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Corn For Thanksgiving

November 27th 2014 8:04 pm
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*Hannah picks corn from her teeth with her claw*, we didn't really get fed corn today, i was kitting!
Actually we got extra big portions of Friskies Turkey and Cheese Shreds. Yum.

But I do have a corn story to tell you.
A few weeks ago Dad looked out the bathroom window and said to mom "there are some tall weeds growing in our backyard, I better hit them with weed killer. Mom said "Wait!" "That's not weeds, it's baby corn plants!" It seems our neighbor throws out corn cobs for the squirrels which usually wind up in our yard because they drop them when they run along the back fence. Now we have five corn stalks growing with several ears of corn on them! Mom hoped they would be ready to pick for Thanksgiving but they were still too small.
Maybe if the squirrels could drop some catnip next...?

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks to everyone who remembered us while we were away.

Love and hugs,
Hannah and the Texas Wild Bunch


A Nudder Brudder

November 14th 2014 3:54 pm
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Just a quick couple meows tonight~

Another one of my brothers,Trooper (ID#1329024) has his page now and I know he would like to meet more of our friends. :)

Also it suddenly became winter here, last week was in the 80's and last night got into the 30"s! Brrrrrrrr
Drag out those blankets! I'm a real drama queen when I'm cold, meowing "mommie hold me" until she picks we up. Prrrrrrrr
Works every time. :)

That's it of now, I'll write more this weekend~

Lots of Love & hugs,


Little Brother Needs Furends

November 10th 2014 9:41 am
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Last night my little brother, Murphy debuted on Catster.
Our family has grown a bit since we were gone. I pawmoused that I would introduce you to some so please come meet my brother, Murphy, when you have time. The friend request feature has fleas so we have already been trying to send some with no luck.

Also, don't know if any of you are having the same problem, but our Plus account, which we renewed in September by PayPal, has vanished, taking our captions and photo's with it. Grrrr.

Lastly, I have seen some really beautiful pages popping up for Fall and Thanksgiving and I wanted to compliment all your mommies, daddies, secretaries and purrsonal assistants. That is a lot of hard work but we sure do enjoy seeing the lovely pages.

Have a purrfect week, dear friends.

Loveies and huggies,

P.S. NO...NOT kitty diapers. Don't need those yet.


Wallpaper And A New Picture!

October 29th 2014 7:41 pm
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Oh My Cat!
I finally have different wallpaper! It only took mom editing my page about 50 times, but it's on!
Many thanks to my dear friends Kally Katt, Norman, and Anna. They meowed to their meowmy's and came to my rescue! *kissies to you all*

Now, about this picture. Well, it's my most current, taken a few months ago. My others are several years old. Unfortunately, all my brothers and sisters tried to photo bomb my portrait! WAH! So daddy cropped it as best he could and now it's kinda weird looking. *sigh*

Before I close, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!
And to all my black cat friends...STAY INSIDE!
Many years ago, before I was even born, mom and dad were called out on a Halloween night to rescue a black cat that was being tormented by a group of mean boys. HISS!
So everyone stay safe but have lots of fun.

Goodnight Purrs,


A Helping Paw Needed

October 27th 2014 5:15 pm
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WAH! I moved a photo around and all my captions disappeared!
Now mom is afraid to put new wallpaper up. Is that safe? Also, can anycat teach her how to put the "mouse over" pictures into my diary?

If not, would anycat with good 'puter skills like to adopt me? I don't eat much...or shed, despite my long lovely fur, giggle.

Love you all~


Back For A Visit ~ YEAH!

October 23rd 2014 7:58 am
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Meows and Purrs to all my dear Catster friends!

My family and I have been away from Catster for several years. A lot of not fun stuff has gone on during that time, but I told mama if she wanted to explain she needed to get her own diary!
So...first a HUGE hug to anyone still reading this. We have missed everyone more than I could ever tell you.
There is so much to catch up on around here. Catsterland looks different, and mom has to re-learn how to do everything. I asked her to PLEASE change my page's wallpaper. it's been the same for 3 years! Enough already!
On a sad note, my brother, Queso passed away recently...(miss you Q). It's coming up on a month soon. He had an aggressive cancer that took him very rapidly and unexpectedly. We have many new additions to the TWB in the years we were gone. If we get to visit more often mom will build them pages. We did just make a page for our dog, Marlowe. He doesn't have many Dogster friends yet, so if you have poochies in your family, maybe they would like a new pup pal?
Well...If I say anymore I'll end up with a sore paw and you'll end up with a sore ear1

