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Diary of a Deranged Black Cat

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Heaven Received My Angel Boy Today

August 15th 2010 6:37 pm
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I will write this for my Stinkster, but soon, he will write again in his own special voice.

I just got home from a very long day of work today, we were working out of town. I found my precious boy lying under a small table in the hallway. I called his name, and called it again. He did not rise to greet me like he always does.

He was already cold and stiff. I cried and cried as my husband helped to pick him up.
I was not there when he needed me the most.
Oh God, why was I not home? Did I fail him in his last minutes?

We had a special bond, Stinky and I.
We had that bond since I first held him when he was a one pound kitten. He was always "my boy".
I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to my precious boy.
I knew this day was coming. For months we have been discussing if it was time to take him on a final trip to the vet, then he would rally and start eating with vigor. I told him he could stay as long as he liked. Some nights I think he only ate because I asked him to. I would say "just one more bite sweetie", and he would grab another mouthful as I held his plate. It helped if my husband or I held the plate at a comfortable level so he didn't have to bend his chest. It exhausted him to eat. His breathing was so bad, despite all the meds.
I am thankful that my boy is now at peace. I will never, ever stop thinking of him, or missing him.
Please understand if I am not able to write back very promptly.
Thank everyone who has always been so supportive and kind in Stinky's Catster life. Please help me keep his spirit alive.

Love always,
Teri and David


Scared Her Good!

April 12th 2010 12:03 pm
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Hello my friends,
I haven't been doing a very good job keeping up with my diary. Sorry.

Last night, I decided I wanted to sleep outside "my room". Mom tries to keep me in the room with my air-purifier machine, (by the way, the new one works great) but sometimes I get "cabin fever", and have to get out and roam around. So this morning, when mom got up, she went to look at Lucy, and then went to find me. I was curled up in one of the suede beds. Totally curled up in a ball. Mom touched me and thought I felt stiff. Her heart jumped. She stroked my face, and I didn't move. She thought, oh no, oh no, and touched me again. This time I raised my head and said "huh?" "You need something mom?" I heard her sigh and she said "Stinky! Don't do that to me again!" Hey, I was just sleeping soundly. Thats the good news. I haven't sleep so good in a year at least.

I also may be going to try something new. I will tell you more about that later, but it is an inhaler system that uses a human asthma inhaler, and a special mask to fit cats. Our dear friend, Luke sent a great link that shows just how to use it. Thanks buddy.
My super-kind friend, Miko, and his family are sending it to us. His beautiful angel sister, Mea used it when she was ill. Mea, I would be honored and very grateful.

Thanks, friends for caring.

Rattly purrs, Stinky


Aw, Missed It!

March 25th 2010 9:35 am
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Well grrrr, I missed my special day being a DDP.
We didn't get to spend any time on Catster yesterday, and I just found out.
Hey, it's just as nice though. Thanks Catster!

Thank you to my friends who wrote and sent some things. I am not going to let those thank you's get away from me this time. I'm going to do them right after I finish this.

Oh, and the new CVS cat beds washed up just fine. We went back to see if they had a couple more, but the store by us was already sold out. We'll look at another one later on.
Mom spent part of yesterday washing up most of our older beds. She did 14, I think, and there are still about 10 more to do. It's a big job.

Also, it's a perfect day here today. It was forecast to rain, but the sun is out, the birds are singing, and I'm happy!

Many rattly purrs, my friends.
Love, Stinky


Catching Up

March 23rd 2010 8:38 am
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Hi friends.
Well you know that great air-purifier I was so excited about? Can you believe it broke already? It was so quiet and nice too.
Dad took it to the local Home Depot, and even though we bought ours on-line, they said we could exchange it. Problem was, they didn't have the model we bought, that's why we ordered it in the first place. So we exchanged it for a different brand. The new one is bigger and noiser, but it seems to be helping. Mom has seen me lay completely down several nights. Normally I prop up to breathe easier. So it might be doing some good. I am eating, three to four cans of Fancy Feast a day, but I am all bones still. All the calories are consumed in my labored breathing.
A couple days ago, I had some baked salmon, REAL baked salmon. I had never had salmon before because we had read that fish flavored cat foods can trigger an asthma attack. Our vet said he thought that was "Internet gossip", and so mom brought home a small piece from a Chinese buffet they ate at. Her purse smelled "fishy" and several of my brothers tried to climb inside. But the treat was ALL mine, and I gobbled it down in minutes. So after that, mom bought some salmon flavored Fancy Feast, and it's pretty good too.
Oh, yeah, if any of you have a CVS pharmacy near you, they have some really inexpensive cat beds on a special buy form $5.99 to $9.99. We got several, and are going to wash them in the machine today to see how they hold up. I'll let you know.
Going to go sniff out some more salmon now...

Rattly purrs, Stinky


My Air-Purifier Is Here!

February 11th 2010 10:16 am
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My new air-purifier came in yesterday, and I slept with it for the first night, last night. It will probably take a little while to see if it makes any difference in my breathing. It's raining here today, so it's going to get a good test.
We up-graded to a better model that was on sale, which uses ultra-violet light, and says it kills 99.9 % of mold spores, germs and other allergens.
Please keep your paws crossed for it to help.

