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Oscar J. Cat: Master of All I Survey

All About Moi!

November 23rd 2009 1:46 pm
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What is your name? Oscar J. Cat, Esq.

What other nicknames do you have? Brat Cat, Monkey Man

What breed are you? I have a storied and colorful lineage far too interesting and complex to be categorized.. :D

Where were you born? On the landfill at Dad's office.

Where do you live now? Cordova, TN

What is your favorite toy? My purple stuffed mousie and any strings I can find.

What is your favorite store? I've never actually been to a store, but I like the stuff that comes home from Petsmart.

How many toys do you have? I don't count things... I have people for that.

Wet or dry food? Dry, Purina One to be exact. Have you smelled that wet stuff? Would YOU eat something that smelled like that? I like a good canned tuna now and again, but I wouldn't eat wet food with your mouth. Even my treats are dry, as well they should be.

What is your favorite color? Brown... the color of my kibble.

Are you bad when nobody's looking? No, I relish an audience.

Are you friendly? In my own way... I let people look at me and if I want, I rub against them. :D

Are you overweight? I've been told I'm a tad big. I disagree, however.

Do you eat people food? Mom gives me canned tuna and a dab of milk on occasion, but mostly no.

Do you eat bugs? Yes. I particularly like moths.

Do you live with other animals? Yes. I live with three dogs: Miss Buddie, Stevie Ray and Gracie. We also have a turtle named Paulie, but I'm supposed to leave him alone... yeah right!

Do you like to exercise? I like to torment the dogs and then the chase me... does that count?

Do you like car rides? No.

Do you get into stuff? It's all MY stuff, so why not?

Do you like to swim? No, however, I do like to bat at the bubbles when Mom takes a bubble bath.

What is your favorite treat? Temptations. Only the crunchy kind!

Do you shed? Some, but not much.

What's the funniest thing you ever did? I tried to jump through the window screen to get a grass snake.

What's the bravest thing you ever did? Caught and killed a wasp that came into the house. Mom was afraid I'd get stung... she should have been more worried for the wasp! You fly in my house... you die.

Are you neutered? Yes.

Are you a social animal? Yes. I'm very social and very talkative.

Collar or harness? Neither.

Ceramic, Metal or Plastic bowls? I have a plastic bowl that's mine and I share the dogs' metal bowl, because I'm the cat and I said so. :D

Do you sleep in a crate? Uh... no. I sleep on the couch or on Mom and Dad's bed.

Do you have a dog bed? Nope. See the last question.

Do you belong to any dog clubs? Nope.

How does your owner describe you? Mom says I'm the King of All I Survey... I'd say that's pretty accurate! :D

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