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Lil' Whipper Snapper in da house!

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January 20th 2014 1:46 pm
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Thankfully mom has backed up our diaries from the beginning of Catster/Dogster in word. She is almost done updating everyone's except Boogers as he will continue to write until Catster closes in March.

All of us Angel cats are sad that Catster is closing. When I was first diagnosed with HCM, we received SO MANY fantastic emails of support, encouragement and even other cats who had HCM!! It really helped mom cope with my heart condition. How many sites can say that?!

When I went to the bridge, mom's catster friends came together and helped make a nice keepsake for mom: a book of sweet messages about my passing. Mom cherishes that book.

This will be my last diary entry until Catster closes but Boogie will keep writing on our behalf. If you're on FB and want to stay in touch, PM us!! I will miss and love you all! Along with the other angels, we will continue to watch over you all. Bonks.



January 2nd 2014 2:55 pm
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So my first Catmas and New Years at the bridge wasn't as bad as I would have thought. I know mom misses me dearly and cried a few tears at Catmas without me. I was looking over her and my siblings and I hope she knows I am with her all the time.

We sure can party it up at the bridge!!! We got tones of nip, yummy cat milk, and all the toys a cat could want!

I hope everyone is doing well and appreciate when my land bound friends still write me :) Even angels write me from time to time! Which I find funny 'cause I just saw them in purrrson! I kid :)


First Catmas at the bridge

December 24th 2013 7:48 pm
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Meow! Tomorrow is my first Catmas at the bridge. Mom is quite sad about this but knows friends like Calvin, Colleen, Buddie, etc., are all making it special and are now apart of my family. Dang, I see mom's eyes leaking again. They always do when she thinks of me. I know she misses me a lot and thinks of me everyday. I have since my last diary entry, met mom's childhood dog Benji. He is nice and tells me wonderful stories about mom as a child.

Wishing everyone a Merry Catmas and love my mom and siblings so much :( I was a very loved cat and miss and love everyone, especially my mom and siblings.


Happy Gotcha Day!

November 23rd 2013 8:02 am
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6 years ago me and Mittens left the breaders home in PA to VA. Mom remembers one moment w the breeders. I was in a cat condo and mom heard a faint purrr. Yup! It was coming from me!! She put her ear closer to hear my purrrr and from that moment t was love at first site!

She also remembers me chasing and bunny kicking a toy at the breeders house. Something I did a lot.

While I'm at the bridge, I see mom's eyes leaking as she types this entry for me. I know she misses and thinks about me daily. I miss her so much and I know mom loves me. I may have taken a piece of her heart with me to the bridge, but when we unite someday, her heart will be whole again...


Furrball reminders

October 18th 2013 5:10 pm
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Yesterday mom found one of my furrr balls on her clothes. It was on a shirt she hasn't worn in a while. Often when she did laundry there would be tiny fur balls from my hair being wadded up from the wash/dryer.

She saw it and said to me, "Tiskers, thank you for the reminder you're here. I think about you every day so if this is your way to remind me of you, it's working but know I think about you daily". Uh uhhh mom's eyes are leaking...

It's hard to believe I've been at the bridge for over a month. Mom didn't want to do a diary like most cats do on the 1 month anniversary. I know she thought of me even though she's been busy. My ashes are safe on the fire safe. She thought about putting them in the fire safe but likes them where they are. She found my lady bug toy and put that with my ashes.

Bonks and purrrs to my friends and know that I'm looking down on you, especially mommy, who I miss (as does she) dearly...


I'm home

September 24th 2013 4:32 pm
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Yesterday mom picked up my ashes in a beautiful cherrywood box. Inside was a nice card and a certificate which thankfully had mom's maiden name on, not cheating ex daddy's. The company was Valley Pet Crematory in MD! Yup I'm a well traveled cat :)

The vet techs were so nice and mom chatted with one.

I'm happy to be "home". Mom is enjoying the nice weather and I know she thinks of me when she walks with the dog. The weather is nice and cool and mom wishes she could have strolled one more time with me :( uhhhh ohhhhh, I see her eyes leaking....


Watching over mom

September 21st 2013 7:03 pm
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Yesterday mom got a very sweet surprise from the UPS guy. Actually I knew about it 'cause I can see things from "up here". Some of mom's catster/fb friends got together and created a beautiful keepsake book and inside were messages from her friends and pictures of me on each page.

Mom's eyes were leaking as she read the messages. I just smiled above. That same day a pendant mom ordered with my picture engraved on it arrived. So it was a Tiskers day.

I hope my ashes arrive at the vet next week as I know mom wants to bring me home if you will.

I know she's trying to be strong and not think of what happened but I notice each day since my journey she thinks of me. For example, when she has to put out one less food dish she thinks of me, the weather cooling off she thinks of our strolls, no more night time pill routine, etc.,


At Rainbow Bridge

September 12th 2013 9:27 am
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It is with heavy heart that I let everyone know Tiskers made his journey to Rainbow Bridge today a little before noon. He was scheduled for a routine visit this month but I was concerned as he was throwing up more (due to the meds for his Cardiomyopathy). His amazing vet Dr. Welch said the weight loss (2 lbs) and excessive throw up were an indication that his body wasn't doing well. He got so stressed going to the vet which is why the Cardiologist stopped his bi annual checkups as it was too hard on his system.

I'm in a daze now, my precious baby Tiski gone... He lived 3.5 years longer than he was given.

I will have his ashes sometime in the next week and just want to bring my baby home. Love you oh so much Tiski, my lil' munchkin. I will always love you :(


Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee!

August 26th 2013 7:51 pm
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Today 290 cats celebrate their birthday!! I could have sworn I wrote a diary earlier but it's missing??

I know Mittens is getting a HUGE piece of ham for his birthday! I tend to throw up food so no ham for me :(

The plan for today was mom was going to take me for a stroll, but she got to gabbing at a friend's house and didn't come home till 8. It's ok, I know she's good for a stroll tomorrow provided it's cooler outside.

Today is my 6th Birthday and to think, I was told I wouldn't be here past my 3rd Birthday since I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy!!! Thank you for all the pawmails and gifites to help celebrate both my birthday and my litter mate/twin Mittens :)



August 15th 2013 4:53 pm
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Yup!! I did!! First Ethan went for a 30 min walk, then mom ate dinner. Then Fido went for his gotcha day stroll for 20 minutes as mom said he started to get antsy... Then it was my turn! Mom took me for about 15 minutes as she was getting tired.

I really enjoyed it! I sat upright all alert. Mom said if it's cool out tomorrow she will take me again :)

You should try it!! Boogie used to enjoy it but the last few times mom tried putting him in the stroller he protested. You see, he's all skinny now at 15 pounds so there's no kneed for strolling...

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