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Bandit's Diary!


January 22nd 2009 6:13 am
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Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew!
We got a dog!

well actually I don't care.
I like the dog.
He smells funny.


DARTING!![and other suprises] 8D

February 16th 2008 10:03 pm
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I set a new record!!! I darted out the front door FIVE times between New Year's Eve and today! Shoot, it was cold though. I tried to go to the road about twenty feet from the porch, but it was so cold I just decided not to. Three inches of snow? Not my deal. Moma rattled the food pan, so I ran inside.

Apparently the dartings had some kind of effect, though. I gotted ear mites. The humans held me down and put this awful, greasy stuff in my ears. I hated it! Then they stuck cotton swabs in my ears to get the bugs out. The swabs came out pitch black. UGH! I am never going outside again if that is what it gets me. Oo

Bandit, also called Bandito [Ban-dee-TOE]



February 2nd 2008 7:55 pm
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On new year's eve, and four times in January, I darted out the door! It was so fun to scare the crap out of my twolegs! lol.
Although I got to tour the neighbor's driveway, I got hungry. So I went back to the porch and the twoleg mother came out with food. That sneaky ... human. She snatched me up and threw me inside! I was peeved but not angry. It was cold outside anyway.
Now whenever I go near the doors, I get sprayed with a squirt-gun. :(


Christmas tree..

December 17th 2007 5:39 pm
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The humans set up a tree out of a box. I tried to eat it and climb it, but they wouldn't let me! Oh well, I'll just jump on them at night to get even!

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