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"Getting treats for last Christmas, 2013."

Age: 10 Years   Sex: Male
Blanket gathering.

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"Blanket gathering."

Treats...did we hear treats?

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"Treats...did we hear treats?"

L-R, Pete, Zack in the middle, sleeping next to Bubba~Second row, behind, Claire, Jack & Riley.

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"L-R, Pete, Zack in the middle, sleeping next to Bubba~Second row, behind, Claire, Jack & Riley."

Just waiting for dinner.  (L-R, Emme, Kate, Copy, Wally)

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"Just waiting for dinner. (L-R, Emme, Kate, Copy, Wally)"

Playing with

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"Playing with "Da Bird" we got for Christmas, from Wally."

Xerox supervises Copy and Wally fighting over their toy as Zack watches.

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"Xerox supervises Copy and Wally fighting over their toy as Zack watches."

Hey guys, a lizard! (Bubba in front, Claire in windowsill, Wally, Pete, Copy)

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"Hey guys, a lizard! (Bubba in front, Claire in windowsill, Wally, Pete, Copy)"

Aw, he's gone now. (Claire in windowsill, Wally, Pete, Copy)

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"Aw, he's gone now. (Claire in windowsill, Wally, Pete, Copy)"

Count the cats to sleep, instead of sheep?

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"Count the cats to sleep, instead of sheep?"

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The family of ♥ Tony ♥ , ♥ Anna ♥ , ♥ Greystone ♥ , ♥ Sammy ♥, ♥ Stormy ♥  and more!
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The family of Big Harry, My Orange Angel, Patches, Angel Abigail, Angel Zack, Angel Lumi and more!
The family of Conner (Always In Our Hearts), Kaci , Cole (Always Loved), Kayleigh ~ Eternally Loved, Kassidy ~ Sweetest Angel and more!
The family of Conner (Always In Our Hearts), Kaci , Cole (Always Loved), Kayleigh ~ Eternally Loved, Kassidy ~ Sweetest Angel and more!

August 22nd 2004

Naps, getting canned food, sneaking into the office to sleep.

Giving up their "spot" to another cat, not being allowed in certain rooms.

Favorite Toy:
Laser pointer, peacock feather, Da Bird, rattle mice

Favorite Nap Spot:
Our bed, several "cat" benches in the main cat room, and some special shelves that we installed just for them to perch or nap on.

Favorite Food:
Purina brands, Fancy Feast Dry, Friskies Party Mix treats

Getting along in a huge family is their greatest skill, second only to loving us.


Arrival Story:
We decided to create this page because we are often asked about our large family of cats. Their individual stories are on each of their pages, but this will give you a little background. It will also allow our friends to give a rosette to all of us at once, instead of doing it individually. My husband and I are cat lovers, all animal lovers actually, but it was cats in need in our area, that got us started on rescue over thirty years ago. We live in a town with a mild climate and because of the nice weather a lot of the city's cats reside outside and breeding is not well controlled. Our shelters are few for the size of the town. So even though we never set out to live among a mob of cats ...we do now! Almost all of them have been found in our neighborhood or while traveling for our job. If we can confidently place the cat or kitten in a good home, we will, but if the animal requires medical attention, or on-going treatments for chronic conditions, or has behavioral problems, we usually end up keeping them. Our vet is generous and understanding, and works with us to control costs, which are in the thousands each year. A wonderful "Low-Cost Spay and Neuter" clinic also helps with ferals. We came to Catster in 2004, two months after it debuted, with one of our cats, our beloved Zack, sadly now an angel. There were barely over two thousand cats on the site at that time. Incredible how it has grown. Slowly we added our kitties until we had nine of them on-line, and we were known as "Nine Lives In Texas". I almost stopped there and did not put any other kitty family members on, fearing I might be labeled a "cat hoarder". I decided to ask in the Forums whether people wanted to see them all, and the overwhelming response was "put them all on", so we did! We are now 30+ strong and still growing...The Texas Wild Bunch.

Some of the frequently asked questions are: Do they all have names?--Yes, people really ask this! I am always tempted to answer, no, we just number them instead.--Are they all fixed?--Yes, all but the youngest. We practice spay/neuter. and have fixed over a hundred cats through the decades.--How much litter do you use a day? --40 lbs!--How many litter pans do you use? --12 scooped twice daily--Do they all eat the same food?--Yes, except when one is on a special Rx food. We use 50 lbs of cat chow a week, plus about 15 cans a day.-- Do they all get along? --Mostly. We have occasional little squabbles but never so serious as to cause an injury.--Do they all sleep with you? --They all would like to! The number varies with the seasons from 4 to 20+! If either of us get up to go to the bathroom, we loose our place! My husband built four shelves at staggered, overlapping heights, above our bed, and they love to sleep there too. -- How old is your oldest cat?--Right now it's Xerox who is 15. Our oldest ever was 21, and many have lived into their late teens. About half our current population is over 10 years old.--Are you a registered charity?--No, not yet. We provide about 95% of the cats needs ourselves with some help from Catster friends. All help is always greatly appreciated. Also, Purina Company sends us food rebates and coupons. *** OUR DREAM*** We hope one day to have several acres and build a sanctuary for elderly and unwanted cats. I have so many ideas and always welcome suggestions. We would love to hear from you! You can write us at our purrsonal email:

