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Can you hear me meow?

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Mom's Home!

May 14th 2015 6:58 am
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Mom is home from the hospital! She can't hold me yet, they are being cautious about infection. Hey, I'm clean, I wash every day, especially my face. Daddy did a good job taking care of us but we're glad momma is back. I'm going to let her tell about it in her own words.

Hello Catster friends,

This was quite a scary experience. The procedure was much more complex than I first was told. There were 7 people in the operating room with me. A neuro-technichian was there to do nothing more than protect my spinal cord. Before surgery he placed numerous electrodes on all the muscle groups of my body. After I was asleep he put needles similar to acupuncture needles into my skull. During the operation he randomly stimulated parts of my brain and muscles and a neurologist in Austin sat in a room full of monitor screens and watched. This was to make sure they did not compromise my spinal column. Impressive. The surgeon removed the crushed vertebrae through the front of my neck. He then placed a porous spacer in, which will allow bone and nerve tissue to regrow and fuse together over time. Then the screwed the two vertebrae above and below the spacer together with a permanent titanium plate. The surgery went perfectly but it will take time to tell how many of my symptoms it will relieve. For now I have to use a walker to get around. Next surgery will be my back, maybe in the Fall. I have to take it very easy for awhile, which is hard for me as I am prone to over-doing it. So I might not be back to Catster for a few days yet, but I sure have missed everyone.

We got hammered pretty hard by the rains. The ceiling in our laundry room came down and made an awful mess. David will have to pull the washer and dryer out this weekend so we can clean it up. I had washed everything up and folded it all before my surgery. Needless to say, the ceiling came down all over the clean stacks. The huge drainage ditch behind our subdivision is full to the top, and the ducks are loving it. Seagulls have also found our new "fresh water lake"! Well, it's time for a pain pill and they make me drowsy so will say goodbye for now and I send my love and gratitude for all the well wishes and prayers.


A Must Tell Story...Or Maybe Not!

April 30th 2015 5:45 pm
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I don't usually write in my diary twice in one day, but this was too good to skip. giggle

Mom was in the bathroom with my sisfur Annie in her lap. She finished her business there and flushed the toilet. Then I heard her shout "OH NO!"
Any guesses? Not her cell phone, that was my first guess. She saw something she's never seen before...a HUGE green lizard in the toilet, swimming for his life as the toilet was flushing! She had no choice but to reach in and grab him before he went down the drain. hahaha mom. Then she held him very carefully but tightly and went over to the sink and gave him a bath! Murphy was very curious to see what she had caught. So mom carried him outside and set him free in the front flowerbed. I bet that lizard will be telling his buddies about his harrowing adventure and escape from certain drowning!!!

Remind me sometime to tell you about her giving CPR to a drowned bat...sheesh mom!

Sweet dreams.


A Break For Mom's Health

April 30th 2015 1:55 pm
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Hello my dear friends~
All us cats are doing fine here. It got chilly this week, down to 50 degrees.
Mom had just washed all our cat blankets to be put away for the summer!

The two kittens are doing great. Dad and mom are weaning them now and they enjoyed their first taste of kitten food! Their temporary names are Kieran, Irish for "little dark one" and Ciaran, meaning "little friend". She is the friendliest one and has the prettiest blue eyes. Looks like they will both be long haired, like their mom and pop. I will post another picture soon.

Now, about my mom and pop...

Dad is looking for a new job. He is doing well at his current one but his pay just isn't enough to take care of us and mom can't go back to work for a while yet. I might not be around very much on Catster for a little bit while she get's better. I'm going to let her tell you the rest.

