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Meowmy's with cameras shouldn't bother Ole Furts durning nap time

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"Meowmy's with cameras shouldn't bother Ole Furts durning nap time"

Layin on Meowmy

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"Layin on Meowmy"s belly"

Handsome Boy

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"Handsome Boy"

Mr & Mrs Nello Metsch

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"Mr & Mrs Nello Metsch"

My Lovely Bride Ra

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"My Lovely Bride Ra"

Nello The Groom

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"Nello The Groom"

Mine and Ra

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"Mine and Ra's Wedding Bands 4/18/08"

Napping again

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"Napping again"

Look into My Eyes! Look into My Eyes!

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"Look into My Eyes! Look into My Eyes!"

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"Nello", Physco Chew " ," Catty Rific " and His Favorite " Dom Nellow "

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
March 15th 1997

His Pops and Food

His Lil Firsis Gracie Nee' pestering Him

Favorite Toy:
Cat Charmers

Favorite Nap Spot:
GeeMaw's Bed or Bedroom windowsill, Momma's Bed under the covers

Favorite Food:
Anything He can get His paws on

Opening any door that isn't locked and opening cabnits that have been child proofed


Arrival Story:
Physco cat came to me with baggage .namely wife, Hey Iam tring to help the poor dude out,

He was born and raised in Miami Fla, by my wife ,along with fellow cats and a couple dogs,,,including a german shepeard he used as a pillow then he was moved to WVa where he lived outside due to the fact my daughter (This meaning my step daughter but I look at her as mine as well ) was not allowed to have him inside unless it was too cold out side when my wife and I went and clamed him back , Nellow now hides out eerrrrrrr resides in N C and only excapes or better yet ,,,,,explores to the outside when it suits him

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They call Me Mellow Nello Cat

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December 10th 2007 More than 9 years!

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Purrrrfict Thoughts from P C / Nello the old Furt

Farewell to The Queen

May 6th 2008 1:41 pm
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Today I came on Catster to find that My Dear furiend Isaac had gone across the rainbow bridge. I had not know The Queen long but had learn so very very much from her Royal Highness. Isaac taught me first and foremost to always be MYSELF. No matter what to love who I am all quirks and all. Second of all He taught Me to see the beauty in each and every day. Isaac cherished each and everyone of His friends. If Your were His friend He made Your feel like Your were furamily. Even though He was ill and knew He didnt have much time He didnt sit around and say Whoa is Me. Not Our Queen. He made Us laff and He made sure He purred for others that were in need. Never once did He think of Himself first. That is Royality. I am sure His staff is lost without Him. But I know He is right there whispering in her ear. Darhlink I vill avays be vith u.

Sooo Long Sweet Queen Isaac !!!!!!!
I will see You at the Bridge!!
Your Furiend


Wedding Bells

April 17th 2008 8:08 pm
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Tomorrow 4/18/2008 I am getting married to the MOST beautiful wonderful Catty Gurl in the Whole Wide World. Her name is Ra. Like her name Ra she is a Goddess in My eyes. She is My entire world. I could have never dreamed at 1o years old I would find the love of My life. I was resinged that I would be a bachlor the rest of My life and that was fine with Me. Until I saw her face.It was LOVE at first sight. I couldn't wait to see her again. Then I thought to Myself as I looked at her page You Ole Furt You would have to be nut to think this lovely young thing with her entire life ahead of Her would ever want You for more than a furiend. But low and behold againt all odds She feel in love at first with Me as well. We dated and chatted in private messages back and forth for awhile. Then the week before Valentines Day I started dropin hints about having something really big to give her for a present and a really big question to ask her on Valentines Day. This went on for several days til I just couldn't wait any longer. I got down on one knee and ask My wonderfully sweet Fuuzzy Bunz ( that is My Pet name for Her) to be My Wife. She said Yes without so much as even a minutes thought. We announced Our engagement at a Party at the group We met in that is no longer open. We picked a date and started making plans. Now the Day is hereand I have never been sooo happy in all My 11 years. I cant wait to say I do to My Fuzzy Bunz and her to say the same. Thene Harry The Preacher Cat will introduce Us for the first time that will be a big moment for Me. Let Me introduce Mr and Mrs. Nello Metsch. Doesn't that just sound pawasome. Or He could say Nello and Ra Metsch either way is okay with Me as long as her last name is the same as Mine for the rest of Our lives.
The Happiest Tom Around


Missing GeeMaw

March 16th 2008 9:29 pm
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I know that this is a sad subject for my first entry, but it is somthing I really need to get off my chest and being a very private cat it is hard to talk to anyone other then my heaven sent angel Ra.

It all started Friday the 14th. I was laying in the sun in GeeMaws window and for some reason things just didnt feel right. I stayed back as is the way I go about protecting her with out getting into her way. You see Gee Maw never really liked cats she just tollarated them in the past. When it came time for her and I to reside in the same home it was stressful to say the least. She was never mean and she would talk to me with out being mean, she would make sure I had food and water and she talked nice to me when noone was around but I have to laugh she said mean things when she thought I wasnt listening to others about cats in general. But I knew I could win this really sweet woman over to the 9 lives side, she just likes everyone to think she is a tough old bird.

