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Won-Ton Reflects

A New Evil Cat!

April 26th 2009 10:48 pm
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There is a new Evil Cat in my neighborhood. This one is not stupid like Original Evil Cat. No, this one is savvy. This one is smart. This one has been around the block a few times and knows the score.

Which makes her all the more dangerous.

I first noticed her very late last night, slinking around our house. She was on the small side, a pale tortoiseshell, with a collar and tag. Along her spine she was bald with mange. I was beside myself following her sneaky movements. How dare she trespass on my turf? One Evil Cat is bad enough, but now there are two? This absolutely cannot be! No, no, no! I was beside myself with agitation and distress until my dad got up and fed me my morning snack. Then I felt a little better and forgot about her for a while.

But I noticed her again early this evening, when I was lounging on my cat tree. She came along next to the ivy, so I raced up onto my mom's dresser to observe her movements from that window. She turned the corner and slunk behind the shrubs in the front of the house, so I marched into the living room and peered out the big window there. After a moment or two she hopped up onto the stoop -- *my* stoop! -- then went down the steps and snuck between my mom's car in the driveway and the garage door. I bounded across the living room to look out the other window, watching her trot up the neighbor's steps and across their stoop as well. I lost sight of her then; I think she snuck behind their shrubs and went on into the next yard.

I felt the electricity of fear and anger jolt through me, puffing up my tail into a fearsome bottlebrush and sizzling in my brain. I could tell she was a tough customer -- if she ever got in here somehow she could probably tear me to shreds (not to mention give me mange too, most likely). Even though she had slunk out of sight I spent the next several minutes pacing nervously.

My mom tried to reassure me, saying, "She's gone now, Won. It's okay. All gone. Bye-bye." But I wasn't so sure. I did not like the sight of New Evil Cat one bit. I did not like the fact that she'd been around our house twice now, especially her walking right in front of my own door! Even Original Evil Cat didn't do that. Original Evil Cat only sat on the back fence looking stupid. And evil.

I hope New Evil Cat stays away! And gets that mange treated as well. Hmph. The riffraff in this neighborhood . . .


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