Sorry none of us have been around. Dad came home from work on Monday, sick with a stomach bug. He gave it to mom.
I told's almost Valentine's Day, you are supposed to give her a L-O-V-E bug, not a stomach bug.
But they are both feeling a little better now, only now they are way behind on their work, so we still can't come here very much yet.
Wanted to explain that, and sending purrs to all our friends.

Love you all, you know that, right?

Rattly purrs,


Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

February 3rd 2010 9:18 pm
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Hello furends, me again.
I'm having another bad day today, it's raining and wet here, and that makes the mold count skyrocket. We have a very bad area here for breathing anyway because we have petroleum manufacturing, plus chemical manufacturing, and the salt sea air. Corpus Christi is known for having one of the most corrosive environments, so much so, that car companies run tests here to see how the paint holds up. Well, I can tell you, my lungs are not holding up!
I am still eating, and mom feeds me canned food three to four times a day, but I am skinny as a rail. I'm not giving up though. Nope.
Oh, yeah, almost forgot to tell you, dad ordered an air-purifier for my room. My friend, TINKERBELL wrote and suggested it. We were going to get a de-humidifier but they are very expensive, and this one is not too bad, and has been showing good results with cats. So maybe it will help me.
I'm fixing to go snuggle under the covers now. Mom and I make our "tent", and it's quite warm and cozy.

I'll be seeing you around.

Love & rattly purrs,


Just A Few Lines...

January 17th 2010 12:41 pm
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My furends...Thank you for everything. The purrs and good wishes are felt by my whole family.
I am doing about the same. I am eating, though when my breathing is especially bad, sometimes I have to be tempted by my favorite, chicken and beef Appetizers. meoow. Love that stuff. Then after I eat that (the packages are so small) she gives me Friskies prime fillets. Hey mom, I heard that is called 'bait and switch'... no fair!
It has been raining for several days, and our old damp house makes things worse, so I have stayed in the office where it is warmer and drier. The last two nights, mom stayed up with me. I wanted to climb under the covers with her, but her blanket is thick and heavy, so she made a tent with her arms and we sat like that for most of the night. Today I nestled at her feet, and she slept in late. Mom says she was starting to look like a zombie from a horror movie, and she was afraid she would frighten her and dad's customers!
That's about all I can write, right now. I will try to do better at keeping my diary up.
I luv, luv, luv, all of you.

Rattly purrs,


To My Furends~

January 9th 2010 6:20 pm
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Sorry I have not been very good at updating everyone.
Mom was waiting to write, hoping to have better news.
I was hoping that the vet would decide to give me some new medicine, but instead all he did was increase my current ones. This is not making mom happy, and it's also not making me feel any better. I will give it a try through the weekend, but if nothing changes, I think I will have to have another lung X-Ray.
Last night, I had an accident, and pooped on mom's blanket. It was pretty soft and yucky.
This was odd because since I have been taking the diuretic, I have been constipated, and had to take a fish oil supplement to help me go. Now it's gone too far in the other direction.
I'm also pulling my inner eyelids in, a sign I don't feel well.
I spend almost all day in the suede/fleece bed that was Harry's. It has high sides, and I can rest my chin on it, which elevates my head, and helps me breathe easier.
This asthma is the pits. I am so thin, it is scary. But I am still eating, and hungry. that is the only good news.
Thank you for the rosettes and purrs that have been coming in. Everyone of them is very appreciated, even though mom has not been able to do all our thank you's yet. I know some will say that is not important, but it IS important, very important to us. One day we will be all caught up, but that won't be for quite a while. Still, please know how much each pmail, and each rosette or gift means.
Going to take a little rest now. Thanks again for the purrayers.

Rattly Purrs,


Another Rough One

January 5th 2010 6:47 am
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Neither mom or I got much sleep last night. I laid at her feet, wrapped in double blankets, but I could not rest. Between weak couching episodes, I breathed in small, short gasps all night. The weak cough worried mom because she fears pneumonia could develop, so she called the vet first thing this morning. I am terrified of the car, carrier and the vet, and it brings on even worse breathing, so we are waiting to hear back from him.
I ate very well yesterday, three cans of Fancy Feast, and some dry too. But this morning, my eyes look distant, and I don't care for food. I know my mom is terrified that something will happen to me too, so I am doing my best. I sure need purrs though.
They have to work all day today, into the evening, so I could use some Guardian Angels hanging around. Thanks guys.

Rattly Purrs,


A Little Relief

November 16th 2009 11:05 am
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Meowlo my friends.
Fall is finally in South Texas, even though it was in the 80's the last couple days.
We got a small cool front in, and that almost always brings dry air with it.
Last night I had insomnia again. I sat on one of the shelves in the living room most of the night. Mom got up several times and brought me a few treats, which I ate. She was concerned because I didn't eat much supper, but I did eat two whole cans of Fancy Feast during the day.
I am still terribly thin, but breathing a little less labored. It's about time to re-order my medicine again. Mom still gets a a kick out of watching the faces when they call out "Prescription ready for Stinky". :)

Well, I don't have any real news, I just wanted to say thank you to all the cats who have been purring for me. I'm trying real hard to get better. I'm purring a little now too!

If I don't get back to write, please have a warm and happy Thanksgiving with lots of good food, family and friends. Sending purrs to all.

Rattly purrs, Stinky

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