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Salem's never ending struggle for dominence!


June 24th 2008 9:58 am
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My sister updated today so she snuck me onto the computer as well so I can update my diary. Mom has been so busy that I don't really get a chance to update, she doesn't sign on to the computer much and I don't have the password to log in and I see my pictures are quite old as well, I have to find some time to update some new ones. I prefer these pictures posted now cause I was slim in those pictures, I've gained a little bit of weight and I'm quite stocky now but I think it makes me even more handsome... *I'm hungry.... kibble... must eat kibble... sardines... mmm...* oh sorry back to my posting, things have been fantastic, I do almost all of the scratching of the furniture now, my sister is more into using the scratching post and it's like I know there's 2 of them in the house but I'm usually on the couch anyway and don't have to get up so I just scratch that, I usually do it when my mom isn't looking so she has no clue it's me... she probably thinks it's my sister, well I hope she thinks it's my sister, sis acts all like "oh mommy, I love you the most" she's ... *wow I'm really hungry*... such a brown noser! I do like my sister but she can be annoying with her whole, I'm the big sister, I'm the boss crap but she's really fun to play with. Well I have to run, I'm famished... why can't she put the food on the couch to make it easier for me to access... I have to walk to the bowl now... ugh! Update ya soon!!!




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