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Salem's never ending struggle for dominence!


June 24th 2008 9:58 am
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My sister updated today so she snuck me onto the computer as well so I can update my diary. Mom has been so busy that I don't really get a chance to update, she doesn't sign on to the computer much and I don't have the password to log in and I see my pictures are quite old as well, I have to find some time to update some new ones. I prefer these pictures posted now cause I was slim in those pictures, I've gained a little bit of weight and I'm quite stocky now but I think it makes me even more handsome... *I'm hungry.... kibble... must eat kibble... sardines... mmm...* oh sorry back to my posting, things have been fantastic, I do almost all of the scratching of the furniture now, my sister is more into using the scratching post and it's like I know there's 2 of them in the house but I'm usually on the couch anyway and don't have to get up so I just scratch that, I usually do it when my mom isn't looking so she has no clue it's me... she probably thinks it's my sister, well I hope she thinks it's my sister, sis acts all like "oh mommy, I love you the most" she's ... *wow I'm really hungry*... such a brown noser! I do like my sister but she can be annoying with her whole, I'm the big sister, I'm the boss crap but she's really fun to play with. Well I have to run, I'm famished... why can't she put the food on the couch to make it easier for me to access... I have to walk to the bowl now... ugh! Update ya soon!!!



December 24th 2007 2:01 am
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Well, I arrived here a few weeks ago and I'm adjusting nicely. Well actually, I was always adjusted, it was that insane sister of mine that was giving me crap. First few weeks, my mom would bring her in for what she called "introductions" but it was obviously "meet the boss" and she would like hiss and growl and all I wanted to do was wrestle and it just got to the point that if she didn't want to play nice then I wasn't willing to play at all and I would nap while she hissed and growled. Well now, she licks my head and plays with me and I guess since I had no choice but to accept her as the boss then she learned how to play nice. Needless to say, I love my mom and my new home and even my little big sister. Merry Christmas!

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