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The Life & Love of Mrs. Ivee Puss

Feeline Better, but...

December 7th 2007 11:30 pm
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HI Folks,
I've been doing better, but still seem to be on the mend. My non-furry parents got a call back from the vet with lab results that showed a whole lot of nothing, & some days I greet them with my ducky-quacky meow, some days not. I'm eating fine, but non-furry Mama is still not quite sure I'm on the mend. She is delighted to see she was a Polydactyl "pick o' the day" & awful glad to see that people sent good vibes & prayers for me. That made both of beam with pride, as I must admit, I am a ham & a pet-hog, so she brought me in front of that thingy & showed me some weird looking hyroglyphic looking squiggles & swirls which she told me that these odd glyphs & pictures of other kitties were good things meant just for little ol' me! Take that Edgrrr & WooWoo, I was 1st this time around! Nyah!
My non-furry parents noticed that I'd not feel well & would retch a lot when they'd let that darned dog (ooooof, I despise those things!) into MY room, so JOY of JOYS, the dog is now denied access, so I get all the attention with some spare moments of letting some loving for the other kitties to be given. I've also got a feline foe, I shan't refer to her as a cat, as she is most certainly not like me & has taken to showing her wanton ways by showing her posterior & making horribly loud howls, as if any of us proper beings would be interested in her. Hmmmph! She's this diabolical Siamese, who struts her stuff & has the audacity to try to claim this house as her own. I've left a few claws in her head to dissuade her, but she's about as bright as a dump truck stuck in reverse (yes, I realize that this is not a "light" comparison, therefore you should get my drift of her brilliance) & keeps up her sneak attacks, only to have either the non-furry parents or myself & my daughter Dottie to keep her in check. Poor little Jinxy Minxy just cowers under the couch whenever she's around, I for one, will not stand to have a commoner upset my throne or my court, for I AM THE QUEEN & she best get that through her thick, Siamese head. I try not to be racist, but this heathen just makes me throw my paws over my eyes as I exclaim, those horrible foreigners! I know I should be the diplomat, but those blue eyed weirdos are always up to something odd. That Edgrrr fellow is tolerable, but that hussy, who, at times, is referred to with some rather unsavory & candid names, aside from her proper name, which is February's Muddy Waters, "Mudge" & her goof ball brother, one Mr. WooWoo just make my teeth itch. Both are trouble makers & come into my abode to cause mayhem. Non-furry Mama tells me that perhaps Mudge will calm down once she has a surgery to render her unfertile. I do hope so, because as long as she shows no respect to me, my offspring or my court subjects, we have plenty of claws to leave in that brick of a head of hers! As my daughter, Princess Dottie Doolittle, Prince Leopolt Fuzzysnoot, & the King, my "brother" (by adoption, not blood), one Captain Merrill Stubing are all polydactyls & there's nothing better that to sharpen one's claws in the head of a Siamese!
I wish to thank all who have sent prayers & good vibes my way. I am better, but could use some more, as I am not as feeble & ill, but not up to par as of yet. That funny smelling non-cat, called "the vet" has said that he will stick another pointy thing in my leg to test for my thyroid levels, as that was one test that showed up as something that may be ailing me. Thanks again for your kindness & I'll have my non-furry Mama keep you in the know of things to come. Happy Chanukkah, Happy Solstice & Merry Christmas to all if I'm not back to update before then.
The Queen Mother - Ivee Rose Puss


Mama needs some extra love & good vibes~*~*~*~*~ >^._.^

November 23rd 2007 10:31 am
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What a way to start a Catster page! I've slowly, but surely have been adding the new pages for my "pride" & started working on Ivee's last night. When I uploaded it, I was in the throes of worry as she had to be rushed to the vet. Seems she's just not feeling up to snuff & really had me worried as she displayed the same symptoms my dearly departed Manny had shown before he succumbed to his fate & had to be sped to the angels as his chance for recovery was nil. He had developed an intestinal blockage, which may have been a crazy massive hairball or something worse, but as he was too ill to have an operation, we'll never know. As he was being worked up in the hospital, they'd taken a series of x-rays & found tumors on both kidneys so he had to be freed from his sick body, so when Ivee stopped meowing her ducky-quacky meows & started retching & showing no interest in anything other than sleeping, I came face to face with that fear I felt when I'd first been told Manny had a blockage. I rushed her to the vet at 9:30 & after he poked & prodded & delighted (sarcastically said) her by taking her temperature, he assured me that he felt no blockage & aside from her heart rate being up (which could be nothing more than showing that she's awful nervous when taken out of the home) & the fact that she had lost 2 pounds since her last visit, which was last year, he hadn't a clue what could be making her feel ill. I told him not to dillydally & get some blood & if needed, an xray to help figure what's cooking. He assured me that an xray wasn't needed as he hadn't felt any anomaly, but told me that he'd only be able to get blood test results by Monday, being a "holiday weekend" & all. He'd said that she may just have a bladder or urinary tract infection, but with no raised temp he didn't feel she was dealing with another sort of infection & wanted to wait it out before prescribing antibiotics. So, perhaps she did have a furball blockage that I helped dislodge by forcing mineral oil & water down her sweet mouth, but I am desperately worried for her. So all you fine folks who come across this, please send our Mama Ivee some prayers, good vibes & purrs to get well soon. I'll know everything is A-OK as soon as she can enjoy the turkey she loves so much & answers my inquiry with her chirpy, quacky sounding meow, as it's awful raspy & hard to get any reply at all & she's of the sort who always must have the last meow. Thanks for your time & if you & your kitties need some prayers, good vibes & purrs sent your way, just let me, Ivee, Edgrrr or WooWoo know & we'll gladly oblige! >^._.^< -quack!

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