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AVID Chip Warning

April 23rd 2010 8:26 am
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Over 2 weeks after Vincent's disappearance and after providing AVID chip with my current phone number at least twice, I just discovered they did not actually put my current phone number in the correct spot in their information. It was down somewhere in "notes." Oh, but the kind lady on the phone has now supposedly moved the number to "where everyone can see it." Why would they put a phone number, the most essential piece of information, where not everyone could see it? How would that help Vincent? I am so PO'ed. So if anyone called about him, they would be given the WRONG number. My ONLY consolation in all of this was that if he ended up at a vets or shelter, they would find me with the chip. Now that is doubtful. The incompetents at AVID may have cost him his life. Do not trust them. If you have their chip, you may do well to get an additional chip from another company. I may well have doomed Vincent by getting that brand of chip. I'm not sure local shelters and vets bother with any contact info but the phone number. I see pets on Craig's list all the time whose chip phone numbers are wrong and all the shelter may do about it is post on Craig's list, I'm not sure they bother about mail or e-mail. I have to hope they do. Some of these owners may well have thought their information was updated, although it was not. I am so flipping mad. Why did I trust those idiots, and why did they lie to me? I had someone at the closest shelter looking out for Vincent, but if he ended up elsewhere...he may be dead. Thanks so much, AVID, thanks so much. -Mum

Update: I called a different person at AVID who at least confirmed no one had called yet and been given the wrong number, which is some slight consolation, though due to their past inaccuracies, hard for me to fully trust. The lady said she removed the incorrect old phone numbers, this is now at least try #4 at updating them. So I still strongly recommend an additional chip if you have AVID. Also, if you loose a pet, don't just report it lost to them and call it good, call periodically to see if anyone has called to report your cat, as they may have been given the wrong number. What are we paying them for, again? -Mum


Doppelgänger Depression

April 18th 2010 11:24 pm
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Today I was about 50 miles from home at a chicken festival with a friend. I got a call that Vincent had been seen. The lady was sure it was Vincent. I came home and looked where they said they found him. I didn't see any cats at all, but there was a man with a leaf blower, and lots of noisy cars. I decided to come back in the still of the night to look.
Later I got another call from the same woman. She said Vincent had been captured. What did he look like? One brown cheek, one white, a white "scar" on the nose. It sure sounded like Vincent.
Finally, the nightmare was over. I'd lock Vincent indoors and set up an underground fence system, and train him to it. I'd give him so many kisses. Nikolai would be so happy to see him again. I'd even be a little cross with him for running away.
I went to the ATM to get the reward money, then went to their house.
The children there were so proud of themselves when they showed me the kitty in the carrier. The little boy was excited by the reward. They had worked as a family and used a can of tuna to catch the kitty.
I've never seen a cat that looked so much like Vincent. One cheek brown, one cheek white, and a very wide white "scar" up the side of his nose. And he was found only a few blocks from where Vincent was last seen. But I had to tell them he was not Vincent.
I told them a vet would scan for a microchip for free so they would know where he lives, but the kitty probably lived wherever they found him. There were a few large apartment complexes there, and he looked cared for. The children wanted to at least keep the cat, but ma would have none of it, perhaps suspecting as I did that this kitty already had a home and an owner worried sick or soon to be worried sick over where there cat was. Everyone was sad.
I left, back to a world where Vincent was not found, but lost, and very likely dead.

I talked to my cat rescuer friend about it later. I felt pretty bad, that cat looked so much like Vincent. She suggested I give them $10. I'll drop by the families house tomorrow with a color photo of Vincent they can have on hand for comparison if they happen to see another kitty that looked like him and $10 consolation prize for their efforts. Maybe a small gift would be less tacky than cash, but the little boy was pretty excited about the money, he had probably already spent it in his mind, just as I'd already started kissing Vincent in mine.
Have I created a nuisance for that poor Vincent doppelgänger with this reward? Will people keep kidnapping him? I think if that happens again I'd like to see him returned to exactly where he came from so I know some annoyed person didn't release him just wherever, or take him to the pound. Maybe I should tell people specifically not to catch any cats who seem to be Vincent, and only to tell me where they are. It already says information leading to his return alone will get you the reward on the flier, these folks were just being extra nice.
Anyway, totally heartbreaking. Now I'm concerned about the doppelgänger kitty and if it got home, if it has a home for sure. I will try to find out tomorrow. I should have been mentally prepared for such a contingency, but I was not. Heartbreak all around. I need to try to turn it into something positive or at least neutral for those kids and make sure that cat does have a home if I can.
It seems just when I think a problem is resolved a dozen more pop up. Very discouraged tonight.


