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April 20th 2009 4:26 pm
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Whisker-greetings to all... we are moving...and it's been very hectic. Meowmy is worried that I will be stressed out and with my heart condition that's not good. But hopefully I will be strong and adjust quickly.

Thank you to all my sweet furriends who have sent lovely messages and gifts. I haven't been on here furr a while but when we are done I would like to catch up on Catster.

Love and miss you all...still keeping Hooch and furramily, Muppet and furramily, Monte Carlo and furramily, Rusty and furramily, Dusty Miller and furramily, O'Malley and furramily, Teal'C and furramily, Sally, Sally Maria & furramily, and Tony and furramily and many others in our purrayers and thanks....

Sammy >^..^


MED UPDATE: Sammy 3/17/09

March 17th 2009 9:48 am
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Meows to all and HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Paw-pinches to any not wearing green today, MOL!!!!! Green is my fave color because it's the color of the kitty-grass I love to munch on :)

Today I played A LOT with my sisfurr Taylee! I insisted on it! I tried to chase her and even jumped up on the bed in wild pursuit! I guess all my meds and potassium supps. are making me turn furr the better and giving my heart the strength it needs to get more active! Meowmy sat next to me for a looong time when I went to rest after playtime in the closet. I slept in the laundry basket on top of a brown fleece blanket.... soooooo comfy and this is my favorite spot since a week ago! And meowmy had her hand in the basket on top of my back and we rested together and enjoyed the time together.

I have not transitioned yet to the Renal/Kidney support diet, because I tried 2 that I didn't like to taste, and meowmy said they were very poor quality, and smelled bad anyhow. She wonders how a prescription diet suggested by Vets would have nasty meat by-products and corn and pork in it? We have learned that those are bad furr kitties. But we continue the search furr a good food that will be lower in protein and salt so my kidneys don't work so hard. It's because of the heart med. Furosemide (Lasix) that i take to remove fluid build-up in my body. Unfurtunately, this medicine does significant damage to my kidney's so that's why we are looking for a special food that will help my kitt-neys out.

I am still purrrrrrrrrrrrrrring furr all my sweet buddies that are sick, especially Hooch! I am still and always will be grateful furr all the purrayers and lovely gestures and gifts tat have been sent to me during my fight with Cardiomyopathy.

=^..^= SAMMY


MED UPDATE: Sammy 3/9/09

March 9th 2009 4:39 pm
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Meowllo to all! Sorry we've been overwhelmed and meowmy hasn't logged me in to Catster furr a few days. I went to the vet on Friday. A follow-up X-ray showed that I still have fluid so I am staying on high-dosage Lasix now (my creatinine (SP?) is a few points higher that it should be) so the vet suggested I switch my food to a special prescription Renal support diet. I am still on Lotensin, Plavix, Potassium Gluconate and Furosemide (Lasix), but my Aspirin Suspension has been discontinued. I threw up very badly on Saturday and none of my meds stayed down but Sunday and MOnday meds have been succesful because meowmy finally figured out how to give them to me without struggling. She wraps me in a towel so i can't squirm away or scratch and as soon as the pills get popped in my mouth, she squirts a little chicken broth with a dropper in my mouth to ensure that I swallow them... so far so good >^..^< Today, I am breathing faster than we'd like and I don't have an appetite, which is a little unusual furr me, so meowmy is keeping watch on me. My sisfur Taylee has tried to pounce on me... I like it and think it's fun, but I'm too weak to play back. All in all, I'm still here and that's what matters most! I love all my furriends and apurreciate the continued purrrrrrrrs...they make my day!
Love, Sammy >^..^