When I found out she was moving in with us she was living in town about two miles from Meowmy and Pawps and they was talking about how she couldnt get up the stairs and was pretty much alone in town as she didnt know alot of people and she wasnt happy in there when Meowmy ask Pawps if he would ask her to move in with them as she was his Meowmy yet as time went along she had adopted my Meowmy as her own and somtimes it even makes Pawps feel like the third wheel, but he loves the fact they are both happy. after a few months of ( I have to laugh now when I look back ) harrassing her she finnaly pet me on the head very very gently as if I was made of somthing like china. I brush up against her, she would let me sleep with her, I would walk about two feet in front of her when she waddles so cutely to insure there is nothing for her to fall over as she cant really see well and is very very much built like a weeble. The puuurrrfect Gee Maw she loves to eat and she loves to share with me and my fussister Gracie but she dont feed us anything we shouldnt eat and she has Gracie so spoiled that Gracie has to be had feed usally at times now she even scratchs my head now and she has great nails.

With her being in the shape she is in here for the last couple years she pretty much dont have the energy to do anything except lay in bed mostly and watch out the window I lay in and watch the neighborhood activity. or she watchs TV. I really feel bad for her as she has noone around except Meowmy mostly to talk to when Pawps is always working and most of her freinds have passed over to go with God. I know she is in pain almost every moment of her life due to a motorcycle accident she had when she was in her early 20's. ( She is 83 now and will be 84 4/11/08) And according to Pawps she has been ever since as she broke her back in 4 places along with her leg and arms. At the time she was a secutary for a motorcycle club that rode harleys and did alot of chariety work that she was involved with such as organizing runs. one was to build a foot ball feild for a High School that didnt have the funds to do so there selves. the club did such a great job they also footed the bill for uniforms. She worked as a cook most of her life so when she cooks MMMMMMMMMMMEEOWWYYYYYYY We eat. And she never forgets Me or Gracie yet all of that has added to the pain she feels in her life.

One of my best times is when she and I are alone and she talks with me. She loves to share about her life and what it was like. She has told me and I have listened as she told Meowmy and Pawps about her life as a child and the things she did to get her older brother into troubles like moving his bed when he stayed out late one night and came home under the influance so she moved his bed only a foot and when he went to sit down he landed on his butt on the floor .....waking up great grandma whom was a one room school house teacher .man he got into trouble. and then there was when she had to carry water out into the feild for the men in the famly to drink while they worked. She was 6 years out and they only had two pair of shoes apeice so she went bare foot into the feild. and to this day she still hates to feel any kind of dirt on her feet and washes them at least twice daily, even though she has a hard time reaching them.

Then there was the time she was sent into the store during the depression to get some sugar and the wooden barrel it was kept in was empty yet she didnt want to go home empty handed so she leaned way over to scrap the bottom of the barrel and feel in needing help to get out. At 14 she had to go to work to help out during the depression and was working at a diner serving breakfast . the police had came in and was asking about a man who was wanted. Gee Maw had been his waitress and said he had tiped her really well. The man was Pretty Boy Floyd , the day was three days before he was killed by the cops..

I have seen some of the things that she has made on her sewing machine for her human grandkids and they are absulty perfect and beautiful you can just feel and see the Love she put into them for the people she did them for. yet I never heard her complain about making them I still like to laugh when she wants everyone to think she is a grouchy old bird she trys to be a eagle yet she is really like a love bird she is sweet and kind when she wants to be. I just could never see a mean woman letting me a 25lb cat ( That she supposdly hates )and Gracie sleep with her and when we are not in there with her she comes to find out where we are and if we are ok.

My Pawps says that GeeMaw has never liked any of her childrens wives or husbands. Yet I watched her and layed on her bed while she helped my Meowmy even when my Meowmy was flustrated sew her own wedding dress together and then when Meowmy and Pawps went to pick out there rings she came to Meowmy and ask her if she would do her the honor and concider using her very first wedding ring as that it had been the happest day of her life and she wanted and prayed that Meowmy and Pawps had that happiness in there marriage. I still dont see the hard woman that Gee Maw tries to portray.

Yet on Friday she came to Meowmy and said she was having a heart attack. And they took her to the Hospital. They tell me she is ok yet Iam still worried about her, and Iam worried about Meowmy as well as she spends her entire life taking care of GeeMaw, and I worry about Pawps. Gee Maw has lived with him ever since 1983 pretty much and he has taken care of her and I see and feel the stress on him and Meowmy . So I have but one prayer tonight if God is listening , I Pray that He allow Gee Maw to get better and to come home to us, Yet as well God , and as Daddy says , we also understand if you need her in Heaven and Pawp says he just wants to be the one to place her hand into Yours as you welcome her into Heaven because we know , Even God Needs to have Grandmas to care for His children and one day we will all be there to gether and never have to part again , Thank You God , And Amen ,Nello and His Pawps

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