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
Who said you can never have too any cats


Abbie~ Abby~ Adam Dylan~ Alaidh~ Albie (Angel)~ Albus (Albie)~ Aldo~ Alex (CA)~ Alex (Angel)~ Alexis~ Alfie (Angel)~ Alfie (UK/BW)~ Alfie (UK/TBY)~ Alfie (UK/ORNG)~ Allie~ Ambrogino~ Amber~ Andy~ Angel~ Anna~ Annie of Calico Junction~ Annie (Tby/CA)~ Annie (Angel)~ Antoine~ Arli~ Arnold P~ Arty~ Arwen (TX)~ Arwen (MN)~ Ashley Delicious Dazzle~ Ashley Grimalkins~ Ashley Jay~ Ashley (GA)~ Athena (Mod)~ Athena (TKC)~ Ava Corrine~ Baby~ Baby Girl~ Baby Wally~ Bailey Gray Cloud~ BeBe~ Bean (The)~ Bear(Tux)~ Bear(BCE)~ Beatrice~ Beckham~ Bella Bush~ Belle~ Ben~ Benjamin~ Bernie the Brave~ Binky~ Binx~ Biscuit (NC)~ Bluie~ Bo~ Bob~ Bobbi Boi~ BOO~ Boogers~ Boots~ Borat~ Boss Hogg Bush~ Bow Tye Bush~ Boxie Brown~ Brummel~ Bubba~ Buddie~ Bugsy~ Bunny~ Busby Renee Graham~ Callaway~ Cali~ Cali (OK)~ Callie Jean~ Callie (WI)~ Callista (Baby G)~ Calvin~ Camille Rose~ Captain~ Carbon~ Casey~ Casper~ Cassidy~ Cassie~ Catsy~ Cesar~ Chai~ Charcoal~ Charlie Clarence~ Charlie (ND)~ Chelsea Louise~ Chef Rooster~ Chester (NJ)~ Chewy~ Chloe~ China Rose~ Christopher Spot~ Cinder~ Clara~ Cleopatra~ Clyde~ Coffee~ Cole~ Copy & Paste~ Cuddles~ Cutie~ D.C.(Angel)~ Daisy~ Daisy Mae~ Daisy Mae (S/T)~ Darcy (Angel)~ Dash~ Deebie~ Diego~ Dinsdale~ Dusty (CA)~ Dusty (Angel)~ Dusty Miller~ Dutchess~ Edgar~ Edgrrr~ Edie Forever Loved~ Edward~ Edwina (Eddy)~ Ele'~ Elise~ Elmer~ Elsa~ Elsa Peach~ Emily Felicity~ Emma (Angel)~ Emmett McGee~ Entrechat Cat~ Enzo~ Ethan~ Eve~ Eve Layla~ Felix~ Fido~ Figaro~ Finney~ Fiesta Cat~ Fluffee Bush~ Francis~ Frankenstein~ Frankie (CA)~ Frankie Sinatracat~ Frannie~ Fred~ Freddie Mac (Thornclaw)~ Friggy~ Gabrielle~ Gentleman Jack~ George~ Gimli~ Gimme~ Giotto~ Gizmo~ Goof~ Gordy~ Grace~ Gwendolyn Glingle~ Hanni-Girl~ Harry~ Haley Ann~ Harvey~ Hazel Lucy~ Hobbes~ Hondo~ Hooch~ Hugo (Angel)~ Hunter Noel~ Icebox (Angel)~ Isaac~ Ivan~ Jack Matthew Cash~ Jasmine Bibette (Angel)~ Jazz~ Jean Louise (Weezer)~ Jewel (Angel)~ JoJo~ Josie~ Joy~ Jules Jr.~ Jules Vern.~ Justa Bagpuss~ Kaci Sunshine~ Kahn~ Kally Kat~ Kamea~ Karma Kitty~ Kassidy~ Kayleigh~ K.C.~ Keisha~ Kibbles~ KiKi~ Kingsley~ Kinsey~ K.I.T.T. 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Abby Rainbow Bridge Angel~ Alfie The Lovebug Angel~ Angel Sydney Rose~ Beloved Angel Amelia~ Biscuit~ Black Jack~ Charlie (KS)~ Emma Kitty~ Maggie Moo~ Muffin~ Morris~ Peanut~ Pete~ Rufus Angel~ Scottie~ Shelby~ Smokey (Angel)~ Wally Forever Loved~


We have made friends from all these wonderful places

AUSTRALIA: Adelaide, Brisbane, Camira
CANADA: Levis, Montreal, Richmond, Surrey
ITALY: Milan
SERBIA: Belgrade
SOUTH AFRICA: Johannesburg, Pretoria
SPAIN: Barcelona
UK: Buckinghamshire, Hastings, Keighley, Luton, Wisbech

A Prayer For All Animals

Hear our humble prayer, O God,
for our friends the animals, especially for animals who are suffering; for any that are hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry; for all that must be put to death. We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity, and for all those who deal with them we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words. Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the merciful.
~Albert Schweitzer

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December 16th 2007 More than 7 years!

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