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Letters from The Rainbow Bridge

Almost three weeks at Rainbow Bridge

November 22nd 2007 12:03 pm
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It's almost three weeks since I arrived here at Rainbow Bridge.
I had been having a tough time down on earth as I was poorly and having to fend for myself on the streets. Fortunately, when I was just about to give up on life in that alley next to Tesco's, someone found me and took me home.
From then on, for the last four weeks of my life, I was well fed, had lots of love and even got to visit this man called a vet! I never even knew these sort of humans existed!! Human's that actually tried to help us cats and make us feel better....amazing! I went to see him twice but before he got to the bottom of what was wrong with me, I got the calling to come to Rainbow Bridge.
Not that I'm unhappy about being's out of this world...literally!
I've been living on a houseboat with a cat called Bono. He's Blades's girlfriend's Bridge brother, so he's kind of like my brother-in-law.
Today he's showing me what Thanksgiving is all about - I'm English you see and am not familiar with such an event.
We're having a huge feast and the table was so laden with food, we were actually worried about the boat sinking at one point!
Bono is thankful that he had such a good life when he was an earth cat and that he had such a good brother.
I'm thankful for getting rescued off the streets which saved me from probably dying all alone, cold & hungry.

Later on tonight, we're meeting up with Target, Bandy, Lucky, Bubbie and some of their friends and family here and we're going to a big outdoor party in the catnip fields. The weather is nice and warm - it's like summer all year round here...but not too hot. They'll be more food, drinks and dancing...I can't wait!


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