No News, May be Gone a While

April 10th 2010 11:19 pm
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This is Vincent's mum. I have no news and am still searching. It is too sad for me to be on catster right now so I will probably not be for a while. I will post developments if there ever are any. Thanks for the purrs and paws Nikolai #24 and Mercy and for all the messages with advice. I'm trying a number of things, let us hope something works. -Mum


The Search Continues.

April 9th 2010 5:31 pm
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I called Vincent's vet to let them know he was missing. E-mailed the microchip folks, e-mailed the pound with his picture, plus da went down there to look and to check out their DOA pictures. I walked around looking in dumpsters because a dream told me he was in one. No luck, but I did strike up a conversation with a suspicious landlord in the process. He thought he recognized Vincent as a frequent visitor to his tenants, which wouldn't surprise me much. I posted some fliers near his building. Lots of fliers, block after block. How will I stand looking at his little face on them every day?
No results from the Craig's list add, except solicitations from a service that uses blood hounds to find lost pets. I don't imagine that would work as well for a cat lost from their home as it would on a cat lost someplace new, his scent must be very heavy in all his regular spots. The pound had some link to a "service" that prints out 500 post cards of your pet and sends them out, which costs $400. There are sure a lot of rackets to exploit ones loss out there.
Looking into "invisible fence" for if Vincent ever comes back. The others don't roam much. He is exceedingly smart and stubborn, however, so I don't know if it would work. I have met one lady who said such a system worked to keep her cat on her property.
I'll probably hang more fliers and talk to more people tomorrow. Absolutely emotionally drained now. On Vincent's farm there was an electric fence malfunction it took me a long time to find and fix, and a little abandoned box turtle in need of rescue. Too much stuff going wrong all at once.
Where are you, Vincent? Did someone lock you in their house? Did a dog kill you, or a car?
I'll have to try more things tomorrow. I should have picked a nicer picture for his flier instead of the most recent face shot, his eyes are a bit reflecting. I'm going to have to look at it over and over.



April 9th 2010 6:31 am
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This is Vincent's mommy. I haven't seen Vincent since the 6th. Just put a "lost" add on Craig's list, and will call the pound and put up posters and visit the neighbors as soon as possible.
Called and called him last night, looked in his favorite spots. He is good at "disappearing" acts and has had me on the verge of writing his obituary a number of times before, only I don't recall him ever being gone this long.
Angry and sad. I tried to turn him into an indoor cat, but he was so unhappy and sprayed everywhere in out tiny hovel. I tried to cat-proof the yard, but my husband and father made fun of me, and I couldn't afford to replace one long stretch of fence that was falling over, making all else I did useless. I tried to keep him in at night, but again with the misery and peeing. I finally gave up, and now he is gone, probably forever. I love all my cats, but I may have been closest to him. He always told me when something was wrong, and loved to be held for hugs and kisses.
Did Amity drive him to look for another home? He hated her. He was gregarious and I suspect, often visiting other homes.
I remember the last time I held him. I told him never to leave me.


Tuna Time!

March 24th 2010 6:28 pm
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Mum left some tuna sandwich mix on the counter. I jumped up and ate some. I was a little scared, because usually that isn't allowed. I jumped down really sudden and zoomed out the door.
"it is okay, Vincent, you can have it." Mum said, thinking I was afraid she'd shoo me down. But it was NOT okay.
BLLLLLEEEEHHH! I puked all over the catio. I guess tuna disagrees with my tender constitution. Mum said she was grateful I took my barfies outside. -Vince


Whats up wth us.

