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Oscar J. Cat: Master of All I Survey

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Just an update on MOI!

March 15th 2010 9:13 am
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Sorry I haven't been around in awhile. Mom's started this thing called "school" and she's been seriously slacking in taking my dictation. HRMPH! Anyway...

My Aunt B got me the coolest present EVER! It's a bird feeder! She hung it up in the tree in our front yard and now we get 84,000 birds everyday. It's really spiced up my daily Cat TV viewing. Now I can lounge in my cat bed in the big picture window in Mom & Dad's bedroom and watch for HOURS without getting bored. We have cardinals, woodpeckers, finches, chickadees. It's like a buffet.... I mean, really educational programming! :D

Y'all come over anytime and watch with me. Mom's got plenty of Temptations for everyone. Seafood flavor! :D


All About Moi!

November 23rd 2009 1:46 pm
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What is your name? Oscar J. Cat, Esq.

What other nicknames do you have? Brat Cat, Monkey Man

What breed are you? I have a storied and colorful lineage far too interesting and complex to be categorized.. :D

Where were you born? On the landfill at Dad's office.

Where do you live now? Cordova, TN

What is your favorite toy? My purple stuffed mousie and any strings I can find.

What is your favorite store? I've never actually been to a store, but I like the stuff that comes home from Petsmart.

How many toys do you have? I don't count things... I have people for that.

Wet or dry food? Dry, Purina One to be exact. Have you smelled that wet stuff? Would YOU eat something that smelled like that? I like a good canned tuna now and again, but I wouldn't eat wet food with your mouth. Even my treats are dry, as well they should be.

What is your favorite color? Brown... the color of my kibble.

Are you bad when nobody's looking? No, I relish an audience.

Are you friendly? In my own way... I let people look at me and if I want, I rub against them. :D

Are you overweight? I've been told I'm a tad big. I disagree, however.

Do you eat people food? Mom gives me canned tuna and a dab of milk on occasion, but mostly no.

Do you eat bugs? Yes. I particularly like moths.

Do you live with other animals? Yes. I live with three dogs: Miss Buddie, Stevie Ray and Gracie. We also have a turtle named Paulie, but I'm supposed to leave him alone... yeah right!

Do you like to exercise? I like to torment the dogs and then the chase me... does that count?

Do you like car rides? No.

Do you get into stuff? It's all MY stuff, so why not?

Do you like to swim? No, however, I do like to bat at the bubbles when Mom takes a bubble bath.

What is your favorite treat? Temptations. Only the crunchy kind!

Do you shed? Some, but not much.

What's the funniest thing you ever did? I tried to jump through the window screen to get a grass snake.

What's the bravest thing you ever did? Caught and killed a wasp that came into the house. Mom was afraid I'd get stung... she should have been more worried for the wasp! You fly in my house... you die.

Are you neutered? Yes.

Are you a social animal? Yes. I'm very social and very talkative.

Collar or harness? Neither.

Ceramic, Metal or Plastic bowls? I have a plastic bowl that's mine and I share the dogs' metal bowl, because I'm the cat and I said so. :D

Do you sleep in a crate? Uh... no. I sleep on the couch or on Mom and Dad's bed.

Do you have a dog bed? Nope. See the last question.

Do you belong to any dog clubs? Nope.

How does your owner describe you? Mom says I'm the King of All I Survey... I'd say that's pretty accurate! :D

Now tell us more about YOU!


Vote for me, please

October 20th 2009 11:46 am
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Mom's entered me in two categories in The Coolest Cat contest in teh categories of Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat.

Vote for Oscar J. Cat in the World's Coolest

Vote for me, please. You get free zealies and my undying adoration. It's a win/win! :D



September 2nd 2009 6:40 am
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Thanks for all my birthday well wishes! Mommy was sick with a tummy bug yesterday so we're going to have my celebration today. Mommy promised me tuna for dinner! NOM! :D

Thanks again for being the bestest friends a kitty could have.


I was JUST being CURIOUS!

August 24th 2009 7:36 am
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So my Aunt B lives with us. A few months ago she brought home this fabulous aquatic turtle! He lives in a fish tank and he swims and swims and swims and it's so much fun to watch him.

At first, Mommy was a little worried that I might be getting TOO interested in Paulie (the turtle), but Aunt B was certain that things would be just fine.


Friday afternoon when the peeps got home, it turns out that Paulie's reptile light was on the ground and broked... It ALSO turns out that I was sitting on top of the fish tank when Aunt B got home.

Luckily, Aunt B was able to just get a new bulb for the light and got it working.

Unfortunately, Mommy is now closing the door to Aunt B's room before she leaves so I don't get on top of the tank again.

I'm not bad... just curious. AND Mommy told me when no one was looking... "I TOLD them so." MOL


Gracie's coming home!

