot

July 28th 2010 5:13 am
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The Woman kept telling me that she really thought this would be Spot's last summer. He'd been losing weight, despite many many meals a day. He was still acting like himself, but it was obvious that he was getting older & weaker rapidly. He was even having the occasional accident, and had started using the human toilet instead of his litter box. She wasn't looking forward to the day when she'd have to take him in to the vet for that final visit. But she was also determined not to let him suffer. From having other old kitties, we all suspected kidney failure or cancer.

Despite his apparent deterioration, he was still managing to trick his humans by running out the back door almost daily. He mostly stayed near and around the ducks in the backyard, so the escape habits were overlooked. After all, if an ancient cat wants to go out and sit with a flock of ducks, why not?! There is one place Spot NEVER goes near: the road out front. His little brother was killed there when they were both less than a year old. Spot has always been very leery of that area.

But for some reason, the other night he decided to leave the backyard and venture there. The humans heard the horrible noise of the accident and came rushing outside to see what/who had been hit... They found Spot unconscious, but alive. They rushed him to the emergency vet, but arrived too late. They said he woke up briefly, looked up at them and purred a little. He was in such shock, they don't think he felt much... I sure hope that they are right. He was such a loved little guy, it's horrible he had to go this way.

In response, the Humans put up a new leash run and are more strictly enforcing the rule that all cats must go outside with collar and leash only. So far only Tutu, Spot's once Valentine, is objecting loudly.

It almost feels as though Spot knew what was coming, and chose his own time. Goodbye, little Spot the Dot. May you be at peace with your father, mother, and brother Spartikiss. Farewell, my friend.


Good Bye, Spotty Dotty.

July 27th 2010 6:52 pm
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It hurts to type this, but our beloved Spotty has left us. I'll write more when I'm done crying, but for now... Please keep your fur babies on leashes when outside. And give them all the love you can. Purrs. -the Secretary.


New Floor For Humans: New Friends For Spotty!

July 23rd 2010 5:56 am
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I made some new friends this week! They were a crew of guys sent over to redo our floor in the living room. It seems that carpet that I've spent years and years barfing on is finally dead. I watched the Sister and her Husband rip it up with glee... Gee they were happy about that!

Then they carried these big boxes in the house, and we had this big empty room to play in. I told Rainbow we should leave it like this and make it our ballroom. But he told me that ballrooms have better floors than this. As in, they have floors. We kinda just had this gross discolored plywood.

Then, as if the humans read our minds: they put in a hardwood floor!!! These guys came over and were sawing, pounding nails, being manly... Every other kitty was scared, so they ran and hid. But me, I couldn't hear much of what they were doing. I mostly was just excited that these guys were being manly, and I'm a real guy cat. So I hippity hopped over and sat beside them while they worked. And purred for them. At one point they'd pulled up the nasty floor and there was a hole to the basement! But Sister warned them that I'd think that was cool, so they made sure I didn't hippity hop into the hole... darn.

But man o man, what a great time! I just love making new friends... Sure miss those Arizonians, though. They were even into hugging me!!!


Spot Gets Some Love.

July 16th 2010 12:19 pm
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Humans came all the way from Arizona just to see ME! It was so amazing, I must be famous! I know! It's like as if having my own online blog didn't mean I was famous: I have now SEEN my fans. And they are wonderful humans.

I heard them coming to the door, asking the Woman & Sister if that "Three legged cat was still around? How's SPOTTY?!" And I just lit up! They know my name!!! (Thank goodness my selective deafness was on the "Off" mode.) They came inside, and just gave me a TON of hugs and love! The Man from Arizona even let me drape on his shoulders while he ate! No one lets me do that! He just thought I was the coolest cat ever, I just know it.

They stuck around for hours and hours. They had a fire in the backyard fire pit, but had to come back inside just to get more cuddles from me. I'm just gushing! Someone not only knew me, remembered me, but also wanted love from me!!! It was truly a dream come true for a Spotty Dotty.

Thank you so much for visiting, Arizona Humans. You are welcome back any time! And as for the rest of my fans out there, come on over! I just LOVE cuddling humans! Purrrrs!


I've become a duck, full time.

