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Won-Ton Reflects

I Get Back Into the Garage

June 5th 2009 3:59 pm
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My mom let me roam around the garage today. My dad went out of town and I think my mom was bored, so she didn't try to keep me out of the garage when she got back from the store.

First I had to patrol the perimeter, to make sure that Nasty Cat, Mangy Cat and Evil Cat hadn't trespassed. This was very important. My dad scared the daylights out of Nasty Cat last week, when he flung the bedroom window open suddenly at 5 AM when she was sitting outside on the ledge trying to provoke me. Since then she's been lurking around the house occasionally, trying to scoot by without my seeing her. But I am ever vigilant, and I know every one of her comings and goings on my turf. So I investigated around the back door and the garage door to make sure no interlopers had tried to claim it as theirs. OK, all secure.

Then I could nose around the garage purely for curiosity's sake. There were no more bags of sand to go wee in (alas), but I had fun squeezing behind the washer and dryer. (I wonder if I should tell my mom there's some odd socks back there?) When I emerged my mom kept on saying "You have a thing on you."


"C'mere. Hold still. There's a thing on you."

Thing? I felt no "thing." Was this some kind of ruse for her to ban me anew from the garage?

I circled around the table and came toward her. When I got close she reached down and pulled something off my back. "OK, I got your thing. It's spider stuff. OK, all gone," she said, flicking her fingers free of a big dusty cobweb. "You have some dust on your eye whiskers too. Hold still," she said, rubbing my face with her hand. "OK, now, how about going back into the house?"

Drat! Aw, c'mon, Mom! I'm not hurting anything?

"Come on, kiddo. Let's go back inside."

Hmph. Is this the thanks I get for keeping the garage free of the likes of Nasty Cat and the other riffraff around here? Just who is going to protect this space if you ban me again, hm? You'll want to change your tune soon the next time Nasty Cat shows up! She is vile! She is nasty! She is evil, evil, EVIL!! And she must be kept away from here at all costs -- especially the garage (Mom, are you listening?)!


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