March 9th 2010 12:57 pm
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Keyboard still broken! The ducklings are getting big! Mum wants to move them to the duck tractor, but it is in the 30's here, so it needs to warm up first.The lambs are doing well. Mum will need to send a picture of the baby ram to the breeder so she can tell her if he would be a good flock sire or not, but the photo software is acting up.
What else? Mum tried grafting some fruit trees the other day. A pear tree and a cherry tree. It will be a few weeks before mum knows if it worked.
I had a really nice snuggle with mum this morning.
We brought a live mouse in the other day, then we lost him. Mum is trying to find him, but he is a good hider.
Have a good day! -Vince


In Like a Lamb, X's 3!

March 2nd 2010 12:26 pm
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I have some farm news. Mum says 3 Jacob's lambs were born on the farm yesterday. That is just about a litter! They are super cute, and all girls. This is a very good start for our little flock. Their mom is doing a good job, hopefully all her babies will make it to adulthood. They are all almost the same size and none seem sickly, so mum hopes there will be no dying runt problems with these critters. Also, the breeder says mom sheep should be able to make enough milk for 3. Too bad, I was hoping we'd have a bottle fed lamb wearing a diaper around the house for a few months. We may yet, mum has to watch to make sure the ewelings are getting their fill. Mom ewe has a big udder, though, so mum hopes she will be alright.
What an emotional roller coaster farming is! I'll post some pictures when we get our 'puter back.


Purrrease Furgive

February 28th 2010 5:06 pm
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Our 'puter is in the shop, likely for another 4 days, so Mum isn't online much. Please forgive us if we miss any news or birthdays.
The anniversary of Moppet's death has passed. Mum "celebrated" by injuring her hand limbing trees and by loosing a runt kid (baby goat) to pneumonia. She also enjoyed a bladder infection and insomnia all night, so we got lots of extra lap time.
She had tried to take the attitude that it was just a normal day for normal activities, but hopefully next year she will treat it like the cursed day it is and stay in bed for all of it. Now I'm sorry to say those kitties and their people in Chile also have a cursed day the same day as mum. She is so sorry for them all and hopes help is getting there better and faster than it did in Haiti, she doesn't approve of how that was handled at all. Time is of the essence in a emergency, and help and supplies are most needed, not guys with guns and politicians. That airport should have been bringing in nothing but doctors, rescuers, equipment and supplies and flying out only the badly injured to get them care. I think about that, sometimes. There isn't always a way to be prepared and help oneself in an emergency, though our humans try. You'd think they'd have it down, but a lot depends on where you live and who you are.
Why all these giant earthquakes? Are people drilling too deep for oil and causing them? That can happen. These are really big earthquakes! We are so afraid for those who are trapped. Please let them be freed quickly! Please let a way of predicting these things and getting people and pets to safety in time be discovered and SOON!
Okay, sorry for the depressing rant, more like Ming than me. -Vincent


Purr for Louis LeBeau, and a Farm Report

February 23rd 2010 5:25 pm
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Our friend, Louis LeBeau, has finally had his cancer identified. It is an especially rare and stinky kind called Histiocytic Sarcoma. Most of the info about it is for dog patients. It is not known if chemo will help. Louis is only 9 years old, please send healing kitty powers his way.
Seems like lots of sick and recently beginning to RIP kitties out there right now. Late winter blues in our house. I know how to cure them blues! Moppet died in February, and aunt Lavinia's mom died in February, and it is so miserable and cold and wet. I try to cheer mum up. I jump on the back of the chair, nearly knocking it down. I also get my paws good and muddy and paw paint her lap. She says I'm a pretty funny guy. She seldom gets mad about my jokes, though I make her yell in alarm sometimes.
Speck, the bunny, has been roaming the cabin for a few hours every night. He has an appointment to have his berries removed early March. All the kitties ignore Speck except Ming, who seems to like him.
Mum is getting ready for the garden. She is brooding ducklings, and she will be starting tomatoes and basil on top of the brooder for warmth. She says we need to make at least 2K farming this year just to be able to keep farming. What is 2K and what is it made of? I don't know, but I will try to help. At least we have a lot of time to make it, and it need not be all profit, though that would certainly be helpful.
On the farm, the sheep will be lambing eventually. They have a big time window to lamb, mum is wishing they hadn't been left with their boyfriends for so long! MOL. She examines them each day to see if they are getting close.
Not much else. The apricot tree is starting to bloom, but the bugs aren't out to pollinate it. I guess mum will be up there on a ladder with a little brush pretending she's a bee again this year.

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