Love & hugs forever,
(and all the rest of the TWB)


Finding Our Way Back

April 11th 2011 2:11 pm
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Dearest Catster friends,

First, many thanks to everyone who remembered my eight birthday, and the recent birthdays of my siblings. This is "Birthday Month" in our family, with more than a dozen birthdays to celebrate. There are even two tiny one week old foster babies here, that were born on my birthday! What a special gift. *Happy Purrs*
I will write to everyone of you soon, and send my official thank you's. has been quite a while since I have written in my diary. It would be too long a story to tell here, but the short version is that a while back, our normally dry town had 21 inches of rain. Our already leaking old roof gave it up in several places and the insurance company would not cover it due to age and condition.
There's more to the story, but that's the most of it.
So for our safety, until repairs can be made, we got moved to a friend's farm, and are in this really big and nice building with almost 1,300 sq feet to run in! It has windows overlooking a pasture and there are three horses we can see!
A white-ish colored one, named "Blue", comes over to the window and snorts at us. He thinks we smell funny. I have news for him...take a whiff of yourself sir! *giggle*
Anyway, we are all fine.
Mom and dad's day begins at 6:00 am, they drive to the farm, feed us our kibble, clean litters and play with us. Then they go to work, and after work drive back out to change litters, vacuum and mop the floors and give us our canned food. Mom says by the time they have dinner at 10pm, do laundry for the next day, it's almost midnight. Where can she make time for Catster? She stares at the blank computer and wants to be there so badly. We are missing everyone and so much has happened on Catster since we have been gone.
So we are trying to find our way back to our "second home".
It will be in little increments until it gets more back to normal around here. But wait for us...please...we're coming back!

Sending many, many hugs,
Hannah and the TWB


Apologies, Apologies...

December 20th 2010 7:16 am
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Oh man, I am so sorry my dear and beloved friends.

Mom said she wanted so badly to do the angel stroll, to get us back to Catster for the Holidays, to send rosettes and put on Christmas wallpapers, but nothing is happening as hoped. She has been bawling like a baby because she is too tired to think straight. It is pulling all the joy out of the season.
We have received many beautiful cards in the mail.
Ours are still laying on the desk...unsent. More tears.
We have dozens of people to thank for all the help they were during the fund-raiser auction that was held a couple of months ago. It is eating momma up to have no time for anything. Please don't think this is not always on our minds. We can never say thank you enough for all the kind and generous things that happened. It allowed us to remain a family...what better gift?
Anyway, I have to rush off and give momma a kissie on the lips before she goes to work again.
I am going to try really, really hard to do some more of my treasured angels before the end of the year. I hope you will come back and read about them. I love you all so much.

Big, big hugs,
Hannah & mommie


Angel Intermission

December 10th 2010 6:50 am
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My dear friends,
I will be back to writing my angel diary entries soon.
I am sorry for the interruption, but my typist is working very long hours and coming home very tired. She keeps telling me she's getting too old for all this hard, physical work! And taking care of all of us is no picnic either, :) (aw, but mom, we're sooo helpful!)

Also, I hadn't told most of you, but we have several more kitties living here now, two foster mom's, with nine babies, five big kittens that are going to stay here permanently, (Tyler, Nolan, Sally, Patrick, and Eli) one little kitten that just joined our family, named Jasmine (I will let Riley tell you about her soon) and and old black tomcat name Boris! WHEW! We hope to do pages for the new TWB members soon, as well as my sisters Zo-Zo and Paisley who never got their pages but have been here a year already. So if there's really "strength in numbers", we are coming back stronger than ever, MOL!

Kitty kisses & much love,
Hannah & her sisters,
(I always wanted to write that, giggle)
...and her brothers and mom & dad


We Believe

December 4th 2010 6:37 pm
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To see an angel, you must see another's soul.
To feel an angel, you must touch another's heart.
To hear an angel you must listen to both.

~Author Unknown

I cannot read the story of tonight's angel without tears of sadness and regret, but also tears of joy and hope. I believe that some cats can touch a heart so deeply because they desperately need love and desire to give love. They just need someone with a loving heart to give them a chance.

To know her full story you must read the 1st diary entry for~

Precious little angel EVE, though your life was brief, your legacy endures, and through the magical life that Catster allows, we will be friends forever. As your 1st Bridge Remembrance day approaches, this January, we will light a candle so that your flame continues to burn.

Fly with the butterflies will never be forgotten because we BELIEVE.

Love and kisses,

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