From Teri~

I finally know what is causing most of my problems and it's fairly serious. I have a condition called Myelomalcia. Without going into boring detail it involves softening and compression of the spine, specifically in my neck and lower back. Vertebrae are crushing nerves and restricting the flow of spinal fluid. Damage may not reverse, but there is some hope with surgery. The surgeon said the neck must be done first because while the back could cause me to be in a wheelchair, the neck can cause paralysis. So I am scheduled for surgery on May 12th, which is the soonest he could perform it. This will involve removing one vertebrae and fusing two others together. I will have to wear a neck brace for six weeks. After that he'll do another MRI and also see what symptoms have abated and which remain. My back will be next. The pain in my back is bearable, but my legs are numb and very weak so it makes things hard to do around here. But I have a lot to clean and prepare. I will have limited time on Catster until after the surgery and apologize in advance for the birthdays and bridge days I will miss. My shoulder is healing fairly well, with about 75% of the strength back and about 50% of the range of motion. Well, that is about all my woes this time. Please keep me in your prayers, mostly because as our cat friend Ashlynne said "everyone depends on the mamma". I do love you all tremendously for the support and strength you have given me through our Catster friendships.
Thank you~


Sorry For Our Absence

April 25th 2015 12:53 pm
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It's been a while since I wrote to everyone.

First I would like to say thanks for all the beautiful Spring flower vases that were sent to our family. That was super kind and much appreciated.

Next, thanks again to everyone who has stopped by for all the recent birthdays of Harry, Xerox, Claire, Queso, Sissy, DC, Bubba, Cary, Copy, Wally and Pete! Whew! We are almost done with "Birthday Month"!

Okay, and soon I'll post another picture of the baby kittens. They are running around and wrestling now and very cute.

Later I'll write an update on mom too. She's finally got a diagnosis and plan.

Guess that's all for now.
Sure love you all~


Request From Our Dog

April 19th 2015 10:19 am
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Hello friends,
I apologize that I am posting this with almost no time to respond, but we just learned of it.

Our dog Marlowe saw this in one of his groups. It got buried and I wanted to cross-post it here.
It is from his doggie friend Suzy Q (79716)'s mom, written about Suzy Q's elderly grandmother.

"I would like to ask a favor from my friends.......
As you know on April 6 a woman hit my mother with her vehicle and drove over both of her legs. Since then she has had to go through two surgeries, suffered a small heart attack during one of her surgeries, might need to have some skin grafts done and because of the heart attack she also faces having some work done on her heart in the near future.

Her life has been changed drastically. She has always been active and self sufficient, now she has to go to a Skilled Care facility for six weeks or longer.

The favor I am asking from you, my friends, is this........

Her 84th birthday is on April 25th and I'm asking that anyone who can and will to please send her a birthday card. I think this would brighten her day and lift her spirits.

Billie Frogge - Room 39
C/O Westminster Village
5801 West Bethel Avenue
Muncie, IN 47304"


If anyone wants to send a card, even if it's late, that would be super.
Suzy Q's mom has been on Dogster and Catster for 10 years, so we are a big part of her life. Thank you~

Also, Marlowe seems to have sprained his back hip. He is not limping, but whimpers a little when he sits on it. Please purr he feels better soon so he doesn't have to go see the vet.

Love & hugs,


Two and Two

April 13th 2015 9:53 am
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The first two...Today Kate and Dalton's ashes came home to be with their family once more. Mom was glad to have them back. They will always be a part of the TWB. Thank all of you who so thoughtfully remembered them.

As for the other two...I told you about the feral cat's kittens born under our deck on St. Patrick's day? Sadly one did not survive, but the other two have been taking antibiotics and are growing strong. We're not completely sure of their sex yet, they are very fuzzy and it's hard to tell. Both are docile and no hissing at all. Here is their first photo with daddy as they near their first month.

St. Patrick's Day Kittens

The black one we call Kieran" It is Gaelic for "little dark one"
The buff colored one has dark grey feet, tail and ears, and we're waiting to see if it's a boy or girl before picking a name. Mom has already sent their picture to our vet to see if anyone of the staff wants to adopt either of them.