MED UPDATE: Sammy 3/5/09

March 6th 2009 12:45 am
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Sorry furriends, meowmy has been too overwhelmed to catch me up on Catster furr the last week. I am going to the vet tomorrow at 11 am. THey will take a blood test to make sure my kidney's aren't affected by the Furosemide (Lasix) that clears out my fluid on the lungs/heart. And the blood test will let them know whether to adjust my meds or make any changes in my treatment. This Saturday will be 14 days that I have ben out of the hospital! I am at home resting and feeling better. I sleep an lot and have been eating a lot! My bowel movements are about 1 every 2 days but meowmy is hoping that will improve as I get stronger and more active. I still throw up when I get 2 of my pills because they taste so nasty and make me foam saliva at the sides of my mouth, but furr the most part I am holding it all down. My sisfurr Taylee is taking advantage of the fact that I'm weak...she's getting me back fur all the times I beat her up and played too rough with her, MOL, because now she is pouncing on me and I'm too laid-back to stop her, MOL! I am using my scratchy post several times a day and even get to sit on the enclosed balcony in the afternoon to bird-watch, It's really a treat furr me since I've been cooped up and having been feeling well. Meowmy is proud of me furr my progress. She only wishes that I would stop my new trend of hissing and growling when she gives me my meds. But at least I'm alive to put up my paws and fight her! A meowmy's job is never easy I guess, but I get away with it because I'm still her baby and I have a sweet face and she loves me, MOL! I love all my Catster furriends and I thank you furrr your purrrrrrrrrrs and love and hope to report back soon...

>^..^< Sammy


More Thank You's & Purrrrrrrrrs furr 3 Furriends

February 26th 2009 4:39 pm
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I received these lovely prezzies for being a Daily Diary Pick on 2/25/09 and also as Feel Better wishes. from these dear pals:

SMOOCH - Samantha Louise x2, Chai & sisfurrs.
HEART - Merlin & Charlie's furmily.
CANDLE - Erik, Hooch.
DIAMOND - Armani & Muppet's furmily.
RED ROSE - Mercy & Oly's furmily.
POWER OF THE PAW - Zeke, Vince & Nikolai's furmily, Sable & Max & Charley.
FOUR-LEAF CLOVER - Cocoa & Co., Hooch & zoo crew, Sally Maria.
GREEN ST. PADDY'S HAT - Diogi& Nelson's furmily, Rusty, Edgar & Emily's furmily.
GOLDEN CUP AWARD - Itsumo & kitties.
BIG KITTY HUG - Missy (Angel Baby)

Thank you so much to Angel Picasso and CO. and their meowmy furr sending me a beautiful and cuddly teddy bear with a "Feel Better" heart in his hands! They also sent me a beautiful "Thinking of you" card that sent me sunshine!


MISSY - Her family needs purrrrrs because she just crossed the Rainbow Bridge today :(

HOOCH - He needs purrrrrs since he is coping with Pancreatitis, Hyperthyroidism and Hypertension - a terrible trio of medical conditions :(

SPARKMAN - He needs purrrrrs so he can get well soon. He has frequent vomiting, barium intestinal testing at the vets and may require exploratory surgery :(


MED UPDATE: Sammy 2/24 - 2/26/09

February 26th 2009 4:15 pm
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2/24/09 - Day 9 and NO BOWEL MOVEMENT. I took him into the vet as they wanted to do an enema to help him. An X-Ray revealed that his constipation was not major (because he hadn't eaten so much this past 2 weeks) so they just gave him a liquid laxative and a Potassium supplement to help rehydrate him and help with his dizziness (The potassium levels on his blood test were way too low). The X-Ray also revealed that his lung fluid has gone away!

2/25/09 - DAY 10 (Morning & Noon) - NO BOWEL MOVEMENT
2/25/09 - DAY 10 (Evening) - YES, BOWEL MOVEMENT!
Even though I had already given Sammy 3 doses (every 8 hours) of the Cephulac (feline laxative) he still hadn't gone. I called the vet and they said he was busy but would return my call. 2 hours later and 5 minutes before I got a call-back from the vet, SAMMY FINALLY HAD A BOWEL MOVEMENT!!! I was soooooooo relieved (and so was he, mol!)

2/26/09 - Sammy threw up all his meds this afternoon and he had white foam around the sides of his mouth. I was so worried he would go into a breathing fit but THANK GOODNESS, he was able to lie down and relax. He seems to know that he needs to chill out after his fluids or heart get worked up. Sammy did growel at me but it was only because he was irritated and not feeling well. I think he improved because, an hour later he was eating dry food - crunchies, so that's a good sign! I spoke to his vet and he has given Sammy the "rest of the day off" from his meds, just to let his body de-stress and that we will try again tomorrow. Paws Crossed!

At this point Sammy is being strong, his little personality is slowly showing up again, that makes me hopeful. I am monitoring him though because he has back leg and thigh quiverring. The doctor thinks it's lack of potassium. Sammy is now on a Potassium Gluconate supplement so we hope this resovles itself.

Love to all those who so caringly keep Sammy in their purrrrrrrrrrrs!


