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Won-Ton Reflects

I Have Had A Seizure (and probably have epilepsy)

July 12th 2012 12:58 am
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The past several weeks have been a blur. I remember being on the shelf in my dad's office one day, feeling a little peculiar, then falling, then the next thing I knew I hurt all over and felt really spaced out and disoriented, and my mom and dad were nervously putting me into the cat carrier and taking me to the vet.

I remember staying at the vet all day long that day. They gave me medicine to help me feel a little better. My mom and dad came and took me home later on, with more medicine to help me in case I had another peculiar turn, which turns out was a seizure.

What none of us knew was that I have been having little partial seizures all along, but they were so small and brief no one knew what they were. Then for some reason one day I had that grand mal seizure. I know it scared my mom and dad half to death. I was lucky it didn't last very long.

I spent the next several days going back and forth to a number of different places getting tested. It was extremely unpleasant and stressful. I have not quite been myself ever since. They looked at my brain to see if I had a tumor, and they didn't find anything that could be the cause of the seizure. They looked at my blood to see if I had any infectious agents or toxins, and they didn't find anything that could be the cause of the seizure. They want to look at my spinal fluid, but my mom and dad don't want to put me through that (at least, not for the time being).

I know my mom and dad are sneaking medicines into my food, and I think that is what is making me feel like sleeping all day and all night long. All I want to do is sleep, and when I am awake I still feel half asleep and I have trouble figuring out even simple things, such as how to get from one end of the room to the other, or how to tell the riff-raff feral cats outside the window to get off my lawn. I feel a bit peculiar all the time, and half the time I don't even care because I'm so sleepy.

I don't think I have had any partial seizures since the big grand mal one a few weeks ago, or if I have, they have been very small and very brief. I think I was having them all day long before; my head would nod, my eyelid would twitch and my pupil would dilate a little. None of us knew what it all meant, though, because I didn't really feel any different or act any different once those little episodes ended.

So I am not sure what is in store for me next. My mom and dad have been very nice to me, giving me lots of scritchy-scratches and letting me sleep as much as I want. I am glad to get a break from going to the vet. I really do not like going there.


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