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A Bit More...

March 27th 2015 5:20 am
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Just a quick couple things on mom.
The X-rays came back and her shoulder is fractured and displaced. That explains why it is still hurting and not getting very much better, The Dr. referred her to an Orthopedic Dr. as soon as possible. Daddy can't take more time off work so she's not sure how she'll get there.
Her MRI's are scheduled for April 8th, as is her follow-up from the eye surgery. Unfortunately she is still legally blind in that eye, but it did improve ever so slightly and still might improve more with time. All her blood work came back good, even perfect cholesterol. The nurse said she had awesome veins! MOL. That's kind of like when mom was a teenager her grandma told her her best feature was her eyebrows! That didn't do much for a teenage girls confidence level. :)

Thank you for following her progress and thanks for the purrs and prayers.

Love & hugs with kitty kisses too!


Meowmy Update

March 26th 2015 5:48 am
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I hope you all don't mind if I tell you about mom in my diary. Mom isn't on Facebook so she doesn't have any other way to share info.

Last night daddy carried me into the office/bedroom where mom was and she got to hold me for a while. I head butted her chin over and over and touched her face with my paw and hugged her too. It was so nice to spend some quality time together. She rubbed my tummy and kissed me a lot. Purrrrrs
(there are lots of gray cat hairs on the keyboard now, giggle)

Yesterday dad took the day off work and took mom to the doctor. Her insurance card had finally come. The doctor did a lot of poking, pushing, and pulling, checking her muscle strength, reflexes and her hurt arm and shoulder. He also took blood for tests too. Then he sent her to another place for X-Rays of her arm. He also ordered 3 MRI's to be done soon. They discussed his suspicions but mom decided to wait to talk about that until she knows more. He did make an appointment with a Neurologist too. Mom says even though everything is scary, she feels a good positive feeling now that she can finally get answers. I told her "mommy, you have to get better because we need you." So that's all I know for now. Keeps the purrs and prayers coming please.

Love & hugs to all~


Photo Fleas

March 24th 2015 2:33 pm
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Is anycat having problems downloading or uploading tribute or birthday pictures?
Violet got a lovely birthday photo from Tundra and we tried everything but magic and it would not work. Tundra even made it all over again just in case. Then Big Harry made one for Ivy's birthday and it wouldn't go on either. Lastly Kally Kat sent a cute image and I wanted to put it on my page among the photo's and it didn't work either. WAH!

Mom is going to try to add some new pictures of Murphy and see how that works.
We think it's just the kimi type, the computer keeps saying the file is not supported. We even tried making it a roll-over image and saving it that way but no luck. Any suggestions?

Sorry for the complaints and many, many thanks to Tundra, Big Harry and Kally Kat for all their hard work.

We will keep trying and get them on the pages eventually!

Love & hugs,


We've Been Bugged!

March 20th 2015 4:04 pm
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The ladybugs are back! Thanks Catster!
They have always been my very favorite rosettes.
Today Dalton finished his thank you's and Kate has finished her's too, so it will be my turn next. Sorry it has taken us so long, but at least I can send everyone a ladybug now! Around here we call them 'Lucky Ladies" because they bring good luck if they land on you. We can all use some of that.

Love & hugs,


St. Paddy's Day Wishes

March 17th 2015 11:36 am
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We're not going to be able to visit all our friends pages this St. Patrick's Day. We're busy catching up on missed birthdays and thanking friends for Kate and Dalton. So if you don't mind, I'd like to wish everyone a very lucky and fun St. Paddy's Day from us!

This is...FOR YOU!

Oh, and do you remember a few diaries ago when momma thought one of the little female ferals under the deck might be pregnant? Well this morning she gave us a St. Patrick Trio. Dad couldn't get too close now, but we'll catch them when they are older, tame them and hopefully the local kind shelters will accept them, they usually do take kittens, just not grown cats. I'll post a picture in the future and you all can help us give them good 'ole Irish names. :)

Love and hugs,



March 14th 2015 4:43 pm
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Hello again to my lovely friends~

Thank everyone for their kindness to Kate and Dalton. Tears still fall everyday but we do appreciate the outpouring of love.
Mom promises to begin her personal thanks to each of you. It still is hard for her to type for long periods so I'll give you a fast update.