Wow! I was chosen as a Daily Diary Pick (DDP)! 2/25/09

February 25th 2009 3:41 am
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Thank you Catster and to all my furriends who have kept up with me through my diary during this crazy time! I am furry happy to make this list among many other wonderfurr kitties! I know that my diaries lately have been all about my illness, but if at least ONE kitty reads it and and becomes aware of HCM, then at least somebuddy could benefit from my crisis. Best Whisker-wishes to all =^..^=!


MED UPDATES: Sammy 2/24/09

February 24th 2009 8:38 pm
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Dearest furriends,

Thanks furrr your un-ending support and love and purrrrrrrs!


Today I went back to the vet because it has been almost 9 days without me having a bowel movement. They wanted to make sure I was not compacted or to see if my heart was too weak for me to make the effort, in which case I would need an enema to help me out (Ugggggggggh). They did an X-Ray and saw that I do have food in the colon but it's no too backed up. They took a blood test and found that my Potassium is so low and I am dehydrated from the Lasix. So now I'm on a potassium supplement and a feline liquid laxative. This should resolve my problem soon. PAWS CROSSED! The vet said that from the X-Ray he sees that my LUNGS are finally free from fluid -- YAY! -- no more Pulmonary Edema! But I still have my enlarged heart muscle disease (HCM) and Pericarial Effusion (fluid in the sac surrounding the heart). My legs have been very weak as well. I cross my font paws over sometimes to stand straight up and my back legs are lowered. I sit down when I pee in the litter box instead of squatting or standing like a boy *embarrasing*. But the vet said with the Potassium Supps. that I will get vital electrolytes and energy back and this should improve!

BETTER MEWS & BABY STEPS: Since I have been home, all in all I am making progress: Mommy notices that I am gaining interest in grooming my face and paws. I am sitting by the sliding glass door of the balcony like I used to do to bird-watch. I am gaining my appetite and started eating dryfood crunchies again (I accepted only wetfood up until 2 days ago). I am sometimes laying down on my side or back which shows that my breathing is way more comfortable and free. And I even tried to bite Taylee playfully yesterday morning. I am still a little wobbly and don't walk around much, but All the other stuff is progress and thankfully shows my will to go on, that has EXCEEDED my mommy's expectations! That's the Power of the Paw and Purrrrrrrrr! I LOVE YOU ALL! WHISKER-KISSIES >^..^< SAMMY



February 23rd 2009 4:55 pm
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Thank you to all ! I am CATSOLUTELY AMAZED & TOUCHED at the outpouring of support and comfort you have blessed me with! May you all be blessed times 10000000000000000000!

CANDLES - Octavian & Odin, KC & Mittens, Benjamin, O'Malley, Angel Picasso, Ginny (Dangerous Beans) & furmily, Sally Maria, Mikey & Bitta & furmily, Armani, Pumpkin, Chai & furmily, Sir Sonny B., Baby Girl & Zipper, Athena (CT).

HEARTS - Sally & Lucy, Sally (Sweet Angel), Natasha Rose, Picasso, Wanda & the Texas Bunch, Nekko & furmily, Alfie & furmily (UK), Sally Maria, Munky, Oreo & Reece & furamily, Entrechat & Mathis & furmily, Harry& Albus & furmily.

POWER OF PAW MEDALIONS - Muppet, Isis PAWS, Harry & Albus & furmily, Jarvis & furmily.

POWER OF PAW - Norman & Furmily, Alfie, Smudge, Smokey, Merlin & furmily, Felix & Critter, Ishtar, Baby Girl, Piewacket & furmily, Whisper & Furmily, Sebastian, Emily Felicity & furmily, Harry & Albus & furmily, Leo & furmily, Rusty & furmily, Munky, Entrechat & furmily, Norman, Hooch, Picasso, Spike, Onyx & furmily, Kibbles & furmily, Moses & the Tuscon Trio, Dusty Miller, Java & Striker & furmily, Jaffa & the Yorkshire Puddies, Vincent & furmily, Sophie & family, Ashley Grimalkins & furmily, Athena & Apollo & Aragorn, Ashley & Tony & Angel Callie, Moozer & the Archangel Crew, Kit Kat, Pebbles & furmily, Colleen, Henry, Milo & Marvin & family, Alexis & Abby & PAWS Angels, Pumkin Pooh & furmily, Squeaky & O' Malley & furmily, Twinkle, Goldie, Aedan, N'bikay & furmily, Binky, Isis PAWS, Riley& Hailey & furmily, Kila & furmily, Onyx & furmily, Wanda & Normie & the Texas bunch.

