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Dodger's Adoption and Rescue Thoughts by Dervish

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AdoptRescueSpayNeuterSupportAdoptRescueSpayNeuterSupportAdop- tRescueSpayNeuterSupport

July 13th 2013 9:10 am
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I am wondering today if there is some way that I can say things differently that will make people understand. There is a pet overpopulation problem. The only way out of this problem is spay and neuter, TNR, and adopting rescue and shelter animals. Support your local shelters and rescue groups. If you say you want no more kill shelters step up to the plate and help. Demanding things doesn't make it happen. Donating and adopting and tnr and fostering and volunteering will help achieve your goal. I personally do not like that term. I want people to use the term increase live release. Please purr with me and my family to help achieve increased live release for open admission shelters and homes of their own for all who need them.


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July 6th 2013 9:59 am
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There are so many appeals for help and it is so hard to choose where to put our resources. Since we are a foster home group we are limited by a number of things-foster homes--money--adoption space--money. We also have to be careful that we don't put all of our foster homes into compassion fatigue and allow them to become rescue horders. It is a fine line that we all walk in rescue. Purr with us for more adoptions so we can rescue more. Help us walk that line. Thank you for the good thoughts for diary of the day. We do feel that the Catsters good thoughts and purrs help us with positive energy for adoptions. Adopt don't shop!! If you must shop check out Petfinder or other online resources. Support your local shelter and rescue organizations. Help us help the animals in your community.


AdoptRescueSpayNeuterSupportAdoptRescueSpayNeuterSupportAdop- tRescueSpayNeuterSupport

June 29th 2013 9:47 am
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I have been reading Dodger's adoption rant and rave diary and missing him today. So many times we have asked for purrs and positive thoughts for adoptions. So many times we have talked about the agony of kitten season and the joy of fostering. Again here we are in June with lower adoptions and more and more and more requests for help. Please purr with my family on the Power of purr for rescues and homes. I promise to gift any cat that purrs until our Zealies run out.


KittensKittensKittensKittensOHMY!!KittensKittensKittensKitte- nsOHMY!!KittensKittensKittensKittensOHMY!!

June 22nd 2013 10:12 am
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It is here and multiple appeals for help are coming in daily. My person couldn't resist and has taken in many fosters. All are doing well and growing but there are so many more that need help and it breaks our heart to say we are full and can't help. Please support your local rescue organizations and shelters. Sponsor an adoption. Donate food, towels, newspapers, litter, time and of course money if you can. My person read that volunteering can help you live longer and be happier. Well if that is true. .. she should live a very long time and be very happy. Support spay and neuter in your community. Help community cats by supporting or better still doing tnr. Don't just be an activist who talks about helping animals. Be a caring person who really helps animals.


KittensKittensKittensKittensOHMY!!KittensKittensKittensKitte- nsOHMY!!KittensKittensKittensKittensOHMY!!

June 8th 2013 8:58 am
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It has happened our foster homes are pretty full and there are still kittens in need. There are two in particular that have touched my person's heart so one way or another we will take them in. Why don't people understand that altering your animals helps to stop the overpopulation and the pressure of kitten season. Adult cats get overlooked because most people want kittens. There are too many kittens and those of us in rescue agonize over trying to save as many as we can. Please purr long and loud with my family for rescues and forever homes. If we get more adopted we can save more.


the sad thing about fostering kittens

May 18th 2013 9:40 am
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One of the hardest things that we face when fostering kittens is that some of them do not survive. Often they come to us weighing less than a pound and we do the very best we can to feed them, keep them hydrated and love them but sometimes it just doesn't work. This week we lost the battle with one of our foster kittens. She was so brave and struggled so much to live that my person kept trying to help her live. It took a talk with our supervising veterinary staff for her to realize that the sweet brave little thing was suffering and the kindest thing to do was to end the suffering. I think my person and little girl were feeding off of each other. My person kept promising her that she would do all she could and little girl kept bravely fighting to survive. Once the decision was made and my person told her it was okay. Little girl relaxed and went peacefully to the rainbow bridge. Sometimes the kindest thing to do is to let them go. It is hard but necessary. Please support spay and neuter in your community. Support your local shelters and rescue groups in this beginning of kitten season. Adopt don't shop and if you must shop. . .shop Petfinder.


It was looming on the horizon--KITTEN SEASON!! and now it is- here!!

May 11th 2013 9:10 am
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Our rescue group has gone from having foster homes begging for kittens to having our local shelter begging us to take rescues. I read on Facebook that in one area they have been so successful with spay and neuter and TNR that they are transporting in kittens. That would be our dream! To be able to take a few and help other folks. We do help our members and those that we can but our main focus is our local shelter. This year they will be participating in the 100K Rachael Ray ASPCA challenge and we hope to help them do well. Please adopt don't shop. If you must shop-- shop Petfinder. Remember that rescue rock and purrs move human souls. Studies show that adopting a dog can help prevent heart disease and that adopting a cat can help prevent strokes. Purr with me and my family in the Rescue Forum Power of Purr. Each one purr one and purr long and loud for rescues and forever homes.


KittensKittensKittensKittensOHMY!!KittensKittensKittensKitte- nsOHMY!!KittensKittensKittensKittensOHMY!!

May 4th 2013 8:58 am
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Looming on the horizon and staring for 2013 kitten season is here. Please if you find a group of kittens remember that the best person they can be with is the momcat. Don't scoop them up and take them immediately unl ess they are in an unsafe location. Watch them to see if momcat is coming and going. If she is LEAVE THEM ALONE! Let momcat do her job and feed the babies until they are at least 4-5 weeks old. You can help momcat by making her job easier by leaving food and water for her. Once they are old enough to leave the nest, you can start to socialize them. Rescue groups and shelters are inundated this time of year by well meaning people who scoop up kittens and rush them away. If you do take kittens to a shelter or rescue group or shelter a donation would be much appreciated. Tiny kittens take lots of resources to raise.
Remember don't shop adopt and if you must shop. . .Shop Petfinder. Purr with me and my family on the Power of purr for rescue and forever homes.


Getting ready

April 27th 2013 9:37 am
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It is the calm before the storm of kittens. We have foster homes ready, willing and waiting for kittens. I know they will all be filled at once and then we will have to scramble to try to find space. Last Saturday I went to University of California Davis Picnic Day with some adopted cats from the Yolo County SPCA and one of our calmer adoptable cats. It is always amazing to me that people stand in line for a long time to see us. It makes for a very long day for us and for our volunteers but I think it is worth it. We try to educate people about cats and also about rescue, spay/neuter and adoption. Hoping for many adoptions today and that kittens come to us slowly and not all at once. Spay and neuter!!


Getting ready

April 13th 2013 9:47 am
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Our rescue group is getting ready for kitten season. We are marshaling our volunteer foster homes, getting supplies ready and doing the best we can to be ready. We are lucky to have foster homes ready and waiting but there are never enough and with limited means and space we can never respond to all the appeals or take all of the kittens that are in need. I know I have said this before but spay/neuter is the answer to the heartbreak of kitten season. Please support your local shelters and rescue groups.

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