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Won-Ton Reflects

Sunday, not a fun day

March 12th 2008 12:15 am
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Sunday started out fairly normally, but all too soon I became alarmed when my dad took out The Beast from the hall closet and brought it into the bedroom. Then he took all the pillows and blankets off the bed and put them on the floor. Then he took the lamp off the little bedside table and put it on the naked bed and put the table into the hallway. Then he said, "Sorry, Kitten, I have to move your cat tree." He tried to pick me up, but I eluded his grasp and scampered down from my perch and into the living room just as The Beast roared to life. I decided it would be best to hide behind the chair for a while.

After a few minutes The Beast went quiet, and my mom and dad spoke for a while. I went and ate a few snacks, then my mom said bye-bye and they both left the house. And they didn't even put the furniture back! The bedcovers were in a big sloppy pile against the wall. The little table and my cat tree were blocking the hallway. They left half the house all cuckoo topsy-turvy, and I was most displeased. It was chaos, and they left me alone in the middle of it.

They did not come back for a couple of hours. When I heard the car pull into the driveway I ran to the door to ask them what was going on the very moment they came in. They gave me some hugs and kisses, and my mom told me they were back. Duh! I could see that!! I may have only one eye but I can see just fine with it!! I wanted to know why they left so quickly, where they had been and why they didn't at least put the bedroom back in order before going and leaving me there in the middle of all the mess.

Of course they did not answer my questions. They just made themselves some lunch, but then they went out again right away. Again! What in the world was going on?! Were they going to be gone a long time again this time? Would they be back in time to give me my evening snacks? I had no way of knowing. This was most disheartening.

But not too long afterward, just as I dozed off on the couch, they came back with a little bag from the pharmacy. My dad set about putting the furniture back to normal and the bedclothes back the way they were supposed to be. When all was in order once more, he scooped me up in his arms and placed me gently on the top perch of my cat tree. I was so glad they were home again and that the house had been restored to order that I wasn't mad anymore. I was happy that things seemed to be back on track. I had a little cuddle with my dad and then with my mom, and then I spent some time smelling the early spring smells coming in my window.

I found out later the little bag had medicine in it for my mom. My dad had taken her to the hospital earlier. That's why they were gone so long. My mom is okay. She had something I'd heard of but never seen: poison oak. She spends time each morning and evening putting the medicine on the rash the poison oak gave her. She has to do this all week, then she should be okay. She thought she knew what poison oak looked like, but she only knows what its leaves look like. She does not know what it looks like when it's dormant and leafless.

So for a while last Sunday was not a fun day for any of us. But the days have gotten better since then.


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