August 19th 2009 12:56 pm
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Thanks for the prayers and purrs, y'all! Mom just got the word that Gracie can come home from the vet. WOOHOO!


Prayers please?

August 18th 2009 7:28 am
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Our sisfur, Gracie - a 14 yo chihuahua, is at the vet's office this morning. She's been throwing up with diarrhea since 2:30 this morning. Our Aunt B took her to the vet and they're giving her IV fluids and running tests. Mommy is afraid it doesn't look good, given her age.

Could we get some prayers and purrs for our little old lady? We appreciate everyone!


Oscar J. Cat, Esq.
and the Brat Pack


Happy news! Gracie's condition is not as severe as we feared. Her kidney and liver function are okay, but her white and pancreatic counts are up. They're keeping her overnight at the vet's office with IV's to keep a watch over her. Keep those purrs coming, peeps! They're working!



Carpet is back... ABOUT TIME!

July 30th 2009 8:51 am
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To give all of you an update, after our flood, we finally have new carpet at our house. Geez! What took so long? Sigh!

It took about a month for everything to dry out and to get the new stuff ordered but last week my new carpet finally got installed. It's wonderful and soft.

The day they installed it, I actually curled up with the dogs on the floor and we took a nap. AHHHHHHH.....

I've specifically instructed Mom that I would not tolerate another inconvenience of this magnitude... She just smiled and gave me tuna. :D


Water, water EVERYWHERE!

June 22nd 2009 8:12 am
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Sorry I haven't written in a while. Mom's been really busy and hasn't been able to take dictation for me.

Last Monday, we had a ISSUE at our house. Somebody started the washing machine and left for a doctor's appointment before the cycle was completely over. The people around here do it all the time and never once thought about it. Well this time, the washing machine lost its mind and keep putting out water even though the machine was finished and turned off!


By the time my aunt got home, every carpet in the house was SOAKED. Squishy soaked. Definitely UNcat friendly.

All these people came over to help deal with the carpet. Have I mentioned that I'm not a big fan of company? The door kept opening and more people kept coming in. It was AWFUL!

Mommy freaked out at one point because she couldn't find me. With all the in and out she thought that I'd gotten out of the house. I'm an indoor kitty so she was very afraid that I would get lost or eaten by the coyotes around our house. She was so afraid and very upset.

BUT my aunt found me hiding in the dirty laundry pile. It was one of the few dry places in the house where I could hide. Mommy was so glad to find me, but THEN to keep me "safe" they put my in my carrier...

Have I mentioned that I HATE THAT STUPID BOX?

So for the next couple of hours, I howled and cried for someone to let me out. Nobody was listening. It was maddening I tell you!

My aunt came and put a water bowl in my box, but I was ticked off. So after taking a tiny sip, I showed her how mad I was by flipping that bowl over with my paw. Problem was, it got my whole box wet... and they still wouldn't let me out. So I'm in the box... that I hate... and my butt's wet. That' didn't work out exactly how I'd planned it.

Finally all those people left and I was able to get out of my box... BUT.....

THEY TOOK THE CARPET WITH THEM? Seriously! All the carpet was GONE! They left this weird, cold gray stuff on the floor and all these fans that made a horrible racket.

I stayed in my favorite window for a couple of hours until my butt dried and then I slowly emerged to check out all this weirdness left behind in my house. It was really freaky, y'all!

The gray stuff is still on the floors in my house. Mom calls it "concrete" but she says that someone's going to come put new CAR PETS on the floor. I'll be glad. You just can't make biscuits on this "concrete" stuff.


I hate it, but I DO look good!

March 25th 2009 7:15 am
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I should have known something was terribly amiss when Mommy got out THE BOX. She very nonchalantly put it in the living room on Monday evening. It usually stays in the kitchen under a shelf until it's time for... dare I say it... my trip... to the vet. YUCK!

Tuesday morning started out as usual. Mom fed me. Gave me my spoonful of milk and then... they tag-teamed me and put me in THE BOX! Now let me add that this putting was not as easy as it sounds. It took Mom & the Kiddo three tries to get me in there and I yelled and scratched and carried on until I was finally subdued and put in THE BOX.

Well, we did go to the vet, but it wasn't for shots. It was worse. It was for... a BATH!

Now, I'm an indoor guy. I never go outside. I am completely and totally content watching my big screen HD Cat TV in the bedroom. I even have a window seat to get really comfy while I stalk birdies and squirrels. Plus, I am incredibly fastidious about grooming myself. However, every once in awhile, Mom gets this idea that I need an actual bath. Like I can't take care of this myself. Hrumph!

Well, I spent the day at the cat spa. I got a bath, my nails were trimmed and my hair got a trim. As much as I hate all those things, I must admit, that I look GOOD. :D

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