July 9th 2010 8:03 am
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After my attempts earlier this spring to join the ducklings, I've come to realize that the best life in this house isn't being a cat; it's being a DUCK! Those guys wander the yard naked, eat stuff, nap, and have a guard duck to watch for hawks and stuff. It's really the best way to hang out. So I've become a duck this summer. I escape almost every morning, and hop over to the duck water pan. I bathe in the cleaned out tub (Yes I dip my paw in and wash off my ears and everything with it! It's very refreshing.). Then I eat some duck chow, and join the flock. We lounge in the grass and nibble on bugs and worms. I nap with them while the duck on guard duty watches out for dangers, and I travel around the yard with them. It's good times being a duck. And most importantly for me: It's SAFE!


Spot's Visiting Humans...

June 6th 2010 8:32 am
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It's a good week here at the colony. The Sister AND the Secretary are here to feed us! Not that the Humans don't feed us when they're not here; but these two humans seem a little obsessed with making sure I eat. They keep locking me in the little bathroom I was born in with a big bowl of that yummy yummy gravy cat food! Purrrrs!

The official title of the tiny bathroom is "The Abobidwa Dining Hall." Because when my parents were alive (Mr. & Mrs. Abobidwa) we all used to eat dinner in there and away from the Queen of the colony, Shelly. She didn't much like all of us. So we had our own dining hall! And now as an old aging kitty I dine in my family dining hall again.

It's also, as I mentioned the room I was born in. Mom used to tell me the story. The Secretary found her hiding in the two storied green two storied scratching post and ran to find the Woman. They put together a box and towel for Mom to have us in. That night the Secretary slept on the floor in a sleeping bag with us, because she was so excited about our birth. Mom took us all out one by one and put us on top of her to sleep. From then on, every night Mom took us out to sleep on top of the Secretary! (Of course eventually our box house was moved to the Sectary's bedroom so she wouldn't sleep on the floor.) Eventually we could climb out of the box to bounce around and try to sleep on the bed with her... We each had our own places we liked to sleep on the Secretary. My spot was on her left shoulder.

Which brings me to the next exciting thing that's going on this week: I get to sleep in bed with the Secretary! I hopped in that first night she was here, and immediately knew where I was going to sleep... Right on her left shoulder. And I'm so skinny and tiny now, she says it kind of feels like me as a tiny kitten all over again. Purrrs!


ps- THANK YOU!!!

June 1st 2010 1:59 pm
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Oh I feel so very very loved! Thank you so much for the fine Memorial Day Feast on my page. You kitties are wonderful. I'm going to read and purr at each and every one. Purrs!


Will Duckling For Food!

June 1st 2010 1:53 pm
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This morning I was hip hop hopping around looking for food, when I noticed the big container waiting by the door that the humans bring down tot he duck yard. I think it's filled with food for those ducks that live in the backyard... I thought to myself, "I'm not too picky to try duck food!" So I poked my nose in the container and WOW! This was apparently duckling food, all ground down for tiny beaks (or Toothless Wonders). It was just the best thing I've tasted since lunch!

When the Woman was going outside to take care of the ducks, I raced out between her legs! She just shrugged and kept at her work. (Apparently she wasn't worried about an ancient cat hopping around the backyard!) I decided to follow her and find out where that delicious food was going. Apparently we have ducklings in the duck house now! Who knew?! They were pecking in the dirt, dabbling around at a big tub of water, and being cute. I thought, "I can do that!!!"

I jumped in the duck yard with the Woman and started scratching at the dirt for worms. Then I ran over for a drink at the tub with the other ducklings (who all kinda tried to run away from their new ancient cat brother). I batted at the nice clean water the Woman had just put in there, and splashed it all over. I chirped and tilted my head, to look extra cute and baby duck-like. But the Woman wasn't fooled.

She started trying to shoo me out of the duck yard. It was quite a confusion and mess: me running around, the ducks flocking every which way away from me, and the Woman chasing me around and starting to look grumpy. What?! I just wanted some more duckling food!!!

She took me inside and gave me some of that yummy canned cat food. YUM! Best thing I've had to eat since the duck food! Purrrrs

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