WHITE RIBBON - Copy & Paste

BLUE RIBBON - Buddy (Always Loved) & his Well-Wishers Gang.

FURREVER DIAMONDS - Kujo, KC & Mittens, Theo, Muppet & furmily.

BIG KITTY HUG - Tony & Furmily, Dusty Miller, Samantha Louise.

SHRIMP - Vincent & Furmily, Mike.

BAND-AID - Ashley (GA) .

FURREVER GOLD STARS - The Manxsters (Jobel, Jasper, & Jillian), Sally Maria, Dusty Miller, Beloved Angel Amelia.

LOVE & ROSE BUNCH - Murray & Furmily (NY)



MWAH! SMOOCH - Samantha Louise

LIL LIPS KISS - Sam. & Sasha, Samantha Louise

FOUR LEAF CLOVER - Mr. Nigel, Sir Sonny B., Vincent & furmily, Tony & furmily (TN), O' Malley & furmily, Felix & Critter, Twinkle.

RAINBOW & POT O' GOLD - Mr Lollycat McNoNo & furmily.

GREEN ST. PADDY'S HAT - Cocoa & furmily.

Crystal-Winged Guardian Meezer picture from Theo



February 22nd 2009 3:52 am
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In no particular order, and genuine apologies if we have missed anyone... it's not from lack of love, just lack of words. We are overwhelmed and ever grateful furr efurrybuddy being by our side on the catputer to cheer us up! New furrriends and old!


TO Hazel Lucy & group furr Catsters in need of Serious Purrrrring ~

FOR putting my Get-Well photo on your page ~
Hooch, Patchez, Clawdette, Sunflower, Cassidy, Callista, Mojo, Princess, Prince, Kujo, Precious & Karisma. Angel Picasso, Monte Carlo, Jaspurr, Aspen, Cocoa, Cannoli, Biscotti, Snowmitts & Kashmere.

FOR writing about me in your diaries ~
Dusty Miller, Vincent, Mittens & KC Sunshine, Rusty, Baxter & Patches, Sebastian (Sab), all kitties in the furmily of Angel Picasso, all kitties in the furmily of Hooch.

TO Dusty Miller for lighting a real-life candle in my honor & putting a picture of it on your page so I could see it. AND Rusty for starting the virtual candle page in my honor and for putting my story up at the Pet Prayers guestbook.

FOR the encouraging Pawmails, Groupmails, and Candle-Lighting ~ Sam & furmily (TN), Angel Picasso & Co., Hooch, Cassidy & furmily, Hazel Lucy, Sky, Zilla, Mokii & Max, Muppet & furmily, The Yorkshire Puddies: Jaffa & furmily, Soc, Toby & Taffy, Jason Hopper, Sparkman, KC Sunshine & Mittens, Sally Maria, Samantha Louise, O'Malley, Ishtar, Sir Sonny B., Rusty, Moses, Dusty Miller, Athena (CT), Ashley (NJ), Baby Girl, Nemo, Mr. Sam-ATB, Felix & Critter (TX) , Sally (Sweet Angel) & Lucy, Stinker (RIP), Stoney, Albie & Jack (UK), Riley, Sab & Kenzie, Oliver Winston Parsons (OWP) & furmily, Samson, Timbo, Onyx, Leo, Pumpkin Puss, St. Louie Blues, Entrechat Cat & furmily, Scooter PAWS from dogster, Aedan, Morris, Goldie, Alfie (UK), Ashley & Toonces (GA), Theo, Chance & Ashlye & Troop (FL), Abbey (HI), Silly Sabster's group, BOCU group...

Thank you to my new guardian fur-angels that are generously sprinkling me with angel-dust so I can heal ~ Sir Sonny Bono - Heaven's Rock Star, Picasso - Heaven's Little Angel, Sally - Sweet Angel, Shadow & Stormy.

Thank you to these special cat-moms ~ Barbi, Jo Ann, Robin, Suzanne, Teri, Stephanie, Judi, Sandra, Molly, Monique, and those whom I don't have their names

Thank you to the groups that I am a member of who have kept me in their joint purrrrrayers ~ Silly Sab Stories, Brilliant Orange Cats Unite, I Am No Longer Alone, Happy Kitties, LOVE SAMMY

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