Last night mom slept through the night for the first time since she fell two weeks ago. That means the shoulder/arm pain is easing up. Also the bruising is getting lighter and she can use her lower arm for minor things and can hold on to things. She still cannot lift her arm up or extend it out very far, but it's all progress. Daddy put a plastic chair in the shower and helped her to bathe and wash her hair. She said it felt wonderful! Humans are weird, baths are NOT fun! Also this morning she walked down the hall without looking like a cat burglar hugging a wall! Her balance was better, but she took it slow. Plus mom's insurance card came in the mail so she can begin contacting doctors and get some help and answers. All in all, there is hope growing here.
Thank you again for your prayers~

Love & hugs,


Loving Thanks

March 9th 2015 4:16 pm
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To all our dear friends,
Thank everyone for all the beautiful thoughts and gifts to my new angel sister Kate and my little angel brother Dalton. I know Katie will look after Dalton and we have so many angel friends at the Bridge who have offered their help too. There have been a lot of tears shed as today was the first day momma has been able to read all the rosettes. I wanted to give her my special kisses that always make her feel better, but she still cannot lift or hold me. We are all so grateful for all the care and prayer. Mom said to let everyone know she still cannot do much with her hand or arm but it has improved some. Today she brushed her teeth mostly with her right hand and held a water bottle but could not lift it enough to drink yet. The shoulder is the main problem now as she can bend her arm at the elbow. It hurts to type very long so we are not going to attempt to send thank you's yet, just try to keep current with diaries and pawmails. Mom still cannot bath or dress without dad's help, and cannot walk without his arm to steady her. Things are pretty sad and pretty scary so all the purrs and prayers are really appreciated. We all love you all so very, very much.

Loving hugs & thanks,
Hannah & family


Tears Again...Dalton Has Died Unexpectedly

March 7th 2015 5:42 am
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My little brother Dalton passed away during the night. Dad is taking care of us while momma has been hurt and he found Dalton early this morning. Dalton was not sick and he was very young. Mom thinks he must have gotten hurt during one of his wild play sessions where he ran and leaped from shelf to shelf in the living room. He must have fallen. Mom can't stop crying. Kate died just a few days ago, now Dalton. She has been unable to leave her room except for the bathroom. She can only get there by holding on to doorknobs along the hall. The last time she saw Dalton was Sunday morning, the day she fell. He was happily playing. Please pray my little brother did not suffer.
This has been a terrible year so far.

With love and sad, sad purrs,


My Sister Kate & Momma Update

March 3rd 2015 3:44 pm
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Yesterday morning my beautiful sister Kate made her journey to the Bridge. She would have been 10 next month. We knew she had been fading the last several months. Her asthma was not as bad as Stinky's was but it none the less shortened her precious life. The air in our town is very hard on both animals and people because of all the oil and chemical refineries here. We will have her tiny body cremated and added to the big family urn. I miss you Katie, you were a good and sweet sister.

I am going to let mom write the rest herself.

This is an update for those who have had me in their prayers. Please keep them coming my dear friends.
On Friday the 27th, I had my long awaited eye surgery. It was a scary procedure as I was aware of everything and heard every comment. I felt the needles and the scalpels and the tools as he lifted layers of scar tissue from my eye. It did not hurt though. There were students observing since this was not an everyday thing. The doctor was very pleased and said he got almost all the eye clear and it looked healthy.
On Saturday the technician removed the wrappings from my eye. You can imagine how hopeful I was. Unfortunately so far there was no change in my vision. Everything looks white with hardly any color. I was warned before the surgery that my brain might have to learn to process the new signals so now we just wait.
Sunday the worst happened. I had a terrible fall in the garage, landing face down on the side of my forehead above the eye. I also hit my shoulder and arm very hard and landed on my hand. I was almost nauseous from the pain and could not stand for David to lift me. Finally he got me up and he doesn't think any bones are broken. However, I can barely lift my right arm and my face is bruised and fingers red and swollen. I'm typing with my left. I haven't been able to do much of anything because I need my good arm to hold on to things due to my balance problem. Poor David is exhausted as I usually did most of the cats care. He needs your prayers too. I couldn't even hold Katie when she died and my heart is broken that I was not there for her. I pray she knew how much I loved her. If my arm does not improve in a few days I will have to have it looked at. My brother in Austin is sending some money to help with that as my insurance has not begun yet.

Thank everyone for caring and being there for my family. If I can get well from all of this life will be better again. I need to for my babies and David.

Love to you all~


An Important Day Tomorrow

February 26th 2015 10:42 am
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Purrs to my dear friends~
I have not been around since last week and I've missed some birthdays and RB days so please forgive me for that.

My mom has been busy getting things done around the house because tomorrow she is having eye surgery. Momma has been blind in her right eye since birth. She was born 3 months too early, and weighed barely over two pounds, the same size I was when she adopted me! Doctors trying to keep her alive unintentionally blinded her, causing scar tissue to form blocking her vision in one eye. Her eye doctor for the past 35 years is retiring soon and he wanted to try and remove as much of the scar tissue as possible, which is now something more modern procedures will allow. Momma's wonderful sister is going to pay for this. It is not known how much she will see and she's kinda scared. I asked her if she is able to see me with both eyes will she love me twice as much? She said "absolutely baby girl!" purrrrrrrr

I'll write more soon.
Love & hugs to everypaw~

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