Lastly, I will be by this week, I pawmouse, to send all my birthday thank you's. Daddy was home sick last week and it's his computer so we couldn't use it much. But mom sent him back to work today before he drove her crazy, so yeah, I'm back. purrrrrs

Love and hugs,


Meowvelous 12th Birthday

April 6th 2015 1:36 pm
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OMC, I think I have a nip hangover!
That was some birthday party yesterday, WOW

It began with our friend Anna, when she and her wonderful mommie made a birthday page for me!
She baked me a gorgeous cake too and I'm working on getting a picture of that.

Then Big Harry and his awesome mom sent a beautiful picture for my page. Oh thank you so much!

Now, to spoil me even more, my sweet friend Tundra and her amazing meowmy made me another picture to remember the day. I love it Tundra.

But wait...there's more!!! (giggle)

Then many terrific friends came by with messages, rosettes and gifts and I will thank each of you purrsonally in the next few days!

My best friend Twixy gave me a gift of Zealies, woohoo!

It was such an unforgettable day and I love you all so much for being a part of my 12th birthday.

Love & hugs,


The Purrs Are Working!

March 31st 2015 5:35 am
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Here's some news worth meowing about!

Momma saw the new Orthopedic Dr. yesterday. He reviewed the X-rays and said what she has was called an "impacted proximal humerus fracture". In normal language that means she fractured her arm bone just below the shoulder, and slightly displaced the shoulder. That might not sound like good news, but it is. The Dr. said if she was going to have a shoulder injury, this was the best kind to have. Though it might take several months to heal completely, it requires no surgery, no cast, and she doesn't even need to wear a sling unless it gets to hurting too badly. He will take new X-rays in two weeks to make sure it is healing correctly. She has to do mobility exercises daily but that is all! Oh, and no picking me up, wah!

Thanks everyone for all the good wishes, prayers and purrs! They worked on her shoulder now we need some good luck on the MRI's coming up soon. Our neighbor asked mom "what are they expecting to find when they do your brain?" Mom said "hairballs probably, it gets into everything else!"

I love you guys!

Hugs & purrs,


A Bit More...

March 27th 2015 5:20 am
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Just a quick couple things on mom.
The X-rays came back and her shoulder is fractured and displaced. That explains why it is still hurting and not getting very much better, The Dr. referred her to an Orthopedic Dr. as soon as possible. Daddy can't take more time off work so she's not sure how she'll get there.
Her MRI's are scheduled for April 8th, as is her follow-up from the eye surgery. Unfortunately she is still legally blind in that eye, but it did improve ever so slightly and still might improve more with time. All her blood work came back good, even perfect cholesterol. The nurse said she had awesome veins! MOL. That's kind of like when mom was a teenager her grandma told her her best feature was her eyebrows! That didn't do much for a teenage girls confidence level. :)

Thank you for following her progress and thanks for the purrs and prayers.

Love & hugs with kitty kisses too!


Meowmy Update

March 26th 2015 5:48 am
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I hope you all don't mind if I tell you about mom in my diary. Mom isn't on Facebook so she doesn't have any other way to share info.

Last night daddy carried me into the office/bedroom where mom was and she got to hold me for a while. I head butted her chin over and over and touched her face with my paw and hugged her too. It was so nice to spend some quality time together. She rubbed my tummy and kissed me a lot. Purrrrrs
(there are lots of gray cat hairs on the keyboard now, giggle)

Yesterday dad took the day off work and took mom to the doctor. Her insurance card had finally come. The doctor did a lot of poking, pushing, and pulling, checking her muscle strength, reflexes and her hurt arm and shoulder. He also took blood for tests too. Then he sent her to another place for X-Rays of her arm. He also ordered 3 MRI's to be done soon. They discussed his suspicions but mom decided to wait to talk about that until she knows more. He did make an appointment with a Neurologist too. Mom says even though everything is scary, she feels a good positive feeling now that she can finally get answers. I told her "mommy, you have to get better because we need you." So that's all I know for now. Keeps the purrs and prayers coming please.

Love & hugs to all~

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