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Faith's Diary

Been almost 3 years

July 27th 2012 6:43 am
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Wow...I can't believe it's been almost three years. Mom has realized over the last few weeks that most of her memories of me are more happy than sad. She remembers the meowwwwing waiting for dinner, or asking for some of her chicken. She remembers me walking into the living and telling those beagles to move on out of the way. She remembers me hopping on the sofa to take a place next to her and watcing the beagles move over. She remembers I loved going outside and from time to time following her and the beagles on their walks. Always made her nervous that I would sometimes not come back the same way. I always did :-). She remembers so many happy things.

Faith, we do miss you. You were definitely one of a kind. We love you Faith. Keep watching over us.


I'm Diary of the Day!

August 23rd 2009 7:10 am
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Hello and old. I have to admit that mom is having a hard time typing for me right now. So many of you have reached out your paw in friendship and I want you to know how much it means to me.

This past week has been really tough for us and it's the little things that mom misses the most. I was a vocal kitty and not hearing me around the house has probably been the toughest. Not knowing what caused me to go to the bridge has been tough.

Mom knows she has to think about the positive stuff...and there's lots of it. Overall, I was a very healthy kitty and had a great life.

I am wondering and since I have friends who will read this day, it would be nice if someone could tell do you do a "tail of devotion". Is there something special I have to do or do I just title it in my diary?

Thanks for making me the diary pick of the day. Mom knows in spirit, i'm sitting in my favorite spot on the couch or soaking in the rays!


How Do I Thank You?

August 19th 2009 4:51 pm
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I am so amazed at the outpouring of love from my friends on Catster. Some I say are friends of my sister beagle, Scooter, and some of you I became friends with recently all on my own.

I don't think we ever really understood the power of Catster until now. Dogster has been a big part of our families lives and from time to time, Scooter or Trudy would post about us when we needed purrs.

Mom decided several weeks ago when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism that I needed my own friends. I joined Olde Furts and can I just tell you what an amazing group they are? Bless every of of them.

As for Scooter and Trudy's friends here, your support and love, is truly felt and we will always be grateful for you too.

Mom wants to write a devotion, but it's just too hard. I love you all and thank you for taking time to either send me a rosette, send me a pmail, send me a poem, or a special picture.

Last night my mom asked her good friend to make me wings and today, some of you reached out to make them. This makes me feel even more special that you took the time to do that. Each picture and each set of wings will be cherished.

Thank you everyone...


God Bless You Faith

August 18th 2009 6:18 pm
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Our sweet Faith went to the bridge today...very unexpected. I can't type much because it's just too hard right now. Faith passed away in her sleep at least that's what we think happened. We found her 'asleep' in the dining room this evening.

She seemed to be totally fine this morning when I went off to work. As some of you know, she had hyperthyroidism, but we don't think this has anything to do with it. She had thyroid bloodwork done two days ago and it was fine/normal.

Mom will type more later...a tribute of's still too fresh right now.

Mom knows this...Faith is with Floppy...and with our other fur angel brother, Shamus. Bless you Faith and we love you.


oh wow...i didn't update my hyperthryoidism stuff

August 6th 2009 6:28 pm
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Mom just realized she never updated my diary...shame on her! As some of you may or may not know, my dog sister, Scooter went through some serious stuff and is doing better...not 100% but she's doing good.

Here's my little update:

First, we certainly didn't get "bad" news. I was on 5 mg a day and they lowered it to 2.5 mg a day. My levels were getting to be too low with the dosage so they decreased the meds a little to try and even me out.

Second, we can't confirm for sure that I don't have kidney disease. Here's what we know. Two weeks ago my urine specific gravity level was a little low. In the bloodwork, my BUN levels were normal and my creatine level was just a touch high...they said 2.4 is normal and Faith was 2.5.

For now,I'm to stay on a low protein diet for now and if we notice any changes, we need to contact the vet.

We are getting the hyperthryoidism under control and hopefully if there's no kidney disease, we can talk about treatment options for the hyperthryoidism.

I don't know a whole lot except that you can do surgery, take meds for the rest of my life, or do radiation treatment to shrink the it a tumor? maybe it's called something else when it comes to thyroid stuff.

i go back in two weeks to be re-tested...keep the purrs and prayers coming!


Oh my gosh!

August 5th 2009 5:12 pm
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Mom goes out of town and MOL! I get COTD! Woweeeee! Thank you Catster for thinking of me!

My sister Scooter, the beagle, has made some kitty friends and that has given me the chance to make some kitty friends of my own. Thanks so much for thinking of me and for the pretty rosettes too!





July 6th 2009 5:25 pm
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I have been peeing outside the litter box...which I have done plenty of times before...but it seemed I was doing it more often so off to the vet i went...after a full blood test and urianalysis, my doc says I have hyperthyroidism. I gotta admit mom was a bit shocked. I think she thought at the most, I might have a UTI.

The vet wants me to start new medicine and come back in a couple of weeks to be re-tested. She seems more concerned that I might have an underlying "masked" renal disease.

Please pray that they caught it early enough. I haven't lost weight which is a classic sign of hyperthyroidism so I'm hoping they caught it early.

I go back next week and we hope to have more answers....


Tail of Devotion

July 6th 2009 5:20 pm
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Gosh...where does mom start. First, she was prompted to do this when she found out I have hyperthyroidism. It's scaring mom a bit. The vet is somewhat hopeful they have caught it early, but they are concerned that the hyperthyroidism could be masking renal disease...which is sometimes a common problems in older cats.

Mom here: Faith has been with us from the beginning....she has two mommies. Back in 1995, someone showed up to my mom's work and said there was a cat that needed adopting...they were going to have to take it to a shelter because they weren't allowed pets in the apartment. Mom took Faith right away.

Faith, you have been there through so much with us. You crack me up because you have such a can be so affectionate...such a cuddle bug...but once i get up, you tell me how you feel about it :-) You always like to have things your own way.

I know the dogs have a lot of respect for does your sister, Spirit. You are the queen of this domain. You love being outside and even though that scares me to death, I let you out because it makes you the most happy. You try to follow us on our walks with the dogs...sometimes it's okay but other times you scare the crap out of me because I'm so worried you will be hit by a car.

Just know this are a sweet and wonderful cat. I have never met a cat like you before. You wear your feelings right there on your sleeve and you are never afraid to show us how you feel ;-). We love you with all our hearts.

I am praying Faith...praying that we have a few more years left. Bless you Faith!


Hi, I'm Faith!

July 6th 2009 5:10 pm
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This is my first diary entry...first, I'm going to be 15 this year old. Most kitties probably know my sister beagle Scooter.

My mom brought me to my forever home in 1995. I am known as the queen of the house. Mom thinks I'm quite the character. I can be really affectionate and at the same time, if you aren't giving me the pets and scratches that I DESERVE, I don't have a problem telling ya.

Mom thinks it's funny when I sit next to her and paw at her to give the chicken on her plate. I always seem to know when she's eating chicken. It's one of my very favorites!

I have been with mom for as long as I can remember. I was here when mom's fur angel dog Floppy went to the bridge. That was hard for all of us. Mom was sure glad to have me.

That's pretty much who I am...oh...I love cat nip!

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