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Won-Ton Reflects

I sneak into the garage behind my mom's back

March 2nd 2009 11:05 pm
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It pays to be sneaky. Usually my mom is very careful about making sure she closes the door when she goes from the kitchen into the garage. But sometimes she gets careless, and my eternal vigilance pays off.

It was laundry day today, so there was a lot of going back and forth in and out of the garage, where the washer and dryer are located. At one point I heard the kitchen door squeak open as my mom went to check on the clothes in the dryer, and I happened to notice that the door was just barely ajar. Aha, my mom must have been tired not to have closed it completely shut. So I pushed at it with my nose. It creaked as it moved open a hair. I waited a moment to see if my mom noticed, but she just went on emptying the dryer into her laundry basket. So I pushed at the door again. It creaked some more, but opened just enough for me to trot stealthily down the steps while her back was turned and blend silently into the garage's shadows.

I saw her look around at the slightly open door, but she just took her laundry basket into her arms and went up into the kitchen, closing the door behind her.

"Oh boy!" I thought. "I got away with it! Hee-hee!" I had the whole garage to myself, to explore at my leisure!

I nosed around the table down at one end. I could smell wood, and saw sawdust under my paws. I worked my way around one side and along the wall, nosing about but not really finding anything interesting. I backed up against the now-silent washer and dryer and tried to spray them (nothing ever comes out when I try to spray, no matter how hard I try; I wonder why that is?), to make sure Evil Cat didn't get any ideas in its evil stupid head about exactly whose turf this was in case it ever got into the garage somehow.

Just as I was realizing that there wasn't anything really interesting in the garage, I heard my mom calling my name from inside the house. "Won? Do you want your pumpkin?" she called.

Pumpkin! Yeah, I was hungry! But I was stuck inside the garage.

I heard my mom's voice fade away deeper into the house, calling my name. Oh no, she didn't know I was there! My sneakiness was too successful! Was I going to be stuck there for hours? Would anyone hear me if I meowed? No one ever seems to hear me meow when I get into a predicament. How would I get out of this one? I imagined my mom wandering about the house with my scoop of pumpkin in a tiny dish, looking for me in vain. How could I draw her attention?

Before I could figure out a solution to this problem, my mom opened the kitchen door and saw me standing by the washing machine. She suppressed a laugh and sat down on the step and said, "Well, what are you doing in here, little girl? What's going on? Do you want your pumpkin?"

I sauntered up the steps and pretended to investigate a cloth grocery bag hanging from one of the kitchen chairs. My mom just sat there on the step with the door to the garage wide open, turning to watch me and question me about what I had been doing in there. I decided it was best to play dumb and pretend I hadn't really been in the garage in the first place. (After all, I was officially banned from the garage a long time ago due to a misunderstanding over a sack of sand stored in there. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to go wee in it when it was perfectly okay to go wee in the other kind of sand in the litterbox in the bathroom. I thought sand was sand, you know?) So I gave that cloth grocery bag a very thorough investigation with my nose and ignored my mom, hoping she would change the subject soon and offer me my pumpkin.

Which she did, and a snack too, and maybe in a little while she will forget that I succeeded in sneaking into the garage behind her back. That would be great if she forgot, because then it would be easier for me to keep trying to sneak back in there again. Because she would be forgetful and I would be sneaky. And it pays to be sneaky.


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