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I've Been Tagged!

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We're Back!!!

February 22nd 2010 7:37 am
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Just wanted to let effuryone know we are back from our most enjoyable and pawsome extended honeymoon! You can see where we went and what we did in my sisfur TweeKee's diary.

Italy, don't forget us!!!

Love and Purrs,

Daisy *Mrs. Rustle*


We have eloped!!!

January 27th 2010 9:14 am
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My darling Rusty and his brofur Jaffa showed up here last evening in a rush to go get married, so we hopped into our magic box and flew off to Italy, to be married there and have a gorgeous honeymoon!!! We are all so very happy and will miss you all! When we return we will have a pawty to top all pawties to celebrate! Not just for our marriages, but for life too!

Purrs and Happiness,

Daisy Mae


A very special week!

November 2nd 2009 4:35 pm
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Wow!!! My sisfur, TweeKee, has had three strokes of luck this week and this is my second, so it's been a VERY special week for us! First was the setting of Rusty and my wedding in January along with TweeKee and Jaffa's since it's a double wedding, then today I received word that I am TKC's *The Kitties' Club* Jokestar of the week! Isn't that pawsome??? Meowma's always said I'm the funniest cat out of our group of nine, so I guess she knew what she was talking about MOL! In any case, I thank TKC for the honor! I also thank all my furriends here on catster cuz I love you all!


Daisy Mae


Oh oh oh!!!!

November 1st 2009 10:50 am
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Our wedding date has been set!!! It's January 30 at 11 AM Catster time (this will allow my fiance and others from overseas to be on early evening) and puts the time here at 2 PM which is perfect for us. I've also added pics of my engagement ring and necklace from Rusty on my page under my profile pic if anyone would like to see them. I am sooooooo excited!!! *ponders which of her furriends to have for her maid of honor that is able to be* So far, we will be going on our honeymoon to the Greek islands. More info to come soon! About a week before the wedding I will put out invitations in all my groups so everyone has a chance to be there if you'd like. I will keep you updated as soon as I know more!

Purrs, Daisy Mae


Meowma entered me in the Coolest Contest!

October 28th 2009 8:27 am
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Woohoooooo!!! Meowma just entered me into the Coolest Cat or Dog Contest! It's under Best Friends and it has me and my sisfur, Itty Bitty in it. Here's the addy if anyone would like to vote for me!

Oh I'm soooooo excited!!!

Daisy Mae


Halloween Tag and a huge surprise!!!

October 9th 2009 9:12 am
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Before I even spring my surprise on here, I've been tagged by my sweet boyfurriend Rusty to name 5 things I love about Halloween.

1. I love orange and black! Can't imagine why since those are two of my colors MOL!

2. All the funny and scary costumes we get to see.

3. Because there are no hukids in the house, we get all the treats MOL!

4. Meowma always decorates a neat pumpkin and this year it will be out of their very own garden!

5. I love chasing our "bat" laser light in the dark on Halloween!

Now for the surprise!!! I'm getting married!!! Rusty asked me if I would marry him and I said yes, of course! How pawsome is that??? The wedding will probably be after the first of the year when the holidays are over. It'll be a double wedding cuz my sisfur TweeKee is marrying Rusty's brofur Jaffa too! How much fun will that be??? I'll write another diary entry when I know more.


Daisy Mae


Buddee's diary entry!

September 24th 2009 4:20 pm
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Buddee asked that we let effuryone know of his update. Here it is!

I just want to say thank you once again to all that have been purring and purraying for me to get better!!! I am almost back to normal with my foot. I still favor it a bit and will hold it up or fold it under when I'm sitting or eating. I still am limping a bit, but nowhere near as badly as I was and sometimes it is not even noticeable unless you look closely.

I owe effuryone a huge thank you and want you all to know that me and my Meowma and furamily love you all!

Purrs and Love,



Could effuryone please?

September 18th 2009 11:58 am
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Say a few purrs and purrayers for my brofur Buddee please? He would like you to read his latest diary entry for the reason. Here's his number:

Thanks effuryone!


Ice Cream Tag!

June 27th 2009 12:37 pm
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Rusty, my dearest boyfurriend has tagged me for ice cream tag! First you have to name your favorite ice cream, then the ice cream that describes you best.

The only ice cream I have ever had is Meowma's French Vanilla, but I told her next time she has to add some catnip to it too! I LOVE CATNIP!

The ice cream that describes me? I think that would be Neopolitan cuz it has three colors and flavors, just like me! I have the attitude too MOL!

I'm tagging:




February 14th 2009 4:51 pm
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I do believe this girl is in love!!!! My long time boypal Rustle took me to a Valentine's pawty today and I am just indescribably happy that I went! He's such a handsome boy and a real looker!!! A beautiful, gorgeous ginger tabby that makes my heart skip a beat effury time I see him and he is just oblivious to love MOL! I keep hinting that I want more than a "furriendship" with him, but he just doesn't get it MOL! We're both the same age but I think he's lagging some MOL! I'm hoping once he reads this diary entry he'll "wake up and smell the roses" but who knows??? He's just the most wonderful boy I know!!! Keep your paws crossed for me that he wakes up soon!

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